June 30, 2008

Marriage Life Suffers from a New Sleeping Pattern

That's right! EJ's new sleeping pattern has affected our marriage life. Opps..that sounds brutal :)

About a week ago, EJ has a new sleeping pattern. He naps at around 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon and wakes up between 5 and 6pm. I know I shouldn't let him sleep until 5 or 6 but I cannot bring myself to wake him up. He looks darn cute sleeping. And besides he gets cranky when he doesn't get his full nap.

So he sleeps late in the evening. By late, I mean between 11-12pm. It's really frustrating! I tried putting him to bed early. I tried to read more books to him. I tried to give him a warm bath. But it all didn't work. He is still active after 5 books while my eyes are drooping already.

Yesterday EJ sleeps until 1 in the morning. At around 2:30pm he was still not sleepy for nap time. So hubby and decided not to let him take a nap so he gets sleepy by around 6 or 7 and then he'd sleep until morning. But it seems that the poor baby couldn't survive without a nap yet. He slept at 5:30pm and woke up at 7:15pm. Sigh.

Before EJ's new sleeping pattern, hubby and I used to watch DVD's while cuddling and talking about our day. But we haven't done that anymore since EJ sleeps late too.

Lately our night time is spent making tracks for his train or playing bowling, tennis, golf or giving rides to EJ. Don't get me wrong, it is fun. We are bonding as a family and I see EJ happy too. But my entire day is already spent doing the same, I long for some quite moments where I could just hug hubby or just watch movies silently.

I wish he goes back to sleeping at around 9pm. Any tricks to make him sleep early? I'd appreciate any help.

June 29, 2008

Holiday in the Offing

When I get bored and have nothing better to do, I always dream about the perfect getaway for the family. But lately it has become more of a habit than out of boredom. I am always devising holidays and thinking of ways to make the "supposed" holiday cheaper. So when I present the idea to hubby, all he has to do is nod..hehehe.

Yesterday while talking to my cousin online, I suddenly miss Maldives. When we were still there, we only visited four resorts. If you're an expat in Maldives, you get to enjoy discounted rates at the resorts. And silly us, we didn't take full advantage of it.

But now, I want to go and visit there again. I told hubby about this and he said, maybe we can go there on my birthday. I have some friends working at the resort and I was hoping they can give me discounts (hello Ate Tess, are you reading this? hehehe).

After hubby's nod of approval, I immediately checked Malaysia Airlines for ticket fares. And I was shocked to find we'd have to shell out RM6,300+ ($2,000) for our return fare. I thought this couldn't be right. I again checked the other airlines and it still gave me the same result. But if you are flying return from Maldives to KL, it is only RM3,200+ ($1,000). I wonder why this is so? I mean the distance is the same. The only difference is you start your flight from the opposite direction.

So there goes my plan to visit Maldives again. Even if the resort is free, I am not willing to pay 2K for a 3-day, 2-night holiday. It is just expensive. I will just find a cheaper alternative.

Inside my Dream Bathroom

I am thankful that the management of our condominium (Manila) has changed policy regarding bathtubs. Two months ago, bathtubs are not allowed inside your own unit. I don't know the reason. But they now allow bathtubs as long as it doesn't affect the toilet's specification.

I am excited about this because this means we can have a tub in our unit. Bliss! However we are still unsure when to have our unit fixed. Hubby and I can't seem to agree on the right time. But of course, it doesn't prevent me from window shopping for tubs and shower heads.

I like this tub, it is modern and chic.

This one's classic and elegant.

Anyone for a whirlpool tub? It looks like a sink, doesn't it?:)

In my dream house, my tub is a vintage tub like this.

To complement my vintage tub in my dream house, I'd like to get this artsy vanities.

In reality I'd like a double towel bar. Maybe even a triple towel bar? So all (mine, EJ's, hubby's) our towel have its own place. I hate it when towels don't dry in time for my next shower.

