December 27, 2007

Exciting Times Ahead

I'm looking forward to year 2008.

We are embarking on a new challenge and will be moving to another country. Of course I have apprehensions. We have been used to a slow life here in The Maldives and we will be moving to a fast paced life once again. It is scary. But it is also exciting!

At the break of dawn on New Year, I'm going to celebrate the good things that happened on year 2007 and cheer for the wonderful things the new year will bring.

The Christmas That Was

Christmas 2007 was the best Christmas I've had away from home.

We had a Christmas Eve party at home together with some filipino and foreigner friends. It was super fun. I don't know what happened to me but I was hyper that night. I wasn't even drunk, well maybe a little tipsy.

I guess all my pent up energy just exploded that night and I just wanted to let it loose. I made a total fool of myself but it's okay. I had a great time. We all did.

At the start of the Party

I wasn't drunk, just acting it ;)

Great time, great people!

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

One more night and it's Christmas Eve. I can't wait....

May you have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas together with your family, friends and love ones. I know I will.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

December 17, 2007

Terrible twos here I come

EJ's growing so fast it's unbelievable (well, at least for me).

He's not a baby anymore.

He walks confidently now. The "drunken walk" is now gone. I miss it though :)

He's got 8 teeth now. Four on top and four at the bottom. Yay! More teeth to chew on food.

He insists on watching Dora and Barney repeatedly. I'm almost sick of it.

He takes a 30-minute bath and still cries if I take him out of the bath. Challenges..challenges..

He can identify almost all of his body parts.

He will dance if prompted sometimes even on his own.

He loves cars, boats, and balls. And can say them.

He doesn't take his afternoon nap anymore or if he does, he sleeps very late (around 11-ish)

He cries if he doesn't get what he wants!

Who took my sweet baby away?

December 12, 2007

Christmas Vibe

Christmas is a mere two weeks away and yet I still don't feel "Christmas-y". Since Maldives is a muslim country you won't see any indication that it's Christmas. Add to that, we don't have any christmas decor at our apartment. Well, save for some I bought from our Sri Lanka trip. But even then the place still looks dead.

So I decided to liven up the place and get into the groove of christmas.

First, I looked for a nice wrapper for EJ's presents. I am so excited already. I bought a tent for him and Eric bought a nice but cheap RC car. Eric is so excited he wants to give his present right away...hehehe. I can't wait to see EJ's excited face when he opens his presents. He loves cars and hopefully tents too.

Second, I bought a green cardboard I made into a tree. We put it in our wall and wrote our names and greetings. Then I also bought a yellow thing (lol, i forgot what it's called) I made into stars. I wanted to buy some ribbons so I can tie it in our door handles but I didn't find any. Here's the result. Sorry, this is my first attempt at decorating. And as you can see I don't have any creative bones in my body.

Third, I ordered a champagne and San Miguel beer!!! I still have to buy wine glasses though. Panget naman kung sa mug kami iinom ng champagne di ba? hehehehe

And last, I'm planning the menu for our christmas dinner party at home.

Oppss...I also still have to look for a shoe that would match my dress though. I want a high heels para feeling party talaga. Ngek.

There, I'm feeling the Christmas vibe already =)

Bad Trip

I'm so pissed off. Mga walang modo!!!

Every afternoon , weather permitting, EJ and I trek to the Hulhumale Jetty to meet my hubby after his work. It's an exercise for me and a welcome relief for EJ after being stuck the whole day inside the house. We usually have a leisurely and pleasant walk. But not this afternoon.

A few feet away from me, nakita ko na yung mamang may hawak ng cellfone nya. Actually naisip ko na "naku baka kunan kami ni EJ ng pic!" I am not aversed to anybody taking my or my baby's pic as long as they ask permission first. Usually those who do not ask have malicious intent. So anyway, as we near each other the guy was still holding his fone up. Pero naisip ko pa rin baka hindi naman siguro. Baka he was just far sighted and was trying to read a message from his fone. Pero nung nagkaharap na kami, narinig ko na lang ung "click" ng telepono nya. Alam mo yung sound ng fone mo pag kukuha ka ng pic? Yun mismo!!! I had no time to dock my head nor cover EJ. I knew it!!! Ang loko kukunan pala kami ng pic. Naasar ako kasi it's not the first time that this happened. A week ago lang may kumuha din ng picture namin ni EJ (well actually hindi ko alam kung ako lang ang kinunan or si EJ lang or kami ni EJ). What's so irritating about this is that both instances yung mga lokong yun ay hindi nagpaalam. The first time it happened the guy came up to us and he said to me "what a nice kid you have" So syempre smile ako sabay sabi ng "thank you". What I didn't notice was that he was holding his camera already and was angling for a shot. Before I could mouth an "I don't think so" he was already finished and left immediately.

