July 30, 2008

What Now, Brown Cow?

This title happens to be EJ's favorite story book at the moment. We bought this two weeks ago and every night, I read this at least thrice. Grrr...hehehe. Last night, I read it five times before he said "Spot" (title of another book).

What is it with kids and repetition? EJ has seen Happy Feet lots of times but he still laughs when Mumble came out of the shell. Well, I have to agree it's pretty funny too.


Actually this post is not about EJ. I was sidetrack by the title..hehehe. So what now?

I still haven't decided where to hold EJ's party!!! That's what.

We're flying on the 8th of August. EJ's birthday is on the 10th. So that leaves me with just one day to scout for a resto for EJ's birthday. Waahhh....Aren't I the queen of sheba, I mean procrastination?

Truth be told, I decided for Max's already. I called their branch in Shangrila. They need a deposit half of the amount. How can I do that? I don't want to ask another favor from my brother. He's really done so much for us lately. So I said, scratch that. We'll just find something else. Ngek...LOL.

I think we'll just hold it in one of the restaurants in Dampa Ortigas (beside the Home Depot in Ortigas). I hope they accept birthday parties. Well, actually it's just a gathering of people to eat, then blowing of the candle for EJ and of course singing happy birthday. I really hope we can get seats. I'm drooling just thinking of the seafood that we're going to order. Hahaha!

Seriously, has anybody or anyone you know held a party in Dampa Ortigas? I'd love to know.

July 29, 2008

Cisco Certification

This morning while having breakfast, hubby mentioned that he is planning to get a Cisco certification. I am a non-techie person but being with a techie person, I can't help but know some technical words. So when he mentioned about this certification, I know that it relates to his work.
About a year ago, one of his friends was still working back in the Philippines. But after becoming a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), his worth has suddenly increased and he received a very good offer abroad. Hubby said the reality is that having a certification boosts your career. In this day and age of cut throat competition, it is an advantage to be ahead of your peers.

But I asked hubby "Aren't you ahead of your peers? You're not yet thirty and have already held posts as manager and consultant abroad." Hubby said he's just lucky.

But I don't think it's all luck. I think the reason why he is a consultant already at his age is because he is good at his work. Even his peers can vouch for that. One friend who also happens to be hubby's former collegue said that hubby will go a long way in his career because he excels in his work. That's modesty aside.

So why is he still thinking about obtaining a Cisco certification?

While he maybe ahead of his peers right now, it is not far off to say he will be left behind career wise and salary wise if he doesn't get a certification. It is a known fact that professionals with Cisco certification receives higher salaries compared to others who don't have one. And of course it gives them competitive edge in their field over other professionals with hands-on experience only.

I don't need any more convincing for hubby to obtain a certification. I am all for his advancement and progress. After all he's the one bringing home the bacon.

July 27, 2008

We Survived a Night in Hell

And now I am nursing a cold.

It's because of the hellish night we had last night.

In this modern day and age and in a cosmopolitan city at that, who would have thought we'd spend the night without any electricity?

You read it right. The electricity went off at around midnight last night. Well actually it went off at around 3pm yesterday afternoon. We called our agent, he arranged somebody to fix it. It was fixed at around 8:30PM. Our Saturday afternoon which was supposed to be spent shopping (I was sooo looking forward to this, my therapy!) just flew out of the window. We just couldn't leave our apartment with men working inside, could we?

So we just headed to KFC for dinner on the lower ground after the men fixed the problem (just some loose cables, they said). EJ was famished. He devoured my food and the cornflakes sundae.

EJ slept just before midnight. And I fell asleep right after him. I was supposed to wake up to finish some tasks but I was tired and sleepy because our afternoon nap was interrupted when the electricity went off that afternoon.

All was well before we slept. But at around 1:00AM, I was feeling hot. I knew immediately that there was no electricity. I got up and went out of the room. Hubby said, the electricity went off again. He was trying to fix the "loose" cables.

I told him to go down to the lobby to ask if there's a maintenance on duty. Hubby went. The guard told him, he'd call immediately while hubby back to our unit. The "coldness" inside our apartment has slowly vanished and it was getting hot. I decided to go down and follow up the guard. The guard said "Since you're not a hotel resident you should call your own agent. Then your agent will arrange something". Whaattt??? I was getting pissed by the minute. I didn't suppose shouting at the guard will help so I went back to our unit and told hubby what to do. He called our agent but his phone was off!