And lastly I'd like to have a shower head like this. Contemporary and chic.

So how about you, what's inside your dream bathroom? It is free to dream, so dream all you want! I just did :)

June 28, 2008

EJ's New Games

We have recently bought a toy of bowling and golf set for EJ because when he saw them at a toy store he didn't want to let go of both.

I am happy because he has explored other games/sports aside from his usual toys of cars and trains. Whenever we go out before, he would always put all his miniature cars and trains on my bag, making my bag bulky and heavy. And he would cry if I don't accomodate all his toys. I'm glad his attention is now diverted to other games. Hopefully he won't put his bowling balls or golf set in my bag. That would be too big! Hehehe.

His usual games right now includes playing tennis, bowling and golf. I have posted pictures before of him playing tennis. I must say his backhand looks great! Too bad he still couldn't hit the ball :)

Hubby has taught him how to play golf and EJ likes it. I guess hitting the ball has its appeal. Sometimes he'd blurt out "hit, hit" signaling for a game of golf. Imagine if he becomes the next Tiger Woods? Hehehe.

Hubby say it is an expensive game. You have to invest on a good set. I say, we better save now so we can afford it later on.

I am not a stage mom, or am I?

June 27, 2008

Fantasy Indulgence

Our breakfast conversation has become interesting lately. Hubby has a several offers internationally  and back home. We always talk about the pros and cons of moving again right now. And in between, we indulge in some fantasy. During breakfast this morning our conversation went this way.

Hubby: I will decline ___'s offer in Philippines.

Me: Yeah, you should. I think they're looking only for an engineer. You are over qualified. I am sure the offer is not that big.

Hubby: It's not only that. I am still not excited to move. Unlike when I left Philippines for Maldives, I was excited. And then when we left Maldives for KL, I was also excited. So I guess, it is still not the right time to move.

Me: Yeah.....I think I am not ready to move back to Philippines too. I may complain about not having a househelp, or having no social life anymore but honestly our life right now is just perfect. Yeah, sometimes I wish we can go out on dates or travel without EJ. But then when think about it, I am not too sure I can leave EJ behind too. I mean, he's only two (this coming August).

Hubby: Yeah I know.

Me: When I was a kid, I used to go with Nanay wherever she goes. One time I even went up the stage with her when she put a sash over her student. I used to get teased a lot by my brother. But when I started school, I didn't wanna go with my mother anymore. So I guess, we can travel or go on dates again when EJ doesn't wanna go with us anymore.

Hubby: Yeah...

Me: After seeing the pics from my cousin's travel to Cambodia, I think I wanna go there too. What do you think? Where do you wanna go if we can travel without EJ?

Hubby. Ngeee..Not my taste. I'd like to visit Las Vegas, or Paris.

Me: Las Vegas? You have no taste! And Paris is expensive. We still have to save more.

Hubby: Well, I like to stay in nice hotels. And nice places.

Me: Hmmm....(Pictures of big hotels and casinos running through my mind).

Me: Well...maybe. But I'd like to visit Cambodia and other SEA countries first. It would be enriching!

Hubby: Let's talk about this next session. Have to go to work now.

I have come to love our breakfast conversation. It's rushed but it's our quality time together. No interruption from our cute little boy :)

*Pictures from {http://www.i4laughlin.com}.

June 25, 2008

Chip Off the Block

Last week while I was helping EJ take a bath, a block of tiles fell off from the side of the tub. It conveniently fell off my right toe. I yelped and EJ reacted by jumping. Before he slid down the tub I caught his right arm. Thank god for quick reflexes.

I would have liked to report this to our agent but hubby said it is useless. The agent will just give us some weird advice or worse try to fix it himself and charge us an exorbitant fee. Which he tried to do the last time our faucet was leaking.

I tried to be a handy dandy woman for a day and bought an epoxy. I thought it would work. But it only fell off again, breaking the block of tiles into two.