Now that I have time to think about it, I think it was the same guy who took our pics. I couldn't be sure though as I have a very short memory.

I know all of this could be for nothing. But what if they do something wicked or...I don't know. A lot of things can happen with a single pic.

Naasar lang talaga ako sa ibang mga tao dito. I don't know if I have just encountered the wrong people lately. Or maybe I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. Most of them are nice and friendly naman. Bad trip! Isipin ko nalang na wala kase silang pinag-aralan (hanggang high school lang sila). Pero yung may kaya, they go outside of the country to study. Yun nga ang funny. Kung sinong may pinag aralan sila pa yung mababait at humble.

Hay naku, I need a vacation right now! Hehe!

December 8, 2007


I blog because it is an outlet for me.

I blog because I am a frustrated writer.

I blog because I love reading blogs.

I blog because I want to chronicle EJ's milestone and achivements.

I blog because I am a newbie blog addict.

I blog because I like re-reading my posts.

I blog when I am bored.

I blog when I am happy.

I blog when I am depressed.

I blog when I am mad.

I blog when I am excited.

I blog about everything.....

....and sometimes if not most, I blog about nothing important.

(sorry for wasting your time) LOL!

December 5, 2007

Battle of the will and the bulges

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to lose weight. How hard has it been? OMG, it's become a battle of the will. It's really hard to resist the devil (the devil being the food, lol).

Before we went to Sri Lanka, I lost a respectable 6-7lbs already. I did this by doing the 3 day diet I read from Chuvaness I also did some yoga for about a week. But alas! The food beckons at the Spices Restaurant of Hilton, Colombo. I tried my damnest to ignore but the weakling in me won. I promised myself I won't eat that much the next day.

The day we arrived back home, I weighed myself and you know what? I gained back all what I have lost! You can guess what happened to my promise about not eating too much...hehehe

So now, I'm doing the 3 day diet again sans exercise (because EJ has been sick, we're up all night). Hopefully I'll be able to continue losing weight and not gain it back.

Well, hello Christmas! Hahahaha!

Please call the doctor

EJ's sick. The first two days were like hell. He was cranky, didn't want to eat, had high fever, was throwing up and had loose bowel movement.

This morning he woke up crying at around 5:30am. I got him out of his crib and put him beside us on the bed but he continued crying.

Of course, I can't tell what's ailing him because he still can't talk. I almost cried with him. It was so exasperating being so helpless. After a while of giving him things, he finally stopped crying when I gave him water. I guess he got so thirsty from not having enough to drink the previous day. He played with his toys for a lil while and went back to sleep at 6:30am. He slept for about 5hours. When he finally woke up at 12noon, he was back to his normal "likot" self.

It is very difficult when babies get sick at this age. They can't talk yet and we can't give them what they want. To parents like us, it is quite frustrating and scary.

EJ's sleeping right now. Hopefully when he wakes up he'll be totally fine and we'll be able to sleep peacefully tonight.

November 26, 2007

Dear Santa

I know I have been good this year. And I promise to be better next year. So please give me something nice for christmas? Please?! Something like this:

Or if this is out of your budget, you can always get me this. Thanks Santa!

November 24, 2007

A lesson or two

Yesterday, we went grocery shopping. Wala na kasi fruits si EJ. He's been eating ice cream and chocolate chips the previous day. As much as I don't want to deprive him of sweets, of course I also don't want him to feast on sweets. Baka mabulok lahat yung anim nyang ipin..hehehe.

Anyway, I just rediscovered again this grocery store which has lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I used to go there when I was preggy. We used to live near the store. But we have moved apartments twice already so I have forgotten about this store.

Anyway, after buying the essentials we went around Male first. I wanted to stay at the park so EJ can play for a while before we head to Sala Thai (a new Thai resto which has become our favorite albeit a lil expensive) But I forgot that it was a Friday and the park was already swamped with Bangladeshi and Indians. So instead we went to an office store.