Grrrrr.....What are we going to do now? By then it was already 2:30AM. I checked on EJ, he was sleeping just like a baby should, peacefully. I checked his head. Usually, when he is feeling hot, his head becomes wet with sweat. Thank God it was dry, meaning he wasn't feeling hot.

We debated whether we should go out and look for a hotel. Hubby said "It's very late now (or early, however you look at it), it would be a hassle to go and find a hotel. Let's just stay here. I'll fan EJ if we need to."

Feeling very sluggish to give a fight, I just said "okay." I settled on our couch while hubby went back with a "fan" to the bed. I thought I would just sleep at the couch so that it won't get too hot in the bed with us three breathing down on each other's neck, literally :)

It was a mistake. While EJ was in dreamland and hubby just started to doze off, I couldn't go back to sleep. It was very hot! At 4:30AM, I went inside the room. I brought a paper "fan" too. But I still couldn't get an eye shut. Everytime EJ moves, I "fan" him thinking he was feeling hot.

I think I only slept a total of two hours. When I woke up at around 7:30AM, I knew I was going to have a cold. And I did.

So that's our night in hell. I am just thankful EJ slept through it all. But hubby and I wondered how EJ slept through it all. He is usually the first one to complain if it's hot and when we are shivering from cold inside the comforter, EJ doesn't want to put a comforter over his body.

I guess an angel was with him the entire time?

P.S. When hubby tried to fix the loose cables again at 8:30 in the morning, he was successful! How come he wasn't successful in the middle of night??? He said he couldn't see properly.

If there's any loose cables again tonight, I'll be out of here in a sec :)

Passport Trivia

What is the color of your passport?

If you're a Filipino/Filipina, you might answer green. That is right.

But there is another correct answer too. It is maroon.

DFA has started issuing this new one since July of 2007. But I only knew about it about a month ago when I went to process some documents at Philippines Embassy here in KL.

The new passport is machine readable. And according to them it is designed with new security features to prevent tampering and enhance its integrity.

Sounds good.

However I am not about to get a new one. Mine expires on 2011. It is still a long time from now. I can still use the old one until it expires.

It's just nice to know we have a new passport color and features. If somebody asks what color is my passport, I know how to answer. :)

July 25, 2008

First, Last, and Now

I swiped this from Rachel's blog. I haven't been tagged lately. I so miss it..hehehe. Seriously some tags are fun and worth answering. Just like this one below :)


* First name: Josiet
* First screen name: Blythe
* First funeral: I honestly can't remember
* First piercing: Ears
* First kiss: Parents ;p
* First love: Hubby


* Last beverage drank: Green Tea
* Last food consumed: Lanzones
* Last phone call: Hubby
* Last time showered: 9 Hours ago
* Last CD played: Gwen Steffani
* Last website visited: Vanny


* Single or taken: Taken
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: August 22
* Sign: Leo
* Shoe size: 8.5 - 9
* Thinking about: The upcoming Manila vacation


1.) Me and Mine
2.) Creative in Me
3.) Little Peanut
4.) For the LOVE of Food
5.) Pea in a Pod
6.) SugarMagnolias
7.) Walkonred
8.) Buhaymisis
9.) Kathycot
10.) Whenmomspeaks
11.) Kathycotcooks
12.) Heart of Rachel
13.) Mumsified
14) Josiet
15) your blog

I'd like to see Sexy Vanny and Janet play along. Thanks girls!:)

July 24, 2008

Secrets No More

Do you tell your husband/partner everything?

I am afraid I do. I tell my hubby every little mundane thing that happened to me or caught my fancy. I am not sure if this is healthy or not.

I live by the code "Communication is the key to a great Marriage". So I always engage hubby in conversations even in small talk. I always ask him how his day at the office was. And in return I always tell him everything that happened in my day or what I was thinking that day.

Hubby is a good listener (so am I..hehe). I guess that's the reason that I always tell him everything.

But more so, I guess it's because I don't have anyone else to talk to aside from EJ of course.

Lately however all I do is rant and rant. I know he still listens but I saw a flicker in his eyes that says "that's enough". Of couse I cannot blame him. It must be irritating listening to the same kind of rant everyday.