Hubby couldn't help but wish some of his tools are here in KL. He said life would be easier with it around. Alright. I just hope hubby finds a way to put it back. EJ has been playing with it and since he is a big klutz (just like me) accidents are always waiting to happen. I don't want another scratch on his arms or fingers.

Quick Escape

In my last post I have mentioned that we went to Genting Highlands last Saturday. It was a very quick trip and tiring too.

The night before, we checked the Genting site and mapped our itinerary. We decided to take the bus at KL Sentral. But when we reached KL Sentral, the next available bus was at 2PM. A taxi driver approached us and offered to take us to Genting at RM80. I know it was expensive because the bus ticket would have only cost us RM8.30, cable car fee included. But since we had no choice we took the cab.

The ride was smooth and fast. The driver certainly knew his way. What we didn't anticipate was the zigzag road. I got dizzy myself. And EJ threw up twice. One on me and one on his daddy. I got scared when I looked at EJ because he looked pale for a minute. Thankfully, we were near the Skyway when he threw up. We took a rest for a while to let EJ get on his feet again. After a few minutes he was back to his normal self.

We bought our bus ticket going to back to KL before heading to the cable car. The available bus trip was at 3:30PM. We took it eventhough we only have 4 hours to explore Genting. We reasoned we were only there to see what Genting is all about and of course to take pics. I am not a big fan of rides anyway, and so is my cousin.

We purchased a return cable ride for RM10/person. This was my second cable ride. The first one was in Sentosa, Singapore. It was so terrifying. So I braced myself for another terrifying ride up to Genting Resort. But surprisingly, I wasn't that scared compared to my first ride. It was scary alright but my cousin and I laughed it off. He was more scared than me! Hahaha! Meanwhile EJ and hubby were enjoying the ride.

Cable car ride

A gust of cold air touched our face when we went outside. The weather was like Baguio on summer. Bearable coldness. I opened my bag and reached for my camera so I can start clicking away. But alas, I have forgotten to bring our camera. Shame! Good thing my cousin did not forget to bring his.

First World Hotel - largest Hotel in the world

There are two theme parks in Genting, the outdoor and indoor theme parks which are connected to each other. We paid RM38 to enter the outdoor theme park (tip: if you want to explore both theme parks it is cheaper to buy all park unlimited pass at RM51). EJ rode the astro fighter. He loved it. He didn't wanna go down!

Astro fighter ride

Next we rode the monorail. It was slow and it was perfect for people who are scared of rides and height like us. The monorail ride went around the indoor and outdoor theme parks. The ride took 25 minutes. EJ got bored. Hahaha!

Spinner - one of the thrill rides

London Bus

At the Koi Pond

After lunch we just roamed around. We went down Skyway at 3PM by cable car. My cousin was so scared but he kept on laughing. It was so contagious, we couldn't help but laugh as well. At exactly 3:30PM our bus arrived. Thank God the ride back home was uneventful. EJ slept through the entire ride.

It was such a short trip but I felt it was enough. I guess for people who love rides, a half day tour is not enough especially on weekends where you have to line up for rides.

June 24, 2008

The Visit

My cousin left yesterday. It was a busy five days. I had fun reminiscing our "Pasay City days" and just catching up with our lives.

He didn't get to visit a lot of places because we were content just talking and laughing. He did get to visit the Petronas Tower but only outside. Enough to take pics. He was supposed to go there at around 7AM so he can secure a free ticket up the tower. But we had a drink the night before and we went home a little bit late. So he woke up late too.

The famous Petronas Tower at the background

Beer and wine for the night

He also went crazy shopping. He said goods here are definitely cheaper compared to Dubai. He bought a lot of stuff for himself and for us too. He gave me a Zara shirt, a D&G perfume, and a Lacoste flip flop. He gave hubby a G2000 polo shirt and Gap short and shirt for EJ. It was a lot. Thanks so much gang.

We went to Saisaki for his birthday. As usual we were so full we had to walk going home. Hahaha!