While waiting for hubby to pay nakita ko yung bagong boss ng kumpanya ng asawa ko na pumasok sa tindahan. So syempre binati ko sya. Kasama nyang pumasok yung panganay nila. Yung asawa nya tsaka yung isang baby naman nila nasa likuran nya. It seems may party silang pupuntahan and they were there to buy a gift for the celebrant.

So habang naghahanap sila ng mabibili, yung panganay nya may nakitang pink na pen. Sabi nya sa daddy nya "money please?" Ang akala ng daddy nya nakapili na ng gift yung anak nya. Eh, yung bibilhin pala ng bata ay para sa sarili nya. So sabi ng daddy nya: "how much is it?" Sabi naman ng cashier "18rufiyaa ($1.25)".

I thought bibilhin na nila kase mura lang naman eh. Aba! sabi ng daddy nya "put it back. It's not in our budget and we're supposed to buy for the birthday celebrant." Sabi naman ng anak nya "But I like it, dad!". "I know, but we're not here to buy for you. Now put it back", sagot naman ng tatay. I was looking at them with interest. Gusto ko kasi malaman ano ending. Kung iiyak ba yung bata or kung bibilhin nalang ng tatay kasi gusto naman ng anak nya at mura lang naman. Nagulat ako at sabi ng bata "okay, i will dad". I was pleasantly surprised. Ang bait ng bata at hindi nag tantrums. She really seemed to like the pen but realizing that she's not going to get it, she just put it back.

I've learned a lesson or two here. If it was me, I would have bought the pen already. Mura lang kasi tsaka gusto naman ng anak ko (and useful too). Na realize ko, andami ko pang dapat matutunan when it comes to disciplining a child.

Right now, medyo lenient ako. I should learn from what I saw. Imagine, ang tatay nya COO tapos simpleng pen ayaw bilhin?!

The child was being taught two things: the value of money and how to prioritize. At ang galing kasi yung bata walang angal sumunod agad sa tatay nya. Naisip ko din, kahit at this stage in my life, minsan nakakalimutan ko ang mga lesson na yun. Minsan kasi kung ano gusto ko, bibilhin ko agad. Kahit hindi naman importante. Pero hindi naman palagi.

Most of the time I am still able to stop myself from spending money on useless things. It's easy to spend the money. Sabi nga, ang bilis ubusin ng pera. Pero ang hirap kitain ng pera.

Naalala ko tuloy yung sabi ng dati kong boss. Live within your means, if possible live below your means so you have something when the rainy season comes.

Other people or most people live beyond their means. And I have a tendency to be like this. My father is like this too. He lives like a king, if he has money. He doesn't like to save. Good thing, my mom is the opposite. She constantly saves, saves and saves money. I am so lucky to have a mother who teaches me the value of money.

November 22, 2007

First foray

I've been tagged by J-Blogged.

Like her I don't have enough posts yet (and mostly it's all about mommyhood) but I will try. Here's how:

1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 keywords given below (family, friend, yourself, your love and anything you like).

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.
Family: Mano Jeff
My Love: My Honey

So there. But I'm going to break the rules here and not tag anybody. Anybody interested just go ahead. Have fun you guys!

November 20, 2007


On our way to the Jetty this afternoon, EJ and I witnessed our first ever parade here in Maldives. There was a drum and bugle corp and a battalion of high school students marching solemnly. I don't know why but I suddenly got teary eyed. Seeing the students in army and band garb, looking so fierce brought back memories from my high school days.

My high school days had highs and lows. It may not be the best time of my life but definitely it was the most fun! Looking back, I was at my best. You see high school days made me famous (as famous as you can get in a small town, of course). I was a band majorette (contestable) and battalion commander ( i didn't want to) to name a few. I remember, I took my position seriously. I attended all the practice and even practiced some more at home. Everytime there was a parade, I got so nervous and excited at the same time. Of course, I wanted to impress the townspeople. Not only did I dress well but I also performed well. I tried to be sweet and coy when I was a band majorette. And I tried to look ferocious when I was a battalion commander. Hahaha, I don't know why.

This afternoon I saw myself in those wide-eyed and naive students. I laughed fondly at their facial expressions because it suddenly dawned on me that I look exactly like them 12 years ago. So into the role!! Oh, high school days. How sweet!