Now I am thinking "does hubby think I am turning into a bad person?" Well, actually I did ask him that (hehehe..couldn't help myself). He said, "of course not!"

I still couldn't help it, I still tell hubby everything. But is this really healthy to a marriage? Shouldn't there be a little mystery between couples?

Image credit: 123greetings.com

July 23, 2008

I Need Some Space

...to move.

Our one-bedroom apartment here in KL is overflowing with EJ's toys. And when EJ decides to scatter all his toys across the room, there is simply no space to move. Unfortunately, EJ has been doing that a lot lately. He seems to be happy when he sees his toys spread out. So what am I to do?

I told hubby we should buy some cabinets so we can put some of EJ's toys inside. And anyway, we need a space to put our old clothes too. The built-in cabinet is quite full already. A new cabinet will give some air to our clothes and keep EJ's toys locked inside (if he doesn't play with them).

I was planning to go to Ikea this weekend. But I changed my mind. I wanted a cheap cabinet so it would be easy to dispose in case we move out here in KL. Not that we're moving out anytime soon. What if we buy something fancy and suddenly hubby receives an offer somewhere else? I'd probably ship it or bring it with us (gosh, how much is the cost for moving services these days?), which is a big hassle. And if I don't, I'd probably lose sleep over it. LOL.

So there. We'd probably go to Kampung Baru instead. My friend N said, they got their cabinet there. They got it cheap but it looks great.


While we are not impoverished, we certainly are not swimming in a sea of money either.

Having said that, I am a little annoyed that people sometimes take for granted the money or things they have borrowed from us. They think hubby's salary is up to the ceiling. And we can easily dispatch money without flinching. I don't know where they get this idea.

Example 1) They ask us to buy something for them. But when we give the loot, they think it is a gift and they wouldn't pay us. Huh?!

Example 2) They borrow money from us, and it would take forever for them to pay up. If we don't ask them (after maybe 2 months from the date they promised to pay), they wouldn't remember they owe us something. Galeng, di ba?

Example 3) They request to use our credit/debit card to use online (because they don't have one) and said they'd give us the cash equivalent but they would as usual conveniently forget to give the money. Hayyy.

Example 4) We give them money to buy something for us but they forget to buy the loot. And they also would forget to give the money back. Grabe!

I admit I am a little tight fisted but I know when people are already taking advantage of us. On a good day, I just think that it is always better to give than to receive. But when it really gets to me, I get so pissed. To think I wouldn't be able to ask help from these people if the time comes we need help.

Ahh the perils of being nice.

But I think we have learned our lesson. Suffice it to say that when people borrows something (money, credit card., etc..) from us, we know already what to say. Teehee!

July 19, 2008

First Redemption Flight

Having travelled Manila - Maldives and back twice (sometimes thrice) a year for three years has earned me some mileage points at KrisFlyer (Singapore Airlines' frequent flyer programme).

When I checked my account today, I was pleased to find out that I am entitled to my first redemption flight ever! However it is only a one way ticket from Manila to Singapore. Whatever! I don't usually get this kind of a freebie. So I am really really happy.

But I am not about to use my mileage points just yet. I'd wait until I can redeem a two way ticket. The problem is, I don't fly SIA anymore.

SIA doesn't have a direct flight KL from Manila. So for our first flight here to KL we took Malaysia Airlines. And it is not the same.

I miss flying SIA. They have by far the best service and the nicest crews. And most importantly, I love their inflight entertainment. The last time we took SIA, EJ had fun watching Dora on their TV.

Have you seen their new products? I heard it's the most comfortable place to be up in the air (Of course, don't forget to buy a travel insurance when flying, for peace of mind. I always do.)

How I wish I can fly like these:

But I think these are only available on flights going to Europe. Sigh.

I wish... I wish...

Good Manners in the House

How come the essence of a "thank you" has lost its meaning to some people?

I always find it rude or a bad manner when some people never say "thank you". As a token of appreciation, a "thank you" is never required but does wonders for me.

I have taught EJ how to say thank you and I am proud to say that he's learned quite well. When I give him something (or anything) he'd always say "ted you (thank you), mommy!"

It never fails to make my heart swell with pride.

My Paypal

When I logged on to my paypal today, I was smiling from ear to ear. I've finally earned $200 after two months of doing paid blogging. Ain't bad, right? But I know this is peanuts compared to other bloggers who are earning thousands. But this amount is more than enough to make me giddy.

