June 27, 2007

EJ's rashes

I saw five raised red spots on my baby's bottom. I wasn't alarmed but I still texted my hubby to inform him. He said maybe it's just an ordinary rash. He advised me to let EJ go diaper-free for quite some time. I said uh-oh but of course I didn't

After EJ pooped, I changed his diaper and saw that the five red spots had turned into blisters. Now, this got me real worried already. A friend said, her son and daughter had it a week ago and the baby of her friend also had it. She told me to go see a doctor. Since we got here I haven't brought EJ to the pedia. All his vaccinations are done in Manila. And we brought enough vitamins and first aid medicines just in case he gets sick. Good thing he only had a minor cold since we came

So anyway, I told my husband that we have to see a doctor. There were some red spots seen on his hand and feet. My friend said it definitely was the same what his son had a week ago. They were given a cream and an antihistamine syrup

As soon as my husband arrived from work we immediately went to the hospital. The doctor said that there was an "epidemic". One baby after another has been brought to the hospital with the same symptoms. She said it was a viral infection. Gave us a cream and an antihistamine syrup. Off we went home with a happy and bouncing baby.

I thought the next day all his spots would at least diminish. Poor baby! The spots in the hand and the feet were more than I wanted to count. I panicked...a little. I wanted to bring EJ back to the hospital but somebody told me that the hospital was full of babies with foot and mouth disease (FMD) Gasp. Whhaaaaaattttt??? Is that what my baby had? I panicked some more. This drove me to my most trusted friend google and searched the guilty virus. I found out that it was not FMD. Well, I knew this already but panic mode was on earlier). 

I feel sorry for my baby seeing the red spots all over his hands, feet and bottom. I just made sure that the food he ate were cold and soft so he could eat it.

After 5 days, the red spots and blisters were gone. Only then did I breathe properly.

June 25, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday to my Honey

My hubby celebrated his 28th birthday (hehehe binuking ba?) last June 15

We stayed at Hulhule Island Hotel on his birthday. Above pic was taken right before we wreck havoc in our room =)

Surprise!!! My gift was a bottle of champagne and a birthday cake. I almost got caught preparing for the above because my hubby is so nosy. He had an inkling already but he wasn't so sure. When I asked him to get EJ's pacifier in the room he purposely put a DND card on our door. I was so excited to go back to the room but I was dumbfounded to see a DND card. I thought "omg, the champagne and the cake didn't make it to the room". Thankfully, it still did and my hubby was caught offguard......Surprise!!! Though the cake wasn't yummy, we didn't mind because we were busy getting tipsy...hehehe.

We had a great time at the hotel. Look who else did? =) Our EJ had a blast at the pool. I was a little apprehensive at first because his three previous attempts at swimming were lackluster..hehehe. First try was when he was only 5 months. It was a bit windy and I think he was cold so he cried. We didn't push it. Second was when he was 6.5 months (back in manila). We did it on the morning so it won't be cold. But he still cried. I think he was overwhelmed with the vast blue water compared to his miniature pool (the bathtub). Again we didn't push it. Third try was at Bandos Resort. This time he didn't cry and even had a few squels of delight. We didn't stay long because he had a cold that time. Fourth try and he was delighted! He tried walking, paddling and splashing water all over. It was a huge success. Guess who was a happy and proud mom that afternoon? 

I want to thank all the staff in the spa for looking after EJ while we had a soothing and relaxing massage (long overdue). And also, thank you baby EJ for sleeping all through the treatment..hehehe

Again, belated happy birthday Hon. Hope you a had wonderful time. We love you so much!

June 13, 2007

My new home

Welcome to my new home!

I have been blogging in friendster for a couple of months now. Been looking for a place where I can call my home. And finally found it here in blogger!

I'll be writing mostly about my life as a mom and an expat wife in a foreign country and some things in between.

Thanks for reading!