November 18, 2007

Blog mind many things to write, so little time to do it. My blogging mind is occupied with these topics yet I'm too tired to elaborate each =)

Yoga - We started this morning. The teacher/leader was quite amazed that I am flexible...hehehe. I vow to do yoga 3 times a week (the rest of the week I will run/walk) in line with my grand plan to look like Angelina Jolie. lol

Christmas - Still undecided where. But definitely we'll have kris kringle. I'll buy christmas decor at Sri Lanka.

Vacation on January - I am already excited about this vacation. It's only a two-week vacation but packed with places to see and visit. We'll also squeeze in a trip to Malaysia...can't wait!!!

2nd wedding anniversary - time flies. Seemed like only yesterday. We're still going to do the same thing we did last year. We went to the mall together then went separate ways to buy our outfit and gifts. Then later meet for coffee before heading to our dinner. After dinner we checked in the hotel.

So there. Maybe I'll find time to write more. Right now kase iniisip ko lagi how to lose lose lose weight!!! lol

November 15, 2007


Today, I'm in point where I want to spank EJ. Before you sue me, read on first.

EJ just recently turned 15 months. He started walking last month and he's quite good at it now. You can even see the smug off his face. When you see him walking, his face seems to say "bleh, i can walk too". Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier.

Since he has mastered the art of walking, he is everywhere. And I mean literally. I have been warned but I gladly took the challenge. I said, bring it on!

So this morning we were playing in the bed. After a while he stood up and went to the dresser side. He started throwing all our toiletries and what-nots in this small gap between our headboard and wall. Even if it is difficult to retrieve those items back, I was cool. I just told him to stop it but without conviction. Satisfied with this first accomplisment, he went down the bed, went to a small table where his bottles are and started pushing them off the table. I was still cool. I just picked all the bottles and put it back in place. Bored with the bottles, he went to our cabinet, opened then closed then opened again the drawers. He started with the top most drawer and took his daddy's underwear (sshhhh....hehehe) and put it on his head. The rest he scattered on the floor and used to mop the floor! He then went on the other drawer where some important papers are. By then I told him to stop and blocked the drawer so he won't be able to open it. But he cried! Usually if he cries like this I just tell him to go look for his balls or cars and he's pacified. But not this time. He really wants to open the damn drawer!!! Of course I wouldn't let him. So he cried a pitiful cry. At that moment I wanted to spank him (but of course couldn't bring myself to) and laugh at the same time. Imagine, at this stage my baby's stubborn already. Cute eh?

Seriously though it got me thinking. Will I ever spank EJ? I still haven't decided if spanking will be part of my parenting style. I have yet to discuss this with my hubby also. But I also believe in disciplining a child at an early stage. I am just in limbo how to do it.

Calling all the moms!!!

November 13, 2007

Nothing much

I am happy that these past few days my life is in order. No depression, no anxiety attacks, no panic mode, no drama, no nothing. Just pure bliss.


EJ's blisters are gone. The day it happened was like hell for me. But I am proud of my lil boy. After the incident, he wasn't moody or anything. He just went on his daily routine. I dreaded the day the blisters burst. But it was all for naught, because it seemed like nothing happened. He was his jovial and playful self. I am also thankful, it has not left any scar.


I am (together with my running partner Mira) on my second week of running/walking every morning. It was difficult to wake up earlier than usual but I did it. The reflection on the mirror was more than enough to scare me into exercise. I don't know if I lost weight already (haven't bothered weighing myself lately) but I noticed that some pants and shirts are easier to wear. But the most important thing is that I don't get tired easily. This is very important because with a very mobile baby, I need to keep up with him.


Oh, we're going back to Sri Lanka by end of this month. Hubs has another meeting and we're tagging along. This time I hope we'll be able to visit more places and enjoy the facilities of the hotel. I would definitely check out the gym area.


Christmas is just 'round the corner. We don't have any concrete plans yet. Going to the resort is impossible. Aside from it being overpriced, I'm sure there wouldn't be any rooms available. Maybe we can go to a nearby island (Hulhule) and celebrate it at the hotel. But I am sure it would be crowded. Not a good idea with a toddler in tow. So I guess we'll just celebrate it at home. Anyhoo, I just want to have a meaningful celebration. Bring on the champagne!!!