My hubby said "hindi mo naman nawi-withdraw eh" (you can't withdraw the money). Aha! So he likes to withdraw my funds? LOL. Just kidding, hon!

Of course I can withdraw the money, honey. Don't worry, I've allocated this fund for our spa session in Manila this August. I cannot wait for August to come. Hehehe.

July 17, 2008

Still Undecided

Max's? Shakeys? McDo? Jollibee? Dads? Kamayan?

Gosh, we are still undecided where to hold EJ's birthday party. It's less than a month now and we haven't finalized the location yet.

Hubby is not helping either. He told me to choose wherever I like. But you see, that's the problem. I don't know where.

My brother has graciously offered to have EJ's party at his house. But we don't have enough time to prepare. We are arriving Manila on the 8th (Friday) and EJ's birthday is on the 10th (Sunday). I don't think we can cram everything in two days time.

What I really like is a place where the guests can eat freely (Dads?), the kids can eat their favorite food (Jollibee? McDo?), and the bill is not heavy on the pocket (Max's?).

Actually, my choice is leaning more towards Dad's but when I compute the bill, it is quite expensive. I have thought of trimming down the guests to families only but no can do. Hubby has already invited his friends. What to do? What to do?

I wish I can find some other buffet restaurants which are not heavy on the pocket.

July 16, 2008

How to Wean a 23-month old Baby from Pacifiers?

I am a little bit worried. EJ is still using his pacifier until now. He doesn't use it all the time but when he naps or sleeps at night, he has to have it.

Even when he is in deep sleep, he will still look for the pacifier if it falls off his mouth. And if he can't find it, he will cry.

Actually, I haven't really done anything to stop him from using it. Which makes me guilty because it makes me look like a very passive mom (just like the potty training, which makes for another post).

Next month, he's turning two and I don't want him to be using his pacifier (or dummy) any longer. But how do I explain this to a 2-year old toddler? I can foresee major crying session every nap time or sleeping time. Sigh.

I know I have to be firm if I want him to stop. Maybe other moms out there have tricks to help me out? As much as possible I don't want to make it hard for him or for me..hehehe (or is that possible?).


UPDATE: EJ is completely off the pacifier now. Please read the links below how he made it.

Progress made and Completely pacifier-free now!

July 14, 2008

Joke time

How to tell it's time to go on a diet....

A look at today's kids....

It's nice to know how far the phone is in case of emergency....

I love jokes and funny stories. I wish I have a computer memory installed somewhere in my head so I can store all of the jokes I've heard or read.

I have heard plenty of jokes but when it is my time to give one, I can't seem to remember any. I don't know why. I guess being funny or giving funny stories is a talent I don't have. Too bad :)

PS. Jokes above are taken from Ahajokes.com

July 12, 2008

People Never Change

It's just so sad.

It's a good thing I have a family of my own now. I am happy and it's all that matters.

Friends come and go. I can easily find one. But not my two boys.

I'll be letting go of these bad vibes indefinitely. It's pulling me down and always with a green eye. Can never be truly happy for me except for one.

My life is better because I have somebody to love, who loves me back, and not because I am an accessory.

Wishlist for my 30th Birthday

Ok, this is actually a hint for my hubby. Hahaha!

Seriously, we've spent more on vacations these past few months and we're still going to spend more when we go home next month for EJ's birthday. I think there will be none left for my birthday. So I'll just make a wishlist. Maybe some fairy godmother will grant them. :)

1) Boracay getaway staying at Discovery Shores
2) Coach Bag
3) Michael Kors watch
4) A nanny (it's for EJ, but a nanny will make my life easier)
5) Faberge necklace

See it's just a small list. But I want all of them at the same time on my birthday. I wish it's possible :)

July 11, 2008

Diet Pills

I was chatting online with a friend earlier. We talked about our families, our babies and their milestones and of course the favorite topic of weight loss. I told her I'm struggling with mine but I am determined to lose weight. She said she has resorted to pills. She told me that it is a drug under the amphetamine and phenethylamine class and it has been approved as an appetite suppressant drug and help patients lose weight. She said it's only been a week, so she hasn't seen any effects yet.

I hope she loses weight. Between the two of us, she needs more help than I do. At least I have easy access to a gym.