At Saisaki

On Saturday we went to Genting (another post). When we got back home, we were so tired we went to have a treatment and a massage.

Gang, I hope you had a wonderful stay here in KL with us. Belated Happy Birthday and may you prosper in your chosen field. Hope it doesn't take 5 years before we meet again.

Messy in Here

I have resigned to the fact that a toddler and a tidy house don't come hand in hand.

Sigh. I have mentioned that I was lazy before my cousin arrived. But when he was here I was a bundle of energy. When he left again yesterday, I felt my energy draining slowly. I was back to being lazy.

So this morning I tried to psyche myself. Anyway, depression or laziness is just a state of being. I could easily overcome it. And the way to overcome it is to be busy.

I made breakfast, then washed dishes, made up our bed, washed and sterilized EJ's bottle, vaccumed the place, arranged EJ's toys, folded the laundry, bathed EJ, prepared his morning snack, then finally I took a quick shower. I was smiling when I got out of the shower. But my smile froze when I saw the mess EJ made while I was in the shower for two minutes. Two minutes!!! That's all it took for him to throw all his toys and scatter them everywhere. The sofa was wet with his juice and the table was covered with his doodles. He also managed to get his fresh shirt and jeans dirty. Arrgg.

I wanted to shout but no sound came out. Instead the tears were threatening to go down my cheek. I went over to EJ and I hugged him tightly. When I looked at him he was smiling. He said "mommy funny..hehe." He covered his face with his hands and continued laughing.

I don't like clutter. It makes me go crazy. But with a toddler in the house, I can't possibly make our place look tidy every single second. I guess I have to compromise. Otherwise I will break my back arranging EJ's toys every second.

June 20, 2008

Hot Seat

Are you deeply in love with your spouse/partner? If you are, let's try how well you remember the moment of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.

1. This tag should be passed on to your closest friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you've got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag.

(PLEASE Place all the links of the people who accepted this tag)
1. Sojourn 2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic 3. See Me for what You Will 4. LAINY'S MUSINGS 5. OUR JOURNEY TO FOREVER 6. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 7. Life and Adventures 8. Our Family Story 9. Expressions and Thoughts 10. Josiet's World 11. Mumsified 12. YOUR LINK HERE!

Here's your questions: Be Honest!

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
Answer: I met him in Maldives. He saw me in a bar and thought I was with a foreigner. Then he saw me again at a coffeeshop but thought I was courted by the Filipino I was having coffee with. Still he texted me and asked for date!

2. Where did you go in your first date?
Answer: At a Filipino get together party.

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
Answer: At the Filipino get together party! Hahaha

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
Answer: I am not sure anymore. I guess 2 serious ones before me.

5. What is his/her ethnicity?
Answer: Filipino

6. What is his/her favorite food?
Answer: Anything I cook. But he loves leche flan the most.

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
Answer: He turns eerily quiet.

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he'd/she'd ever done?
When we were still dating, he ditched work and stayed with me the whole day of my birthday just lounging on the hotel room =)

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you/him/her.
Answer: No proposal. It was a coming of two minds so to speak.

10. What's your favorite body part of him/her?
Answer: His shoulders.

I'd like to see your answers Katherine and Edge. Thanks guys!

A Federer in the Making

Balancing the racket..

The backhand looks great, babe!

Nice follow through!

June 18, 2008

Great Weekend Ahead

Laziness has crept up on me last week. I just didn't feel like doing any chores at all. We have been eating out. Even the food bills haven't scared me into cooking our food (it usually does). Our clothes to be ironed have piled into a big mountain but I haven't touched it. Okay, maybe I did. But only to iron hubby's office clothes.

But I moved my butt today! I changed our bedsheets. I bought a new cotton blanket and new pair of pillow cases. I vaccumed the entire unit. I scrubbed the tub. I brought our pile of laundry to the laundry service. I bought our groceries and I even cooked our dinner tonight. And I still have some energy left to start reading my newly purchased book. Whew!