In case I won't be able to log in until then, Advance Happy Christmas everyone!

November 6, 2007

Feelings revisited

A conversation earlier this day triggered a sad, frustrating, and angry feeling which is actually best forgotten. But it was inevitable I couldn't escape. Only way out is to unload. I was on a roll. I was not ashamed. I vented out what was supposedly best kept secret. It was exhilarating!

But now that I have time to think about what I said, I feel like a bad person. I shouldn't have blurted out everything even if what I said were all true. In the end, karma works anyway.

I am upset with myself because I got carried away. I promised I'd only attract positive vibes. But I couldn't help myself. Words just formed sentences and I couldn't stop myself in time.

I just realized na iba pala ako pag nagalit. I keep it to myself and I don't forget.

October 31, 2007

Singit lang

Saglit lang ako dito. Just want to say that eventhough I'm a bit tired everyday since we arrived here, I'm having fun at Sri Lanka. Who wouldn't? We're staying at Hilton. Great room (medyo matigas pala ang towel nila), great food and great service. Enjoy din ako sa shopping. Mura lang kase. And EJ is happy too. I let him play until he gets sleepy. All the rules are set aside for the mean time. We're here to enjoy.

Pero balik na kami Maldives tomorrow. Goodbye baboy....huhuhuhu. I think I'll be 10lbs heavier when I get back to Maldives. Grabe!!!

That's it guys. Lotsa love from moi.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip.

At the Airport

At the hotel

At the hotel room

View from our room

Colombo City

Hilton's lobby

October 22, 2007

The fall of the high and mighty

I thought I was the bestest mom around.

I was enclosed in my own egotism. I thought nobody can take best care of my baby other than the high and mighty ME. I learned the lesson the hardest way and in the form of a burn on my baby's palm. Yeah I know. You can crucify me now.

We (EJ and me) were in my cousin's room this morning. EJ likes to go inside their room because he likes to explore things which are not found in our's. He especially adores winnie the pooh and froggy frog. When asked to hug winnie and froggy he'd willingly oblige. And so while EJ plays around, pokes and touches anything he can get his hands on, my cousin and I were busy chatting. Of course my eyes were on my baby. But I just realized that one cannot multitask with a toddler in tow. I should have known! And so he goes to a corner and played with the laptop for a while. I told him not to touch it. Being an obedient baby that he is, he let it go and touched the iron lying on the floor instead. Memory escapes me that the iron was just recently used by my cousin. It only dawned on me when EJ let out a big cry!!! I immediately pulled him up and rushed to the toilet and put his hands on the running water. But the damage has been done and he was wailing and bawling like a maniac! I didn't know what to do. At that moment I wanted to physically hurt myself to avenge EJ's pain. I cried but no tears came out. Oh, it was agony!

EJ has blisters on his sweet little fingers now. Everytime I see it, I can't help but cry (now with tears). My baby had to take the bullet for his mommy's stupidity. What a f***ing idiot I was/am.
This is one of those moments that have already been indelibly inked in my memory. I can only hope it hasn't been etched in his.

Lesson reinforced: Give 100% attention to your toddler.

October 20, 2007

Whiter teeth at no cost

I just found a cheapest way to whiten my teeth (well, hopefully).

I have been wanting to have a sparkly white teeth ever since I can remember but professional teeth whitening won't fit my budget. I have tried whitening toothpaste but I haven't seen any effect. So I have tried googling a cheaper alternative to teeth whitening.

Voila! It's called baking soda.

This is how it is done:
1) Dip your toothbrush into a box of baking soda.
2) Then, brush your teeth and rinse.
3) Now, brush your teeth again using your favorite toothpaste.

This is why it works:
When mixed with water, baking soda creates a thick paste that's perfect for scrubbing away the stains on your teeth, and because it's applied with a toothbrush, it even does a good job of reaching and removing the stains that form between your teeth—something most whitening kits can't do.

Easy, right? I have been doing this since yesterday and I have to warn you though that the taste is not as yummy as your next candy bar...hehehe. But it's tolerable.

Let's see if there is any effect. I forgot to take picture of my teeth before I started using this baking soda so I'll have a before and after photo.

Woohooo....pearly white teeth is coming soon! LOL

October 18, 2007

Good things coming our way

Despite my gloomy personality (of late) I still manage to be appreciative of the blessings that has come our family way. Truly, God is good.

