October 31, 2007

Singit lang

Saglit lang ako dito. Just want to say that eventhough I'm a bit tired everyday since we arrived here, I'm having fun at Sri Lanka. Who wouldn't? We're staying at Hilton. Great room (medyo matigas pala ang towel nila), great food and great service. Enjoy din ako sa shopping. Mura lang kase. And EJ is happy too. I let him play until he gets sleepy. All the rules are set aside for the mean time. We're here to enjoy.

Pero balik na kami Maldives tomorrow. Goodbye baboy....huhuhuhu. I think I'll be 10lbs heavier when I get back to Maldives. Grabe!!!

That's it guys. Lotsa love from moi.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip.

At the Airport

At the hotel

At the hotel room

View from our room

Colombo City

Hilton's lobby

October 22, 2007

The fall of the high and mighty

I thought I was the bestest mom around.

I was enclosed in my own egotism. I thought nobody can take best care of my baby other than the high and mighty ME. I learned the lesson the hardest way and in the form of a burn on my baby's palm. Yeah I know. You can crucify me now.

We (EJ and me) were in my cousin's room this morning. EJ likes to go inside their room because he likes to explore things which are not found in our's. He especially adores winnie the pooh and froggy frog. When asked to hug winnie and froggy he'd willingly oblige. And so while EJ plays around, pokes and touches anything he can get his hands on, my cousin and I were busy chatting. Of course my eyes were on my baby. But I just realized that one cannot multitask with a toddler in tow. I should have known! And so he goes to a corner and played with the laptop for a while. I told him not to touch it. Being an obedient baby that he is, he let it go and touched the iron lying on the floor instead. Memory escapes me that the iron was just recently used by my cousin. It only dawned on me when EJ let out a big cry!!! I immediately pulled him up and rushed to the toilet and put his hands on the running water. But the damage has been done and he was wailing and bawling like a maniac! I didn't know what to do. At that moment I wanted to physically hurt myself to avenge EJ's pain. I cried but no tears came out. Oh, it was agony!

EJ has blisters on his sweet little fingers now. Everytime I see it, I can't help but cry (now with tears). My baby had to take the bullet for his mommy's stupidity. What a f***ing idiot I was/am.
This is one of those moments that have already been indelibly inked in my memory. I can only hope it hasn't been etched in his.

Lesson reinforced: Give 100% attention to your toddler.

October 20, 2007

Whiter teeth at no cost

I just found a cheapest way to whiten my teeth (well, hopefully).

I have been wanting to have a sparkly white teeth ever since I can remember but professional teeth whitening won't fit my budget. I have tried whitening toothpaste but I haven't seen any effect. So I have tried googling a cheaper alternative to teeth whitening.

Voila! It's called baking soda.

This is how it is done:
1) Dip your toothbrush into a box of baking soda.
2) Then, brush your teeth and rinse.
3) Now, brush your teeth again using your favorite toothpaste.

This is why it works:
When mixed with water, baking soda creates a thick paste that's perfect for scrubbing away the stains on your teeth, and because it's applied with a toothbrush, it even does a good job of reaching and removing the stains that form between your teeth—something most whitening kits can't do.

Easy, right? I have been doing this since yesterday and I have to warn you though that the taste is not as yummy as your next candy bar...hehehe. But it's tolerable.

Let's see if there is any effect. I forgot to take picture of my teeth before I started using this baking soda so I'll have a before and after photo.

Woohooo....pearly white teeth is coming soon! LOL

October 18, 2007

Good things coming our way

Despite my gloomy personality (of late) I still manage to be appreciative of the blessings that has come our family way. Truly, God is good.

Everyday is a struggle but the rewards are sweet. Never mind the financial blessings, seeing EJ growing up healthy is more than enough to be thankful for.

What about you? What has made your day? What are you thankful for?

October 14, 2007


EJ's walking already!!!

Habulan blues ahead. Great! I can't wait.

My baby's growing so fast, it's incredible.

He can point to his tummy when asked "where is your big tummy?" If he's in the mood he will even pull his shirt to reveal his "big" tummy. Cute, isn't it?

He says broom-broom when pointing to a car.

He can dance and perform itsy bitsy spider, macaroni & cheese (barney song) and butterfly (barney song).

He can identify his toys (e.i. car, balls, froggy, barney, books, apple etc).

He can say ba (ball), ca (cat), dada (daddy) mama (mommy) and lot of incoherent babbles which he thinks we understand.

My baby's a fast learner (sorry guys, this is my blog!) LOL.

One thing which is not good though is, he's become snobbish. I don't know where he got it?

Among his milestones these past few months, I am uber excited with his walking.

Great job EJ!

October 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model Cycle 8

I just finished watching ANTM's finale on cable last Monday. Though I know it's a few months delayed I didn't searched from the internet who won. I didn't want to be spoiled and besides I was rooting for a certain model.

