January 22, 2008

Life of the Working Class

Last Monday we received a very disappointing news. Eric's contract with a Malaysian company had been put on hold. And our world came crashing down. Well, this is in exaggeration of course. But we were really disappointed. With only one call our plan of moving to Malaysia vanished. They said they were just putting Eric's contract on hold but we felt differently. We felt they were just trying to slowly tell us the contract is off.

At first, I was so mad. Eric was just plain speechless. I told Eric to let them know what they have just done to us. It wasn't just a simple contract. It was our life they were messing around with. You see, Eric resigned from a comfortable job in Maldives after signing a contract with them. And I was also supposed to work in Maldives right after our planned vacation in Manila on February. So what they did was leave us pretty much unemployed. Modesty aside, we were not worried financially. We have something for the rainy season. But what they did was really unethical and it really irked me (especially me..hehe).

Anyway, Eric have several offers both local and abroad. But the offers abroad are not really favorable because EJ and I couldn't come. So after discussing our options, we decided it is better to stay put in Manila. We decided it is better to really start putting our roots now than later. While Eric chooses which company to go to, I was busy looking for a job myself. I have decided to go back to the job market to help financially.

Then I received a text message inviting me for an interview last Monday. I was a bit excited but honestly I was hesitant. I explained this to Eric. It's not that I don't want to work anymore. It's just that before coming here to Manila we have already planned our entire year. And working wasn't in the plan yet. I know it makes me sound like I am too lazy to work again, but really it is not that. But anyway, I still went to my interview at the Robinson's Galleria.

I didn't know that I was applying for a call center position. I thought I applied for an Airline Reservations Officer. I thought I was there only for an interview. Little did I know that the whole hiring process will be done in one sitting. After I passed the initial interview I was asked to do a typing exam. I guess I passed because they gave me another set of exam (general info, math, grammar, reading comprehension and english). Ang hirap ng general info!!! I guess I passed the exam again because those who did not were told that they will be called again. But I went to another form of test. I had telephone/listening skills test. And by then it was already 1:30pm. My poor husband and baby (we don't have a yaya so we bring EJ with us wherever we go) had been waiting for me since 10am that morning. And I was also starving. Before I could ask them if I can have lunch, one sweet person told me to go to lunch after my telephone skills test and come back after an hour.

When I went to meet Eric and EJ for lunch, I sensed something. I felt good news was coming. I asked Eric if he talked to people from Malaysia. He said no. But I guess he couldn't contain it anymore and told me that we will be moving to Malaysia after all. I told him "langhiya ka, pinahirapan mo pa ako sa exam!" I didn't go back for my final exam.

We're happy that we're going to Malaysia but I couldn't deny there's a little bit holding me back. I realized that we are not really living at the moment. We move from one place to another. We don't have a permanent place even here in Manila (we haven't furnished our condo yet so everytime we're here in Manila we rent one). At the moment we're fine. But what happens after 5 years? Or even two years? What happens if we decide to settle down for good here in Manila? Will we be able to find jobs again? Maybe for Eric because his is a specialized job but what about me? What if we decide to go into business by then? But what happens if that business will not succeed? What then? We will not be as young as we are right now. We might not have the same optimism to go with.

Eric said I worry too much. I couldn't help it. The life of the working class is never easy.

January 19, 2008

Hit Me One More Time

In the tagging world, I have only one friend. And her name is cas. But I love answering them!!! More tags please....hahaha.

1. Name one thing you do everyday

- Take a shower

2. Name two things you wish you could learn
- Magic (playing tricks)
- Be more patient

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood
- Candy wrapper
- Rubber band
- Santa

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do
- Pancit palabok
- Turon with cheese
- Bamboo shoot salad
- A certain seafood I forgot the name

5. Name five things/people that make you feel good
- My honey
- EJ
- A love letter
- Travelling
- Mcdo's french fries

I'd like to tag somebody but don't have enough blogging buddies. Anybody who wants this tag, feel free to do it. Or much better you can leave your answers on the comment page :)

January 17, 2008

In the Mean Time

To my friends who have been waiting for stories, all I've got is a summary of my future posts (if I find the time, that is).

**Coffee galore at Dome Cafe (Male Int'l. Airport). We ordered a frappe and an espresso only but the all-filipino staff at the Dome Cafe gave us cheesecake, fries, chocolate cake, evian and more frapp and espresso than we can take. Why? They asked us to buy an alcohol for them....sinuhulan pala kami...hehehehe

**Engot na girl at the SIA check-in counter in Male Airport. We requested for a bassinet seat. She said okay. But we found out she gave it to our friends instead. Kaasar di ba? Good thing the plane wasn't full.

**Gagong immigration officer at NAIA. He took our customs declaration form and had the gall to deny it. We had to fill out another form again. We were dying to go out of the airport kse pagod na kami tapos aasarin pa kami. Hayyy....