Everyday is a struggle but the rewards are sweet. Never mind the financial blessings, seeing EJ growing up healthy is more than enough to be thankful for.

What about you? What has made your day? What are you thankful for?

October 14, 2007


EJ's walking already!!!

Habulan blues ahead. Great! I can't wait.

My baby's growing so fast, it's incredible.

He can point to his tummy when asked "where is your big tummy?" If he's in the mood he will even pull his shirt to reveal his "big" tummy. Cute, isn't it?

He says broom-broom when pointing to a car.

He can dance and perform itsy bitsy spider, macaroni & cheese (barney song) and butterfly (barney song).

He can identify his toys (e.i. car, balls, froggy, barney, books, apple etc).

He can say ba (ball), ca (cat), dada (daddy) mama (mommy) and lot of incoherent babbles which he thinks we understand.

My baby's a fast learner (sorry guys, this is my blog!) LOL.

One thing which is not good though is, he's become snobbish. I don't know where he got it?

Among his milestones these past few months, I am uber excited with his walking.

Great job EJ!

October 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

I just finished watching ANTM's finale on cable last Monday. Though I know it's a few months delayed I didn't searched from the internet who won. I didn't want to be spoiled and besides I was rooting for a certain model.

I was disappointed with the result, to say the least. I thought Natasha (russian girl) would win the ANTM hands down. Even on the final showdown between Jaslene (the winner) and Natasha (1st runner-up), it was evident that Natasha rocked the runway. Jaslene is also way too skinny and she's a b*tch. She threatened to pull Natasha's hair if Natasha wins.

I wasn't a fan of Natasha at the start of the season but each week she keeps on getting better. Her pictures were getting better. According to Jay, she was fun to work with. I particulary love the episode where they have to act like a boy and Natasha brought the house down! It was hilarious and funny. I also cried with her when she didn't get to see her baby unlike the other two girls who were given the chance. As a mother, I know how she felt at the moment.

So anyway, aside from having a nice personality (she just kept to herself when the other girls were backbiting her) she took some great pictures and walked the run away much better than Jaslene. I didn't know why the judges didn't see it. Kainez!!!

See for yourself. Jaslene on the left and Natasha on the right.

I said I won't watch the cycle 9 of ANTM anymore. But of course I was just joking. LOL. I love the drama, the competition and the excitement of waiting and knowing who will win ANTM. Sana nga lang manalo na yung bet ko next time....hehehe.

October 6, 2007

Classifying friendship

Reading through my entries people would think I am a sad human being. I have been yakking away about having no friends and being depressed several times on my blog. Imagine a person who has no friends? Isn't that the epitome of sadness? But then again, can anybody please define what a friend is?

Friends serve its purpose. It may sound brutal but its a reality for me. Can you relate to this?

a) A talker - This is a friend who blabs away anything and everything. If you're bored and in need of a human company, this is the best person to go to. You don't even have to respond to anything they say. Be warned though that five minutes into the (one-sided) conversation, you'd have to force yourself to stay awake.

b) A listener - The opposite of the talker. If you want to vent your frustrations, here's the best person. I personally like this kind of friend because I have so much emotional and psychological baggage I need to dump. Here's the catch though. You'd have to slap him to get a reaction.

c) Secret-keeper - Personally, I don't have this kind of friend. It's not that I don't trust anybody (bleh) but my secret is my secret. Think of blackmail.

d) Bubbly - Who wants a miserable friend, right? Of course everybody wants to be with Ms. Bubbly. The world is full of roses and sweet aromas when you're with her. Makes you think of lollipops and cotton candies.

e) User - Don't you have a friend just like this? Oh, how I would love to elaborate but I'd rather not. I am pretty sure, you have one at your side. LOL

f) Compassionate - This is my personal best. Motherly love wrapped in friendship. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. When everything seems dark and cold, it's nice to have a friend like this.

g) Competitive - Whatever-you-have, I-can-get-and-more kind of friend. Or I-am-better-than-you-in-whatever-you're-doing kind of friend. This is a friend who thinks friendship is a competition. It's always a one-upmanship game with him. Competition is good for the soul but it doesn't suit me. I have a fairly competitive genes in my bones. LOL.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add a type of friend you are.

