December 27, 2007

Exciting Times Ahead

I'm looking forward to year 2008.

We are embarking on a new challenge and will be moving to another country. Of course I have apprehensions. We have been used to a slow life here in The Maldives and we will be moving to a fast paced life once again. It is scary. But it is also exciting!

At the break of dawn on New Year, I'm going to celebrate the good things that happened on year 2007 and cheer for the wonderful things the new year will bring.

The Christmas That Was

Christmas 2007 was the best Christmas I've had away from home.

We had a Christmas Eve party at home together with some filipino and foreigner friends. It was super fun. I don't know what happened to me but I was hyper that night. I wasn't even drunk, well maybe a little tipsy.

I guess all my pent up energy just exploded that night and I just wanted to let it loose. I made a total fool of myself but it's okay. I had a great time. We all did.

At the start of the Party

I wasn't drunk, just acting it ;)

Great time, great people!

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

One more night and it's Christmas Eve. I can't wait....

May you have a wonderful time celebrating Christmas together with your family, friends and love ones. I know I will.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

December 17, 2007

Terrible twos here I come

EJ's growing so fast it's unbelievable (well, at least for me).

He's not a baby anymore.

He walks confidently now. The "drunken walk" is now gone. I miss it though :)

He's got 8 teeth now. Four on top and four at the bottom. Yay! More teeth to chew on food.

He insists on watching Dora and Barney repeatedly. I'm almost sick of it.

He takes a 30-minute bath and still cries if I take him out of the bath. Challenges..challenges..

He can identify almost all of his body parts.

He will dance if prompted sometimes even on his own.

He loves cars, boats, and balls. And can say them.

He doesn't take his afternoon nap anymore or if he does, he sleeps very late (around 11-ish)

He cries if he doesn't get what he wants!

Who took my sweet baby away?

December 12, 2007

Christmas Vibe

Christmas is a mere two weeks away and yet I still don't feel "Christmas-y". Since Maldives is a muslim country you won't see any indication that it's Christmas. Add to that, we don't have any christmas decor at our apartment. Well, save for some I bought from our Sri Lanka trip. But even then the place still looks dead.

So I decided to liven up the place and get into the groove of christmas.

First, I looked for a nice wrapper for EJ's presents. I am so excited already. I bought a tent for him and Eric bought a nice but cheap RC car. Eric is so excited he wants to give his present right away...hehehe. I can't wait to see EJ's excited face when he opens his presents. He loves cars and hopefully tents too.

Second, I bought a green cardboard I made into a tree. We put it in our wall and wrote our names and greetings. Then I also bought a yellow thing (lol, i forgot what it's called) I made into stars. I wanted to buy some ribbons so I can tie it in our door handles but I didn't find any. Here's the result. Sorry, this is my first attempt at decorating. And as you can see I don't have any creative bones in my body.

Third, I ordered a champagne and San Miguel beer!!! I still have to buy wine glasses though. Panget naman kung sa mug kami iinom ng champagne di ba? hehehehe

And last, I'm planning the menu for our christmas dinner party at home.

Oppss...I also still have to look for a shoe that would match my dress though. I want a high heels para feeling party talaga. Ngek.

There, I'm feeling the Christmas vibe already =)

Bad Trip

I'm so pissed off. Mga walang modo!!!

Every afternoon , weather permitting, EJ and I trek to the Hulhumale Jetty to meet my hubby after his work. It's an exercise for me and a welcome relief for EJ after being stuck the whole day inside the house. We usually have a leisurely and pleasant walk. But not this afternoon.