**Mayabang na customs officer (girl) at NAIA. Kumulo dugo ko sa kanya...Grrrrrr. After we got our lugagges, we headed for the exit door. But of course we have to give the customs declaration form that we have filled out already. We thought it was in our passports but we found it was missing. Only the immigration officer could have taken it. Aba, ang mayabang na babae tinaasan ba kami ng boses at sabay sabi: "Hindi ko kasalanan yan! Tanungin nyo sya (referring to the immigration guy) baket nya kinuha yun. Kailangan ko yun (the form)" She kept on saying those which irritated me to high heavens kse pwede naman nyang sabihin in a nice way na :"Mag fill out nalang ulet kayo" Grabe, kakagigil. Sarap nyang suntukin. That was a very nice welcome from the supposedly "hospitable" filipinos.

**MOA, Serendra and Trinoma experience. All in one day!!! We had a very long day last Sunday. We started the day by hearing mass at a church near MOA. Then after lunch we headed to Serendra at The Fort. It was still hot so we decided to go to Trinoma. Grabe, palakihan at pagandahan na ng mall sa pinas :)

**Move to Malaysia is on hold. Something went wrong with Eric's contract. But hopefully things will turn out for the better.

**I've got four eyes now!!! We had an eye check up yesterday and I found out I have astigmatism and my vision is not that clear anymore. So I have to wear glasses now. Even Eric has to wear glasses especially if he's in front of a PC.

**EJ's love of carousel. While we were in MOA, EJ saw a carousel and wanted to go. Tawa kami ng tawa kase hinanap nya talaga ang entrance of the carousel. Grabe, nung nandun na sya ayaw na nya bumaba. He really cried when we took him out. We had to bribe him with a smiley balloon to stop him from crying. In the afternoon while we were in Trinoma, he again saw the carousel and wanted to go inside again!!

I've actually lots of stories but I couldn't find the energy to write about it. I'm sure once we've settled down, I'll blog about it.

January 12, 2008

We're in Manila Now

Just a quick update.

We arrived yesterday. As always the flight was exhausting. We didn't get to sleep on the plane from Male to Singapore. And we didn't eat on the plane from Singapore to Manila because we slept the whole flight.

Upon arriving home we just put all our stuff in the condo and we went to Megamall agad because we were all starving. All we ate was baboy..hehehe.

Today we're going out again for EJ's check up. Then we're off to another mall again later...to eat some more baboy...hahha (inggit na ba yung walang makain na baboy?)

Later guys.

January 6, 2008


It's just a few days from now and we'll be leaving Maldives for good. I've got mixed feelings but mostly I am excited. Of course I will be missing some friends and we'll be leaving behind some memories of the happiest times of our lives.

Maldives will always be magical for me. Not because it is the last paradise on earth but because all the good things that happened in my life happened here. I met my husband here. EJ was conceived here. And some of EJ's important milestone happened here.

We've been here for 3 years already and it's time for us to move on. A new challenge awaits us. I am positive the best is yet to come.

I'd like to thank all the people who have made our life here in Maldives exciting:

Jamal - for the nice company and all the "sambaludang" and other indonesian food
Janeth - for the endless streams of your new found friends. Nakakaaliw ang mga intrigas and kwentos about them
Sheila - for being my gym partner for a while
Mario - for cooking all those filipino food and some. Ang galing mo!
Jojo - for being EJ's "clown". I'm sure he will miss you
Yvonne - for bringing all those pork and wines and beers. Lalo na talaga ang baboy..hehe
Mira - for being my yoga/running partner. And for just being truly nice to us

We will surely miss you and we wish you all the best in your endeavors! I'm sure we'll see each other again.

January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

The year 2007 has been a so-so year. Well at least for me. Yes I had some great moments but mostly I felt like I was just riding out the tide.

Now it's 2008 and I am excited at the prospects the new year brings. Of course, along with it comes my New Year's resolution. Just like my cousin, I have a list of things I want to accomplish this new year. It's all about self improvement and enrichment.

1) Be a better mom - Admitedly I don't have a lot of patience. As EJ enters "toddlerhood", I need a lot of patience. I would also strive to be a creative mom. One who provides creative and stimulating learning process to aid EJ's developing mind.

2) Be a loving wife - When you have a baby, marriage can sometimes take a back seat. And I know it is one of the mistakes the couple makes. And so I will consciously make an effort to be a loving and caring wife.

3) Learn Spanish language - I have started this already last year but I have stopped. I have an interactive CD which is just gathering dust.

4) Lose weight - I am going to take this seriously. I'm going to eat sensibly and I am going to exercise. Probably go to the gym and take a walk everyday or whatever it takes to lose the extra poundage.

5) Be nice - As a defense mechanism, I automatically become aloof and unfriendly.

There! It doesn't look like a lot but it is. It's okay, I am excited! New year, new beginning and new me!

Happy and prosperous 2008 everyone!