For something to blog

I was just informed by my spies....hehehe (thanks mare, thanks cas) that I have a growing fan base. But they are all hiding under the cloak of anonimity. Shy? Please don't be. Leave a comment. It would really make my day. Please? Pretty please?

How pathetic can I get? LOL!

October 5, 2007

A state of mind

Depression is just a state of mind.

I refuse to be depressed.

There are more sad things happening around the world.

Mine are petty and mundane.

In the mean time, I want a champagne.

October 4, 2007

Biyadhoo Island Resort, Maldives

We went to Biyadhoo Island Resort last weekend.

We had a rough start. At the airport we were heavily rained. And then on the way to the resort, the speedboat we're in suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. I was terrified because the sea was rough. It was rocking our little speedboat like crazy. Turned out one engine died. But still we managed to get to the resort albeit a little dizzy.

I was happy because our bundle of joy had so much fun. EJ liked splashing water and playing with the sand.

October 2, 2007

What I want for Christmas

I have been obsessing about this necklace for a couple of days now. I wish Santa will give it to me on christmas. LOL!

So, what do you want for yourself this coming christmas?

A sad story

There was a girl I know who was full of life. Her positive vibe was so infectious, I found myself wanting to be with her all the time. We formed a friendship.

It was a happy friendship full of laughter and dreams. The world couldn't be any happier to live.

But alas, like some other relationship it went pffft somewhere. We grew up. I became realistic and she became idealistic in a sort of funny way. Idealism for her only exists in her mind. Because in practice, she's no different from any other gal I know. She seemed more of a hypocrite than anything. I coudn't stand it. At first tolerance was the name of the game. We still went out together, ate out together and still did some things friends do. But it was a passive friendship, at least on my side. After a while, I guess she noticed. She never told me and I never explained. She found some new set of friends who thought she was amazing. I went on my own.

It's sad, isn't it?

September 24, 2007


Depression hits me again sometime this month. You know the feeling where you are inside this dark tunnel where you feel no one will hear you even if you scream your lungs out? Or not even a pinhole of light gets through? It's that tight. Well, that's how i felt. For no reason. Whatsoever. It's so sad it was bordering on being funny.

Well, what did I do? I just rode it out. Aside from my husband whose probably deaf by now everytime I whine, I've got no one to vent my frustrations, sadness, anger and angst. I just realized I have no friends at all. Now that's making me depressed again.

I know for sure that I am not a bad person. I guess I am not just the type to interconnect with another human being on a deep level. Or maybe the people I met are just not meant to be the kind of friends I wanted. Or vice versa.

Don't take pity on me. I have a friend in my hubby and if you count EJ, I'd say I have one and a half friends. It's more than enough to carry me through whatever tide's coming my way. Don'cha think?

September 22, 2007

When did your baby start walking

I can't help but feel impatient about EJ's walking. Make that clear however that I am not worried. He can pull himself to a standing position and walk with guidance. He can also walk when he is pushing something, like his favorite brooom-brooom (car).

I find it sweet the way he takes my hand when he wants to cross the room or when he wants to pick up his toys. He was not much of a crawler. Even now, he'd rather walk even if he still can't walk on his own.

But when will he walk on his own? They say don't rush him into walking. Enjoy your baby while you still can. But I think I will enjoy and have more fun if I am chasing him across the park.

Or won't I?

September 16, 2007

Let's do this!

Maldives is hot. The weather I mean. And it's ramazan time. Work time is shorter and the place looks dead during the day. Wouldn't you rather do this?

Yum! Oh, how I wish!

September 13, 2007

Tsunami Alert

In between text with my hubby, my fone rang. It was hubby himself calling. He asked me if we were on the way to pick him up. I said not yet but we're about to go. He told me to stay at home because there was a tsunami alert all over the Indian Ocean. I said "what?!" He asked me "Didn't you feel the tremble? There was an earthquake!" Oh my god!!!

Suddenly the horrors of tsunami 2004 flashed back in my memory.

I was still single and was still working in one of the resorts here in Maldives when tsunami 2004 happened. I thought I was going to die that day....