I am not saying I will not resort to pills. But for now, I think I'll try lose weight the healthy way. And besides, exercise is still the best and safest way to do it :)

Three Years After

I was looking at my old files and I saw this pic of me and hubby. In this picture, both of us have gained weight already. And I was two months preggy too!

Fast forward to the present time and look at the picture in the header above. Aside from our baby, what else do you notice? I hope you will be kind to say we still look good. Hahaha!

But seriously, both of us have gained a lot of weight since then. Even hubby is a little bit conscious of his tummy now.

And we've both promised to do something about this. Vanity may trigger this action but we also know that a healthy parent is a good parent so we're going to be healthy for our baby. I think I have mentioned that I am regularly going to the gym now, drinking green tea daily and doing crunches and stretching. Hubby is still passive about exercising but he is restricting his food intake. He even lost 4lbs already.

I know that exercise is the best way to lose weight permanently but I sometimes I wish to try a diet pill. I know some are safe and effective but I don't know which ones to try. I am a little scared.

But for now, I'll just continue on with my current routine. I have already lost a little weight. I just need some more discipline and I'll be on my way to a sexier...opps..healthier me :)

July 10, 2008

How to Get a Bigger and Nicer Hotel Room for Less

I used to work in the front office of a Resort in Maldives. And I've learned a trick or two which I always use when booking a hotel room.

When booking for a hotel room, I always book the second lowest room category. If the room I booked doesn't look nice, I can always upgrade when we are in the hotel already. An upgrade is usually cheaper than booking the higher end rooms straight away.

Take for example our last mini getaway at Holiday Inn Penang. Originally I booked for a Beach Wing Hillview only for RM667nett. When we got to the hotel I asked if the Kid's Suite is available. Lucky for us it was available. I asked for an upgrade and we paid additional RM63 making the room RM730nett. But if I booked the Kid's suite directly, it would have cost us RM867nett. So this trick saved me RM137/night or RM274 for two night's stay!

So next time you book your hotel room, try booking a lower room category and if you still like to upgrade then you know it is cheaper. There's a possibility though that you might not be able to upgrade to a higher room category especially if it is a peak season. That's why I always book for the second lowest category because even if I don't get an upgrade, at least I am not staying in the least category (hahaha, ang arte!!!)

Looking for Stylish Frames

I have been looking over the net for inspiration for an eyeglasses because I want to replace my current one and I came upon zenni optical. After seeing the huge selection of frames at their site, I feel like my current eyeglasses looks dull now. They have a lot of chic and funky frames to choose from.

I was thinking of something red. What do you think? Is red too fierce? Hehehe.

For sure, I will check the optical shops in Manila this August when we go home. I hope they do have variety and exciting frames to choose from.

July 9, 2008


How come hubby and I gained a lot of weight when we cannot eat properly (in restaurants or even at home)?

Hubby eats after I finish my meal or vice versa, so one of us can tend to EJ or make him eat or sometimes walk with him. And we're constantly eating fast so the other can eat right away. This means we only eat a part of our meal.

But, how come we look what we are now?

The irony.

How Much is Enough?

Do people ever stop at wanting more money, more things, more travels or simply more of everything?

Both my brothers are into business. Both are successful. But the other one has been in the business longer than the other so I can safely say he is more blessed financialy. He is expanding his main business and at the same time trying his hand at other business ventures too. I am amazed at him. One time I was chatting with him:

Kuya: I am going home (Surigao) this July to bring the van.
Me: What are you going to do with the van?
Kuya: Didn't I tell you, it's my new business venture? It's a Van for Hire (Surigao-Butuan route).
Me: What? You've started another business?
Kuya: Hehehe...yeah.
Me: You've got your ink business, peanut butter business and now this? Wow! Aren't you rich enough? *teasing him*
Kuya: Hehehe... I have a target. Before I reach forty (he's 36) I want to have P150M so I can take it easy and enjoy life.

Wow! I remember when he was just starting his business five years ago, all he dreamt was having P1M. He said, he'd be happy with one million pesos. Hmmm. What happened?

I can only speculate but I think his assets are more than 1M now. But he is not satisfied with it anymore. Is that good or bad?

I am not the one to pass judgment because I myself is like that. Same with my brother, I used to think that a 1M in my savings account is a lot already. But times have changed (including inflation rate, depreciation, etc) and the money you think is a lot, now seems inadequate.

