October 30, 2008

Fly Cheap

With the holidays hovering around, I am swamped with emails from travel companies about their "bestest" travel deals. There's low fare promos from different airlines, 65% discount on hotels from travel agencies, etc. I am not totally complaining because from these emails, I usually score a real deal.

If you are not aware yet, Malaysia Airlines (MH) has low fares promo. You book ahead for 2009 travels and voila, you get the cheapest fare!

Since we've decided we're not flying Cebu Pacific International flight anymore, I am so relieved and happy that promos like this exists.

I have already booked our trip back home on February 2009. Would you believe that a return trip ticket for an adult only costs around $120 (tax included already)? Cheaper than the low cost carrier (LCC) even! Isn't that one helluva great deal? Hehehe. But of course there is a catch, it is non-refundable and non-rebookable.

So book only if you are sure you are travelling on those dates. As for us, we're sure! :)

Boots for You

If there's one thing I regret about not going to New Zealand, it's about not being able to wear winter clothes! Hahaha!

I don't know if it's just me or if it's true about people living in tropical countries, but being able to wear a jacket, a trench coat, a boots, like this one (Classic UGGs) and a scarf is one of my life's to-do list.

It sounds pathetic. So are my friends and I. Hahaha! I always think people wearing winter clothes look chic.

That's why countries with a winter season is on top of my must-visit places. :))

October 29, 2008

Planning the Day Ahead

A long time ago, on my very first interview at a very upscale hotel in Makati the HR Manager asked me "So how do you plan your day?"

Finding the question easy and eager to impress, I answered "I write it first on my journal".

The HR Manager said "Uh-kay, but how do you know which one should be done first? Do you finish the important task first or the urgent one?"

My smile froze as it dawned on me, I answered his question wrong! Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod....

That was a decade ago. But if you ask me now how do I plan my day? I'd answer the same thing. I write it first in my journal. Hahaha!

So here's the plan/list I did yesterday to be accomplished today:

1) Check places to visit in Bangkok.
2) Write about bathroom faucets.
3) Check Malaysia Airlines airfare for February 2009 trip.
4) Buy gift for EJ's friend who's celebrating birthday on Saturday.
5) Pick up laundry.
6) Change bedsheets.
7) Follow up Buena Homes regarding title transfer of condo.
8) Make plans for New Year.

Tagged: Seven Random Facts

I was tagged by Kayni to post seven random facts about me. I wish I can come up with interesting facts as her but I can't. Let's see what I got:

1) I was the first "lady" battalion commander in the history of our High School. I didn't aspire for it so I wasn't really thrilled to find out I was the BatCom.

2) My first course was BS in Agriculture. I thought it was the best choice since I wanted to help my family's agri business. How idealistic? Haha!Then I shifted to BS Food Technology. I thought it was equivalent to Culinary Arts so, I wasn't prepared to deal with a lot of Chemistry subjects so I shifted again to BS Hotel and Restaurant Administration. I found out I liked it so I stuck with it.

3) A lot of people think I can sing based on my speaking voice. They always tell me "I bet you're a good singer". Hahaha. I wish it were true. But unfortunately, I am tone deaf!

4) My first job was as a Management Trainee at KFC Phils. (Makati Branch). Would you believe I ate chicken everyday for seven months while I worked there? Ok, only during my shift. But still that was a lot of chicken! After I resigned, I never ate KFC chicken for a while.

5) I love to travel. I hope to be able to travel more in the future.

6) I am a good judge of character. I just am. Hehehe.

7) I used to play a lot of sports: volleyball, softball, tennis, swimming, bowling...etc. I am quite good but apparently it's not good enough to be pursued as a career.

October 27, 2008

Birthday and a Deepavali Festival

Today the Hindu community in Malaysia is celebrating Deepavali Festival (or Diwali) and it is a public holiday for the rest of the working population. I thought Philippines has a lot of public holidays but Malaysia has more. Just two weeks ago, Malaysia had a very long weekend to celebrate Hari Raya and now, we have another long weekend. I am loving Malaysia!:)

We didn't have any special plan for this long weekend. We're recuperating from an expense-overload the past month..hehehe. So we were just planning to stay at home.

But Janet's son is celebrating his 4th birthday and we have been invited. So we're going to Subang Jaya this afternoon for the party.

I am excited because I haven't been to that part of Malaysia. It's just one hour away from here so it won't be a tiring commute. And EJ will get to meet new kids again. I'm sure he'll have a ball of a time later, especially that the birthday theme is Thomas the tank engine!

We'll meet the other Pinoy expats there again so it's a fun day ahead for all of us.

Hope you have a stress-free Monday everyone!

Updates: We brought our camera alright. But we didn't notice it was out of battery! So these pics were swiped from Janet's facebook account.