What made me move my butt? Well, a favorite and dear cousin is arriving tomorrow for a quick vacation here in KL! He is also celebrating his 30th birthday (although only a few people know his real age! hehehe) I am uber excited. I haven't seen him for about four years now. We do have a lot of catching up and shopping to do! Relax honey I won't be shopping, only my cousin *grin*.

Hubby has graciously offered to look after EJ at night so my cousin and I can go out! Isn't that sweet? And we might go to Genting Highlands on Saturday, though only for a day and if he'd like to.

The next four days will be spent laughing and reminiscing for sure. Did I say I am uber excited?

Social Spark is Here to the Rescue

I have talked about SocialSpark in my previous post which was intended for my cousin who wanted to monetize her blog. But up until now, she hasn't joined yet. I told her she's missing all the fun and the opportunity to earn money.

I can detect hesitation from her. I was too, at first. I was overwhelmed with the earnings I could possibly make but I was also scared to venture into paid blogging. I am not sure why I was scared. Fear of the unknown, maybe?

With prodding from a blogger friend, I finally succumb to the excitement and lure of money. I did join some paid blogging companies but I was disappointed because the opportunities available to me were not to my taste or there were simply no opportunities available.

I am so pleased to have stumbled upon SocialSpark! It has not only given me a stream of opportunities but has also given me access to other bloggers as well. It allows bloggers to interact with each other, and even with the advertiser. You can leave a comment or ask an advertiser to open a slot for you. It all sounds cool, right?

Don't be left behind. Check out SocialSpark now, create your own profile and be ready to be "propped" by other bloggers. If you happen to be there already, visit my profile. It's one big, earning, happy bloggers community!

Cousin, see you there!

June 15, 2008

Double Celebration

Today, we celebrate not only Father's Day but hubby's birthday as well. Yes, his birthday falls on Father's Day this year. So I thought I would make it extra special for him.

Yesterday I booked him a treatment and a massage at Jojoba Spa (Berjaya Times Square Branch) as a surprise treat for him. He was definitely surprised! He was hesitant to go because we always go together for spa sessions. I told him, it was already paid so he had no choice.

While hubby was inside the spa, I picked up my blueberry cheesecake surprise at Secret Recipe. Yum! EJ wanted to devour the cake when he saw it. I distracted him with toys but it didn't work. So I gave him a little icing to tide him over until hubby comes back from the spa session.

Secret Recipe's blueberry cheesecake

EJ, practising to blow the candle

Another surprise list was the supposed dinner at KL Tower. However when I checked the reviews, I got mixed. I decided to ditch the plan and just ask hubby where he wants to eat. He immediately answered Saisaki. But this afternoon he suddenly got a toothache. He wouldn't be able to eat much so he suggested Fridays at the Pavilion.

KL Tower Photo grabbed from www.cuti.com.my

On the way to the Pavilion, I remembered we still haven't tried the restaurants at the Starhill Gallery (just across Pavilion). Starhill Gallery is one of the upscale shopping and dining places here in KL. So I suggested to hubby we go and check the place again. Last time we checked the place we were a bit intimidated by the posh-ness of the place. When we were inside, we smelled a beef barbeque. We followed the smell and we were brought to one of the Starhill Gallery's restaurant - Koryo Won.
Koryo Won is a Korean restaurant. According to a very chatty and friendly waiter, Koryo Won is one of the first Korean Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and they specialize in authentic Korean food. Great! But when I looked at their menu, the only thing familiar to me was the kimchi! The waiter probably felt our hesitation. He suggested a menu (forgot the name) which was good for two already.
The food was raw when they brought it on the table. The waiter grills the beef, prawns, chicken and cuttlefish in front of us. That explains the barbeque aroma we smelled earlier.