I used to wish, "if only I can have that bag from Girbaud, I'd be happy." But when I had the bag, I then wished for another coolest thing on the block. I thought I'd be content. But I realized it doesn't end there. Now, I wish to have the Faberge necklace I saw at a mall or travel to Europe one day. LOL!

So when does this wanting for more ends? Can we really stop wanting for more?

Wanting for more (material or otherwise) drives us to work harder. So I don't think it is bad, per se. What is bad is when you equate having a lot with happiness and you don't stop anymore.

We should set a goal and determine how much is enough. Otherwise, we'd be consumed by it all forgetting that money (or things) can only bring temporary happiness.

July 8, 2008

Eyeglasses and Me

It's been five months now since I started wearing eyeglasses to correct mild astigmatism on my left eye.

I know astigmatism can be cured temporarily by wearing eyeglasses. But until now, I still haven't seen any improvements. I still need to wear glasses.

I've been reading from a lot of bloggers that a lasik surgery will help cure astigmatism. I am just not sure how expensive it is or if it available in the Philippines.

Well, I have gotten used to wearing glasses so it is no big deal. But still I sometimes forget to bring it when I travel. I know, I am so forgetful these days!:)

If a surgery solves the problem, then maybe I will try it. I just have to research more, I guess.

Just a Thought

A parent is a parent is a parent.

When you go on a vacation together with your baby, you realize you're not really on vacation because you're busy making sure your baby is having fun.

July 6, 2008

Current Obsession

EJ is addicted...to his coloring pens. Since I gave him a set, he's like a maniac. He likes to "draw" and color on his Elmo Set. Sometimes he'd demand we draw him a car, jeep, star, butterfly, train, sun or anything he can think of.

If he sees a piece of paper he'd say: "pei-pei" (paper) then, "mommy, pen!!".

I think it is terrific that he's showing some interest in "art". But writing on the wall, couch and even on the pillows is a little too much. I'm glad I have the common sense to buy washable and non toxic pens. Otherwise, I'd be royally pissed by now :)

So maybe he'll turn into an artist instead of a tennis player or a golfer?

Ahh...the dreams of a mother.

Penang Trip (Batu Ferringhi)

After checking out of Bayview Hotel we took a taxi going to Holiday Inn (Batu Ferringhi). It was supposed to be a 35-minute ride only but our driver was old and so was his car :) So it took us almost an hour to reach Holiday Inn.

We upgraded our room to a Beach Wing Hillview with a Kidsuite because hubby saw a playstation on the kidsuite :). I thought the rooms were newly refurbished but nothing suggests otherwise. I thought the room was expensive but hubby liked it.

After dropping our things at the room, we went down to have a late lunch. I was disappointed because they only have one restaurant and the food choices was so limited. But I realized later on why this is so.

At 6PM we went to the beach. It was still so hot, but EJ did not mind at all. He played and played with the sand.

When the sun set at 7:30PM we went to the kiddie pool to cool down. EJ as usual had a blast. He was playful. He even played with other kids on the pool. I don't know why he enjoys the pool more outside but seems not to care too much about the pool in our apartment in KL. (Never mind hubby's tummy :) He said he'll go to the gym and try the weight benches to tone his body again..ahemm)

At past 8PM we decided to take a stroll at the famous Night Market along Batu Ferringhi. EJ saw the rickshaws and wanted to ride. One way ride was RM20. It was expensive! But EJ loved it.

At the end of our ride, EJ fell asleep! Our plan to have dinner outside the hotel suddenly vanished. We went back to the hotel and ordered room service. Funny thing, when the food came (after almost an hour), EJ woke up. He must have been hungry.

After eating we went out again and we saw this eatery along the night market. It was jampacked with tourist. But since we had our dinner already we decided to have dinner there the next day. It was then that I realized why the hotel has only one restaurant.

The following day was spent almost the same as the previous day: play at the kid's club, make sand castles/cakes at the beach, cool down at the pool. Only we did get to eat outside. And it was great! The food was delicious and it was way cheaper compared to the hotel.

I guess this was the saving grace of our trip. The hotel was expensive. The beach was busy with people riding ATV (big bikes), and the water of the beach was a bit muddy (so far, nothing beats the Maldives when it come to its crystal clear water).