I was disappointed with the result, to say the least. I thought Natasha (russian girl) would win the ANTM hands down. Even on the final showdown between Jaslene (the winner) and Natasha (1st runner-up), it was evident that Natasha rocked the runway. Jaslene is also way too skinny and she's a b*tch. She threatened to pull Natasha's hair if Natasha wins.

I wasn't a fan of Natasha at the start of the season but each week she keeps on getting better. Her pictures were getting better. According to Jay, she was fun to work with. I particulary love the episode where they have to act like a boy and Natasha brought the house down! It was hilarious and funny. I also cried with her when she didn't get to see her baby unlike the other two girls who were given the chance. As a mother, I know how she felt at the moment.

So anyway, aside from having a nice personality (she just kept to herself when the other girls were backbiting her) she took some great pictures and walked the run away much better than Jaslene. I didn't know why the judges didn't see it. Kainez!!!

See for yourself. Jaslene on the left and Natasha on the right.

I said I won't watch the cycle 9 of ANTM anymore. But of course I was just joking. LOL. I love the drama, the competition and the excitement of waiting and knowing who will win ANTM. Sana nga lang manalo na yung bet ko next time....hehehe.

October 6, 2007

Classifying friendship

Reading through my entries people would think I am a sad human being. I have been yakking away about having no friends and being depressed several times on my blog. Imagine a person who has no friends? Isn't that the epitome of sadness? But then again, can anybody please define what a friend is?

Friends serve its purpose. It may sound brutal but its a reality for me. Can you relate to this?

a) A talker - This is a friend who blabs away anything and everything. If you're bored and in need of a human company, this is the best person to go to. You don't even have to respond to anything they say. Be warned though that five minutes into the (one-sided) conversation, you'd have to force yourself to stay awake.

b) A listener - The opposite of the talker. If you want to vent your frustrations, here's the best person. I personally like this kind of friend because I have so much emotional and psychological baggage I need to dump. Here's the catch though. You'd have to slap him to get a reaction.

c) Secret-keeper - Personally, I don't have this kind of friend. It's not that I don't trust anybody (bleh) but my secret is my secret. Think of blackmail.

d) Bubbly - Who wants a miserable friend, right? Of course everybody wants to be with Ms. Bubbly. The world is full of roses and sweet aromas when you're with her. Makes you think of lollipops and cotton candies.

e) User - Don't you have a friend just like this? Oh, how I would love to elaborate but I'd rather not. I am pretty sure, you have one at your side. LOL

f) Compassionate - This is my personal best. Motherly love wrapped in friendship. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. When everything seems dark and cold, it's nice to have a friend like this.

g) Competitive - Whatever-you-have, I-can-get-and-more kind of friend. Or I-am-better-than-you-in-whatever-you're-doing kind of friend. This is a friend who thinks friendship is a competition. It's always a one-upmanship game with him. Competition is good for the soul but it doesn't suit me. I have a fairly competitive genes in my bones. LOL.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add a type of friend you are.

For something to blog

I was just informed by my spies....hehehe (thanks mare, thanks cas) that I have a growing fan base. But they are all hiding under the cloak of anonimity. Shy? Please don't be. Leave a comment. It would really make my day. Please? Pretty please?

How pathetic can I get? LOL!

October 5, 2007

A state of mind

Depression is just a state of mind.

I refuse to be depressed.

There are more sad things happening around the world.

Mine are petty and mundane.

In the mean time, I want a champagne.

October 4, 2007

Biyadhoo Island Resort, Maldives

We went to Biyadhoo Island Resort last weekend.

We had a rough start. At the airport we were heavily rained. And then on the way to the resort, the speedboat we're in suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. I was terrified because the sea was rough. It was rocking our little speedboat like crazy. Turned out one engine died. But still we managed to get to the resort albeit a little dizzy.

I was happy because our bundle of joy had so much fun. EJ liked splashing water and playing with the sand.

October 2, 2007

What I want for Christmas

I have been obsessing about this necklace for a couple of days now. I wish Santa will give it to me on christmas. LOL!

So, what do you want for yourself this coming christmas?

A sad story

There was a girl I know who was full of life. Her positive vibe was so infectious, I found myself wanting to be with her all the time. We formed a friendship.

It was a happy friendship full of laughter and dreams. The world couldn't be any happier to live.

But alas, like some other relationship it went pffft somewhere. We grew up. I became realistic and she became idealistic in a sort of funny way. Idealism for her only exists in her mind. Because in practice, she's no different from any other gal I know. She seemed more of a hypocrite than anything. I coudn't stand it. At first tolerance was the name of the game. We still went out together, ate out together and still did some things friends do. But it was a passive friendship, at least on my side. After a while, I guess she noticed. She never told me and I never explained. She found some new set of friends who thought she was amazing. I went on my own.

It's sad, isn't it?