New One In

This eyeglasses looks so stylish! I have been on the lookout for a frame with a wide base. Everytime I pass by an optical shop in the malls, I always check their new arrival frames. I've seen almost the same frame as this one in one of the optical shops here. I even got more excited when I found out that it came in different colors. My choice was either red or black. But when I checked the price, I was disappointed. It was beyond my budget. While I want to look fashionable, I don't want to shell out a lot of money for something I can buy cheaper somewhere else. At times like this, economic crunch and all, we need to make smart financial decision.

Thank goodness for the internet, I found that Zenni Optical has prescription eyeglasses with beautiful frames starting from $8 only. It's less than P500.00 in Philippine currency or in Malaysian currency it's about RM28 only. Great, isn't it? Although nicer ones cost a bit more, like $29. Still, I think it is the cheapest one around.

Seemingly, a popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program The Clark Howard Show, has even recommended them.

Now all I need to do is choose which frame color suits me best. I'd like to go for a black one but color red would make me look fierce. LOL.

October 25, 2008

Lazy Saturday

We usually have plans for our weekend. There's cooking fest at home, shopping, eating out, going to KLCC park, swimming at the pool, window shopping, or just walking around Bukit Bintang. But today we didn't make any plan.

This morning we all woke up late at 9:30AM. I prepared our breakfast while hubby and EJ constructed the Thomas and friends set. What else is new?

After breakfast, we all watched EJ's current favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on playhouse disney channel. EJ loves answering Mickey's question. And most of the time he gets it right. Such a smart kid who takes after his mom. LOL.

After TV we moved on to playing with playdoh and then jigsaw puzzle. EJ is obsessed with the puzzle. He can easily assemble a 16-piece puzzle. It's fun to look at him while assembling the puzzle, he'd say "wrong" if the puzzle doesn't fit and "good job" if he gets it right. Hehehe.

Hubby and I played puzzle too. We did a contest who could assemble the puzzle faster. Of course I won! Twice! :)

We had so much fun we didn't notice it was already past 12nn. Since we were still full, I just cooked noodles. Thank goodness for instant meals.

Right now, my boys are sleeping. But I still have so much energy so here I am blogging. We might go to the park later. Or maybe just stay at home. So far it's a fun lazy day. I love it!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

October 24, 2008

Booked and Confirmed

It's done. We're spending Christmas in Bangkok.

After much research, hotel and rate comparison I have booked our hotel online with Agoda. We're staying in the Sukhumvit area in a boutique hotel called DREAM Bangkok . The hotel claims to be "Asia's new fashion hotel....a true Haute Couture". And I am so happy to find the best and cheapest deal on the hotel with Agoda! The rate even comes with free breakfast. I wonder how they can sell room rates cheaper than the hotel itself?

I have tried other online travel agency before but I think I am sticking with them unless of course I find better rates elsewhere. They also have reward points just like airlines having mileage points. So enticing!

I have already booked our tickets too. I thought Malaysia Airline's promo is the cheapest but I found a cheaper one at AirAsia. Since AirAsia doesn't have seating arrangement and doesn't prioritize family's with infants and kids during boarding, I booked their express boarding for RM25 for adults and RM7 for kids. This way we'll be guaranteed the front row seats.

Bookings done and all I need to do is plan our itinerary. So guys, what are the must visit places on a five-day tour in Bangkok?

October 23, 2008

Make Believe

Hubby and I were laughing our heads off when EJ tried to "lift the weights". He said he was strong. LOL. These are actually wheels from his Thomas Train, that has fallen off. Hubby was trying to put it back on the train when EJ snatched it away.


Hmmm...it's not so heavy at all....


Should I start giving him bodybuilding supplements now? Hahaha! Kids really are amazing. EJ continually surprises us everyday.

Still on Pills

I have to be honest. Since I've read about a blog post regarding that diet pill, I cannot take my mind off it. I have contemplated on buying the pill. But I guess it cannot be bought over the counter. You need to have a doctor's prescription. Oh well, it's probably for the best.

But I've read another one which is a non-prescription pill: alli. What I like about it is that it doesn't claim to be the "it" pill. It says that combined with proper diet and exercise, you could lose more weight than just diet and exercise only. Hmmm..

Most of us wanting to lose weight, want to take the shorter road. But we know there really isn't one. The mind just refuses to acknowledge it. And so we get sucked with the false promises pills in the market offer.

Sigh. Why is it so hard to resist food and why is it so hard to exercise?

Pills and its Side Effects

Several months after I gave birth, I was desperate to lose weight. So I tried popping a pill. A close friend told me it works for him. I was hesitant because it was a bit expensive. And I have to take one after every meal. I told myself to try it out for a month or so. But after only a week I stopped because the side effects were making me uncomfortable. It was a bit messy too.

I've heard about so many diet pills claiming miracles. But is there really one? There are always side effects to taking pills, although minor and temporary.