Father and son ready to eat

Start of grilling

Ready to be demolished..hehe

The menu came with several condiments and side dishes. I particularly loved the salad and the anchovies with chili. But the star of the show was the beef! It was succulent and and so tasty. While eating, I was thinking of coming over again. But I remembered the price doesn't come cheap. We paid RM271 for the food above plus two white rice and two juices. Hmm..definitely not our usual food bill. If only the price isn't that steep, we'd be able to come again often.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday again Honey. Hope you had a wonderful day. We love you.

June 14, 2008

New Domain Name

Hi all!

This blog has a new domain name: { http://www.mumsified.com/ }

I had a little problem publishing this new domain name earlier. Whew! I was scared for a moment. I thought I have just wasted ten bucks for nothing.

Earlier whenever I tried to open my site, the page says "web page could not be found (404). So I researched and researched and found a very helpful forum page. I am not a techie person so at first I had a hard time following instructions. But armed with perseverance, I have solved the problem. Yay!

The site is up and running now! I just want to say I am mighty proud of myself. LOL!

So please change my URL in your link. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day to EJ's Dad

Taken when EJ was still a few days old

EJ's daddy is the best!
He likes to play rough with EJ yet he's very sensitive to his baby's needs.
He is impatient with other things but patient to teach EJ new tricks.
He is sometimes lazy but never lazy enough to help EJ build his train set.
He is "kuripot" to himself but indulges EJ's wants.
Even if he's very tired, he still reads EJ's favorite books.
He never complains when I ask him to wash EJ after a poop. *Clap, Clap*

EJ is very lucky to have a daddy like you Honey! So loving, responsible and smart. I am so proud of you. Happy Father's Day!!!

This is a tag from Janet. I waited a while before doing this, I want it to coincide with Father's Day.

{Start Copy Here}

Started by Mitchteryosa.

1) Copy from {Start Copy Here} to {End Copy Here}.
2) Blog Brag about your husband - yes, the father of your child/ren. As I’ve said singles may also join by bragging about their own fathers, or even grandfathers. It doesn’t matter! Of course, Daddy bloggers themselves may also join, but you have to blog about your fathers and not about yourselves, deal? Okay. Good.

3) Add your blog in the list below linking to the post that you just made. Or if you wish, do it as how I’ve done it in my other blog by adding a new page.
4) Leave some love here. Yup. Here. Thanks!
5) Let’s not forget Peppermint Creative for the corner border I used for the badge.

6) Lastly, let’s help each other by copying and updating the list of participants in your post. Come and visit once in a while for the benefit of the late comers who have also joined this meme.

When Silence Speaks, Everything About Deye, The Nambiars, Mumsified, your name

{End Copy Here}

EJ is a Bookworm

We always read a book to EJ before he naps or goes to sleep at night. We usually read around two or three books before he gets sleepy.

It has been like this for three months now. And it makes me happy because EJ really loves books. Most of the time though, I get sleepy ahead of him hehe. Like this afternoon...

I was tired and very sleepy when I put EJ to bed for his nap. As usual he requested for a book. Seeing he was also tired, I told him to just close his eyes and I will sing him some lullabyes. But he shouted "book, book". At first I was annoyed. I really wanted to shut my eyes. But hearing the excitement from his voice, I relented.

Shouldn't I be happy that my baby (who is just 22 months old) is always happy to read a book?

I definitely am. Especially after he said "Peeesss (please), mommy?!

June 9, 2008

Saisaki in KL

Last night we went to visit Saisaki Restaurant again. I am not sure if this is the same restaurant in the Philippines. But I noticed they have the same logo. Must be the same company then.

Japanese food selection and a lot more

I highly recommend this restaurant for people with big appetites or those who are really, really hungry. This is not a place for people who are on a diet. Hehehe...But I still went there.

On the night we were there, it was a Japanese and Seafood Buffet. There was a vast selection of sushi, tempura and lots more japanese food (which I am not familiar with) and of course Seafood. I wasn't able to try everything even if I wanted to. The food was great! Everything I put on my plate were all delicious. I especially like the soft shell crab with mayo. Yum!