A few feet away from me, nakita ko na yung mamang may hawak ng cellfone nya. Actually naisip ko na "naku baka kunan kami ni EJ ng pic!" I am not aversed to anybody taking my or my baby's pic as long as they ask permission first. Usually those who do not ask have malicious intent. So anyway, as we near each other the guy was still holding his fone up. Pero naisip ko pa rin baka hindi naman siguro. Baka he was just far sighted and was trying to read a message from his fone. Pero nung nagkaharap na kami, narinig ko na lang ung "click" ng telepono nya. Alam mo yung sound ng fone mo pag kukuha ka ng pic? Yun mismo!!! I had no time to dock my head nor cover EJ. I knew it!!! Ang loko kukunan pala kami ng pic. Naasar ako kasi it's not the first time that this happened. A week ago lang may kumuha din ng picture namin ni EJ (well actually hindi ko alam kung ako lang ang kinunan or si EJ lang or kami ni EJ). What's so irritating about this is that both instances yung mga lokong yun ay hindi nagpaalam. The first time it happened the guy came up to us and he said to me "what a nice kid you have" So syempre smile ako sabay sabi ng "thank you". What I didn't notice was that he was holding his camera already and was angling for a shot. Before I could mouth an "I don't think so" he was already finished and left immediately.

Now that I have time to think about it, I think it was the same guy who took our pics. I couldn't be sure though as I have a very short memory.

I know all of this could be for nothing. But what if they do something wicked or...I don't know. A lot of things can happen with a single pic.

Naasar lang talaga ako sa ibang mga tao dito. I don't know if I have just encountered the wrong people lately. Or maybe I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. Most of them are nice and friendly naman. Bad trip! Isipin ko nalang na wala kase silang pinag-aralan (hanggang high school lang sila). Pero yung may kaya, they go outside of the country to study. Yun nga ang funny. Kung sinong may pinag aralan sila pa yung mababait at humble.

Hay naku, I need a vacation right now! Hehe!

December 8, 2007


I blog because it is an outlet for me.

I blog because I am a frustrated writer.

I blog because I love reading blogs.

I blog because I want to chronicle EJ's milestone and achivements.

I blog because I am a newbie blog addict.

I blog because I like re-reading my posts.

I blog when I am bored.

I blog when I am happy.

I blog when I am depressed.

I blog when I am mad.

I blog when I am excited.

I blog about everything.....

....and sometimes if not most, I blog about nothing important.

(sorry for wasting your time) LOL!

December 5, 2007

Battle of the will and the bulges

I have mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to lose weight. How hard has it been? OMG, it's become a battle of the will. It's really hard to resist the devil (the devil being the food, lol).

Before we went to Sri Lanka, I lost a respectable 6-7lbs already. I did this by doing the 3 day diet I read from Chuvaness I also did some yoga for about a week. But alas! The food beckons at the Spices Restaurant of Hilton, Colombo. I tried my damnest to ignore but the weakling in me won. I promised myself I won't eat that much the next day.

The day we arrived back home, I weighed myself and you know what? I gained back all what I have lost! You can guess what happened to my promise about not eating too much...hehehe

So now, I'm doing the 3 day diet again sans exercise (because EJ has been sick, we're up all night). Hopefully I'll be able to continue losing weight and not gain it back.

Well, hello Christmas! Hahahaha!

Please call the doctor

EJ's sick. The first two days were like hell. He was cranky, didn't want to eat, had high fever, was throwing up and had loose bowel movement.

This morning he woke up crying at around 5:30am. I got him out of his crib and put him beside us on the bed but he continued crying.

Of course, I can't tell what's ailing him because he still can't talk. I almost cried with him. It was so exasperating being so helpless. After a while of giving him things, he finally stopped crying when I gave him water. I guess he got so thirsty from not having enough to drink the previous day. He played with his toys for a lil while and went back to sleep at 6:30am. He slept for about 5hours. When he finally woke up at 12noon, he was back to his normal "likot" self.

It is very difficult when babies get sick at this age. They can't talk yet and we can't give them what they want. To parents like us, it is quite frustrating and scary.

EJ's sleeping right now. Hopefully when he wakes up he'll be totally fine and we'll be able to sleep peacefully tonight.