Now I've come across another pill. A lot of people claims it worked for them, even without "dieting" and exercising. I got curious and I did a little research on my own. On the review forums I've read, so many people testified that it really worked. The lost weight varies from 10lbs to a whopping 40lbs. Wow!

But of course there are side effects. The side effects mentioned were not the same with the one I've taken before, there's feeling thirsty all the time, palpation and increase in blood pressure among others. I can take feeling thirsty all the time, I would just have to drink a lot of water. But palpitation and increase in blood pressure scares me away.

If ever I decide to take this pill, I think I need to have a doctor's permission and guidance. I would love to lose weight but not at the expense of my blood pressure.

October 22, 2008

Rediscovering Vicks Vaporub Again

Way back in the far-flung town of Madrid, Surigao del Sur (yes, there's a Madrid in Mindanao! hehe), I grew up inhaling Vicks vaporub when I had a flu, a cough, a blocked nose or a runny nose. It was a staple in our medicine cabinet along with my mother's other ointments and lotions. I never minded the smell. In fact it was more like a comfort medicine.

When I went to college in Manila, away from my parents, I left behind vicks vaporub. Not that I needed it during those times. I can't seem remember having had a flu. It's either my memory's really rusty now or I was really healthy then.

When I started work, I got flu almost every year. With vicks being a thousand miles away from my mind, I of course turned to the well-known cure: cough and cold syrups and tablets. Since it worked for me, all was well.

Until EJ and I got sick last week. It was the longest time I had the cough and cold and both EJ and I were miserable for a more than a week.

We brought EJ to see a pediatrician and we religiously followed the medication but it didn't seem to work. He even finished a bottle of cough syrup already but he was still coughing like crazy. I was about to buy him another bottle in the pharmacy when I saw vicks vaporub again. I bought it immediately and applied it to EJ and myself during bedtime.

It was a big relief, literally. It was like being home again in the province. EJ and I were able to sleep peacefully for the first time that night.

Thank goodness I found this again. Starting from now, this will become a staple in our medicine kit too. So should you. :)

Future Gift for Hubby

Since I now earn from blogging, I confidently asked hubby what he wants as a christmas gift from me. He said without batting an eyelash "a baby girl". I almost fell off my seat. Hahaha.

I am not closing my doors on another baby. But now is not the right time yet. I still remember the sleepless nights during the first couple of months EJ was a baby, hahaha.

But while I am not ready yet for another baby, I find it fun looking at baby's stuff in the malls, especially baby girls' clothes and accesories. They're just so adorable. I remember all the fun and the excitement shopping for the EJ's clothes, stroller, crib, baby bedding, etc. back then. I almost broke our bank account. Hahaha, kidding!

So anyway, I told hubby to wait for another 3-4 Christmases before he gets his gift :)

October 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts for Ourselves

I know I said there'd be no more travels for us for the meantime but hubby and I agreed that one more before the year ends won't really hurt much. While we haven't been too good with our expenses this year, at least we have reached our target savings for the year. So it's time to give ourselves some reward.

We're planning to spend Christmas '08 in Bangkok. We both haven't been there so it will be an adventure or more likely a chaotic adventure, with EJ around. But that's okay, we're so used to travelling with EJ. Even the kiddo likes to travel or should I say ride the plane.

Everybody knows that airfare and hotel prices go up during the holidays. So I checked Malaysia Airlines immediately. It's a great coincidence that they have a promo! Otherwise, we would have cancelled the whole plan.

I have yet to book a hotel. I am looking for a hotel near the shopping district and near the skytrain but not too expensive. Hahaha, tall order, but I know I'll find it :)

I can't wait for Christmas.

October 17, 2008

Pinoy Expats in Malaysia

We had lunch with fellow Pinoy Expats in Steph's place last Saturday. And we had a lovely time! Nice place, yummy food and great company.

Even EJ had great fun playing with new friends. He also had a blast playing with our host's puppy!

I forgot to bring our camera. I actually prepared extra memory cards just in case. But even if I brought them, I don't think I'd have time to take pictures. I was busy eating and chatting away :)

Photos courtesy of Walter, Steph's hubby. I swiped it from their multiply account.

Looking forward to more of this. Thank you to Steph and family for hosting this event.

Toys for the Big Boys and Girls

Hubby is planning to trade in his PS2 for either a playstation 3 or a PSP. I vote for a PSP.

He bought the PS 2 about five months ago. I told him to go for the PS 3 before but he said he'd wait for the price to drop. I don't think the price has dropped yet but he's bored with the PS 2 already. He hasn't used it for a month now. So I don't think it was a good decision.

I wasn't much of a fan with the PS2 so I don't think I'd be a fan of the PS3 either. Yes, I enjoyed some games in PS2 but it wasn't enough to make me really hooked.