This is hubby's third plate...shhh..:)

For a price of RM55++/person, I thought it was a good deal already. Drinks are unlimited too (orange juice, mango juice, iced tea, green tea...etc).
You have to make a reservation to go there as the place gets easily filled up. We were lucky to be accomodated immediately that night.

Telephone number: 603-2166 3728

What's in a Name?

What does your name means? Mine doesn't have one. It is just a combination of my parents names.

That's why I love Japanese names. They do have meanings. If I were to create my own Japanese name I'd choose Arisu Miyuki which means "noble sort and beautiful happiness". It's such a kiss-ass name don't you think? It would be perfect too for a Manga Character name.

And speaking of which, the Japanese action-packed manga Bleach the Movie will be shown in select North American theaters on June 11th and 12th only. The seats are limited. So if you guys want to check out the movie as well as the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the talent behind the characters, go and book in advance!

June 6, 2008

Best Birthday Party Location?

I am totally at loss. I want to have a simple, no frills birthday party for EJ. And I want it to be very affordable. We do have choices already (McDo, Jollibee, Max's) but we have one problem. We only have a few kids on the guest list. We feel it's awkward to hold a party in the above mentioned places with more adults than kids. What do you think?

We have one last alternative though. Celebrate EJ's birthday in Dad's/Kamayan! EJ's baptismal and 1st birthday celebration were both held in Dad's/Kamayan. Do you see a pattern here? Hehehe. If we do it there, Dads/Kamayan should get us already as endorsers. LOL!

Seriously, I like Dad's because it offers our guests a variety of food and they can eat as much as the want. But since we've decided we want to cut down on our extra expenses, Dad's seems a little off. It's a little more costly than the fast food chains.

Any suggestions please?

Find Mary

Have you looked for something and you think you couldn't find it, yet all along it is right in front of you? Well, it happens to me all the time.

So guess what, I am going to play a game today. I've hidden a picture of Mary Shannon, the star of USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight somewhere in my homepage. I am challenging you to find it. If you can, good for you! Teehee.

Anyway, Mary McCormack stars as Mary Shannon in this new crime drama In Plain Sight which premieres on June 1st in US television. She plays a tough, sexy and smart US marshall who protects and manages relocated Federal Witnesses who come from all over the country. Geez, this sounds like heavy work! But of course a heroine doesn't have to do it all. Usually a prince charming comes to the rescue. I am just not sure though if his partner at work Marshall Mann played by Fred Weller becomes that prince charming. But according to the site "Mary and Marshall spend a good portion of their time bantering and disagreeing in most things." Ha! The best relationship always starts that way. Just to be sure though, I guess we have to watch it.

By the way, have you found Mary yet?

Manila on August

I have finally booked our flight for Manila on August. We will be there for exactly nine days only. So short, I know. But hubby cannot get away from work longer than that.

Anyway, the main reason for going home is to celebrate EJ's 2nd birthday with family and friends. Relaxation and catching up with friends only comes second of course.

Lately, I have been busy checking out restaurants along Ortigas. I know I said before that we'd have a simple home party for EJ's second birthday party. But guess what, I think we'll do it in a restaurant again. It would be less taxing for us. And of course we don't have our own place yet to hold the party.

So anyway, friends who are in Manila or friends who are planning to be in Manila on August let's meet up! Would sure love to hear the latest chika...hehe.

A day in the Life of my Favorite Pants

It starts out in some dark corner, probably hanging inside the closet side by side with my other pants. "Get me out of here, I'm suffocating. I want to see the world" is what my favorite pants would say. So being the most sympathetic owner *wink* that I am, I take my favorite pants out of the closet again even if it was just placed there seconds ago after ironing. Instead of it complaining, I'm sure it would say "Thank you", because you see, my pants loves me as much as it loves being outside of my closet.