Will I go back to Batu Ferringhi again? I don't think so. I heard Redang Island is much nicer. So that's our next beach destination.

July 4, 2008

Penang Trip (Georgetown)

On our way to Penang yesterday, hubby got a surprise call from an interviewer. He was supposed to be interviewed this coming Sunday, but they called ahead (good sign? hopefully). Heard from their conversation:

Interviewer: What is your weakest point?

Hubby: I cannot work away from my family. Wherever I go, my family goes with me.

Awww...how sweet! And isn't that the best answer? It means if he gets accepted in the new company, we'll all be moving to another country soon!:)


We left KL at 9:30AM yesterday and arrived here at Georgetown (capital of Penang) at past 2PM. I must say it was fast. I made sandwiches so we didn't stop on the road for lunch. EJ was surprisingly behaved. Thank goodness!

We checked-in at Bayview Hotel. EJ and I slept while hubby went to a meeting. I woke up at 5PM and checked the TV. I found out the cable is limited to BBC and ESPN. Oh well, I hope EJ doesn't look for his disney cartoons.

I looked around the room, then I found a shopping magazine. I checked their shopping mall and found out that Queensbay is the latest and biggest mall around Penang. Suddenly my fone beeped, GAP is on sale including an outlet on Queensbay!!!

EJ woke up 30 minutes after. Then we dashed down and asked for a cab. The receptionist told me it's a 30-minute ride. Whatever, we'll go anyway.

The road to Queensbay took me to two different parts of Penang, the old and the new. I saw some old buildings, old market place, rickshaws (am not sure if that was the name), high rise condominiums, and modern office buildings. Penang reminds me of Cebu (southern part of the Philippines). It has a rustic charm and at the same time the comforts of modern society.

When the magazine said Queensbay Mall is the biggest mall here, I didn't take it literally. But I was surprised to see that it was indeed big. Before ransacking GAP, we went down to have some cake first because EJ was clamoring for one. True to their text message, GAP is on sale across Malaysia! EJ was very cooperative with me. He stayed in one corner and just played with the racks and hangers while I was busy trying on different clothes. I was hysterical (ok, this is exagg) when I found out I can fit into a size 10 now. Two weeks ago, I complained that no jeans in KL fits me anymore. The stretching, crunches and gym must have done its work ;) But I still have a lot to lose. So anyway, I bought a pants and a tank top only because when hubby arrived he was starving.

After putting all our things back at the hotel, we decided to roam the surrounding places of the hotel a bit. When we got down to the lobby, a band (Sugarbeat) was playing. And they are all Filipino. Kahit san, may pinoy talaga!:) Bayview Hotel is surrounded by bars. I guess this is where the night life happens. It reminds me of Malate. It's just too bad it is not our scene anymore, what with the baby in tow.

We went back to the hotel at past 10PM. I was tired but happy. I am thinking of going back to the mall today before we go to Holiday Inn later.

July 1, 2008

We're off to Penang

...on Thursday. Hubby has business meetings on Thursday and Friday so we've decided to tag along.

I am excited about this trip because Penang is one of my "must visit" place in Malaysia. According to travel guides Penang is "a place of mysterious temples and palm-shrouded beaches". And hubby said Penang is a fusion of the old and new, locals and expats, city and beaches.

We're taking a car on the way to Penang. Hubby said it is a nice ride but it is a 4-hour (maybe 5) ride. I hope EJ will not be restless.

I've booked one night at Bayview Hotel in Georgetown (capital of Penang). I think a day is enough to look around the town. The next two nights will be spent at Holiday Inn Resort (Penang). I hope I made the right hotel choice. I originally wanted to stay at Shangrila. But Holiday Inn seems to be family friendly with activites for children.

Going home, we will take Air Asia. This time I have booked express boarding (additional RM10) so we can get the best seat.

EJ will definitely have a blast again at the beach.


Speaking of holidays, I dreamt last night that hubby and I were on one of those cruises, the European cruise to be specific.

How fabulous! The dream was so vivid, it felt like it was real. I was having a red wine at the deck while hubby was busy checking out the "ladies". It turned out the "ladies" were "oldies". Hahaha!

On one of our stops, we visited Eiffel tower. And it was magnificent, even on my dream.

Hopefully this dream will come into reality one day. Cross fingers.