I felt a slight tremor at around 6-ish that morning. But because I was still so sleepy, I didn't mind and just went back to sleep. Later at around 9am, my cousin and I woke up to a loud thump. I thought a big truck had hit our wall. I hurriedly checked outside what it was and was dumbfounded when I found out that it was the wall on the staff area which fell down due to a stinky brownish water rushing forward. My first thought: a BIG wave splashed over to the staff area! So I scurried away and put all my shoes and flip flops on my bed. I didn't want them getting wet. I told my cousin to do the same. While I was busy with my other things on the floor, a sudden and strong current of stinky brownish water came rushing and immediately filled our room knee deep. That's when I panicked and realized it was more than a splash of a big wave.

My bed was floating by then so I climbed and held on to the curtains by the side of my bed. I looked outside and saw that the water level kept on rising. From where I was, I saw a guy staff outside holding on to a tree and the water was already above his waist level. At that point, I was in hysteria. I had several thoughts on how to escape/survive. I thought of swimming outside of the room to the trees so I can hold on just like the man was doing outside. But I know I wouldn't be able to do that because I couldn't leave my cousin in the room. She doesn't know how to swim.

The current was so strong, my bed was rocking. I looked at my cousin. Her conversation with her friend on the phone was cut. She was now crying. Then I heard wails from another room of girls. I imagined someone was deep down the water. I got even more terrified. I seriously thought, this is how I am going to die, such a tragic fate. I wonder how my family will take the news?

Then just as suddenly as the water filled our room, it also suddenly stopped. It was fast. I think the whole thing lasted for 15 minutes only. But then again, it might have been longer. I can't remember anymore. After the water has subsided, we went out and somebody was shouting tsunami! tsunami! I saw our GM walking towards the staff area and asking us if we were alright. He told us it was tsunami and the water is definitely coming back. He said we should take our important things and go immediately to the highest point of the island which was the lobby of the resort.

My cousin and I took our passports and tickets and some dry pieces of clothing and we hurriedly went to the lobby with the rest of the staff and the guests. The waiting was more tramautic. Imagine being prepared yet not really knowing what to do in case the water level rises again.

After a whole day of waiting and praying, the sea water became stable and our GM said it was safe to sleep.

P.S. Nobody was hurt in our resort. The girls who were screaming were just plain scared and the man who was holding on to the tree wasn't hurt either.

So when my hubby told me the earthquake was a 7.9, I was in a panic state. What if tsunami happens again? What if it's going to be worse this time? What will we do? Where will we "hide" or stay? 

September 11, 2007

Smashingly HOT

Yours truly turned 29 last August 22.

We went to a Thai resto with some friends to celebrate my birthday. It was an all filipino affair, well except for our Indonesian friend, Jamal. But then again he eats filipino food with gusto and speaks a little tagalog so he's counted as filipino too. Haha!

I wanted to have booze that night but in order to have so, we have to cross another island first. How funny is that?

Anyway booze or without booze, I had a happy happy birthday. Who wouldn't? I have the most wonderful husband, the most adorable baby and I still look smashingly hot. LOL! I needed to say that for my self-confidence. 

Kuya Joe, Baby Anna (LIFE of the party), Jamal and muy guapito hubby (naks!)

Pardon my baby's paci, he was soo sleepy =)

Cutie girls, Eiesha (fil-maldivian) and Haily (fil-canadian) with Beck with cutie boy Johnny.

Ryan, my cousin Janeth, Kuya Joe and Baby Anna

Gorgeous filipinas in Maldives - Mumsified, Sheila, Ate Tess, Yvonne and Anna Marie

Thank you dear God for all the blessings you have given me and for keeping me and my family safe. I couldn't ask for more. 

September 10, 2007

Wanted Nanny

I am looking for a nanny who looks exactly like this person below:

Please help me. I am in dire need of a nanny. I will be working soon and my baby will only succumb to the above person's charm, aside from his mommy of course. If you know her or you have seen someone who looks like her, please leave a comment. LOL!

September 8, 2007

Subic and Singapore

I have totally forgotten about our trip to Subic and Singapore (last August) until I saw the pics again. Something caught my eye and it's funny that I have to share it.

First two pics below were at Subic and the third and fourth pics were at Singapore. Look at my blouses!!! You would think either:

a) These are the only clothes she has or;
b) They went to Subic and Singapore simultaneously.

But then option b is not possible so it's more likely that I only have these couple of blouses! LOL! Paging hubby! Please buy me new clothes!

Ocean Adventure

Zoobic with my brother and sister in law

The Merlion

Underwater World

And while browsing again on our Subic and Singapore pics, I saw these.

Doesn't he look adorable?