After being taken out of the closet, you would probably hear my pants scream in delight when it is being paired with my favorite tops. Then, it would say "EJ, not too tight" as my baby hugs my legs tightly. If it's day spent in the mall, it would probably be grinning from ear to ear as it gets tried on with different tops or simply because it is outside.

My favorite pants is the most over worked pants I have. But I'm sure it doesn't complain. We both love each other!

If you're a girl and like me, you'll understand if I say it is difficult finding the right and perfect pants. It's either too snug on my hips, or too tight on my thighs. Or if it is the perfect fit, it's either too expensive for me or something's wrong with the stitching. I get frustrated when I am out to buy a new pants. Since I got my now favorite and most worn out pants a year ago, I haven't been visited any pants store. And since I've gained more weight, I know I'd just get frustrated. But seeing my pants tattered and almost in a bad shape, I've decided I am going to give it a rest for quite sometime. I am going to hunt for a new pants and I think I am going to check out the Dockers store in this building. I saw some nice khakis on the window the other day.

Speaking of Dockers, there is a Dockers contest going on. All you have to do is talk about your favorite pants. Put it in a video and submit it.

I would love to join the Dockers contest. It looks fun! I'm sure, my pants and I would have a shot at winning *wink*. But unfortunately, I am not good with videos. But if you are, why not give it a try.

June 3, 2008

When the Husband is Away

...the mice will play. EJ and I being the mice...hahaha.

My hubby went to Penang for a business trip today. He'll be gone for one night only. At first I wanted to come because we've been planning to visit the place. And a friend would have been able to give a huge discount at Shangrila.

After thinking about it, I decided not to go. It's a very short trip. We wouldn't be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Penang in one day. We'd just be tired from the commute. And besides, it wasn't in the budget if I may add.

Golden Sands Resort, Penang by Shangrila

So what did EJ and I do the whole day today? We just played and played with his Thomas the Train set. Honestly, I imagined the day shopping. But only that, imagination! Hahaha I am a reluctant shopper eventhough I am a shopaholic in my imagination. Weird.

So there, we literally did play. We're missing you honey!

June 1, 2008

On Turning Thirty

Two more months and I will be thirty, yes that's right...30 years old.

It may seem old (to teenagers) but I honestly don't feel the pressure of my age. I know some people are terrified of turning 30. Some get depressed and some are even in denial. But funnily enough, I feel the opposite.

I love what I have now. Though of course I wish for some more improvements here and there but I wouldn't wish for any big change right now. I feel content and most of the time happy. I get to play with my baby any time I want. I have a supportive, generous and understanding hubby. I can eat anything I want (though I'm trying to restrain myself nowadays). I get to go to the gym for free! I get to travel twice a year.

I feel like turning 30 is just like turning another year when I was, say 20. So why should I be afraid of turning 30, right?

In fact, I am quite excited. Women I know who are in their thirties are having the best time of their lives. They are more sure of themselves, more confident, and a lot more beautiful!

I am thinking of ways how to celebrate my birthday. But if I can have my way, I'd spend the time just dancing and drinking wine.

Credit Card Woes and Balance transfer

I was talking to a cousin who is based in Dubai yesterday. He mentioned that since he received his first credit card, he's been spending more than he should. He said he couldn't resist swiping the card. He's been using the card to buy signature brands.

I guess he is worried, so he asked me what to do. Having gone through a similar experience, I told him to immediately stop using the card and look for a bank which offers a credit card balance transfer. This would allow him to transfer his current account to another credit card at a lower interest. Some even give an interest-free period if you avail of their promotion.

This reminds me of a great website I came upon. It is called ZipRates.com. The site tracks US cards offering low or even interest-free credit card balance transfers. If only my cousin lives in the US, he could avail of its services. He can group the credit card balance transfer by categories and terms, making it easy for him to find the best credit card transfer offer.

I hope he finds a similar site in Dubai. It will save him from a lot of headaches and most importantly it will save him a lot of money.