But with the PSP, I think I will be. There's no need for me to set up the TV and plug in the cables. It's portable so I can just sit down and play.

Waiting to board the airplanes can be much fun now. Let's see what hubby decides.

Thank God for Weekends

It feels like it was a long time before the weekend came! Thank God, it's here now. I need the weekend to recharge myself.

It has been a hard week with EJ and I being sick. Although I still manage to do some household chores, we didn't get to go out often. From Monday until today, EJ and I just spent most of our time here at home. We managed to have an enjoyable lunch out last Wednesday but that was it. I also couldn't cook our food because EJ was clinging to me ALL the time. So it was take away for lunch the rest of the weekday with hubby buying and bringing the food to the apartment. Aren't we glad his office and the restaurants are just elevator away from our apartment? We sure are!

We are getting better but it's a slow process. I don't know what's wrong with our medicines!

We are attending the pinoy in KL lunch tomorrow with stuffy nose. Hope the others don't mind and hope we don't spread the virus. We could stay at home but this event is hard to pass up. I want to meet everybody. I'm dying to have friends here! Hahaha.

After the lunch tomorrow, we'll just go back home and rest again. It will be an easy weekend.

Hope you have a better weekend than us. Enjoy!

October 16, 2008

Weird Dreams

I woke up today with a weird and chaotic dream or should I say a nightmare. I seem to have that especially when I am sick. (Yes, after three days I still have a cough and cold.)

In my dream, we were on a weird and meaningless journey constantly chased by some kind of demonic form. And the chase is made in interesting by the places it took place. One minute we were in a jungle and the next minute we were along the las vegas strip map.

I woke up feeling exhausted and thirsty. I don't know if its my body's way of saying I needed a drink hence the dream. I purposely didn't drink a lot of water before bedtime because I'd have a hard time going back to sleep if I woke up in the middle of the night.

Last time I was sick too, I remember I dreamed about being in another chase. It wasn't as fancy as this one but I also woke up parched.


October 13, 2008

Zen Inspired

The quest for the best condo design is still on.

I am talking about our condo unit in Manila. Though we still cannot furnish it right now, we're busy making design on our own and looking for a theme. Of course we're still hiring an ID but we want to incorporate our own ideas as well. Hubby and I have the same thing in mind. We want a Zen inspired theme.

At first I actually wanted a Modern design but I changed my mind. I think a modern design is not suitable with a toddler in the house. All those glasses and sharp edges furnitures are just accident waiting to happen with a toddler.

Modern furniture photos from Treomodern.com

And besides, I think we need a bigger space with a modern design. But since we only got a small space, a Zen inspired is perfect for our condo unit.

Hopefully early next year we start with the furnishing.

October 12, 2008

Under the Weather

When EJ has flu, I usually have one too. But hubby is spared most of the time. I probably have the weakest immune system around. I catch the bug quite easily.

I don't know where EJ got the flu but two days after we arrived from Manila he started coughing and having a runny nose. To think he had a flu vaccine last August.

Just a day after that, I got the bug too.

We already brought EJ to see a pediatrician at Prince Court Medical Centre yesterday. Hopefully he'll get better soon with all the medicines he is taking. And speaking of Prince Court, I just have to say that we were impressed with their facilities. I think it's a new center. They even have concierge!

Me? I don't know if neozep still works for me so I resorted to my trusted cure: lemon and honey and I drink lots of water. I just hate going to the toilet every 5 minutes though.

Note to self: start taking vitamin supplements.


On a brighter side, we bought a bigger refrigerator this morning. And I was glad they were able to deliver it in the afternoon. We went to buy groceries immediately after, hahaha! I don't know but it made me very excited.

I guess I was excited to cut down our expenses. With the new ref around, we'll be bound to eat more at home. No more excuse to eat out. We'll have a bigger storage for our groceries.


It's almost Christmas time. We don't know where to spend the holidays. We're thinking of going somewhere but with the crisis going on, I think we're better off staying here in KL. But let's see.


I am looking forward to the pinoy in KL lunch get together on Saturday. I'll be bringing in pork adobo. Goodluck with my cooking though. Hahaha!

October 10, 2008

Four-word Sentence

*EJ is exactly 26-month old today.*

After watching his favorite Thomas and friends DVD today he suddenly blurted out: "Mommy, watch Thomas again!"

That was his first four-word sentence. I couldn't be more proud of him. He's really becoming a chatterbox these days. Of course I love it. But there are times when it also gets a little irritating. He has the tendency to repeat his sentences over and over again :)

October 9, 2008

In times of crisis

There's an apparent global economic meltdown. And it is all over the news - Global stocks plunge to new depths, a country - Iceland teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, and in the Philippines, Arroyo orders plan to cushion recession.

Reading these news suddenly made me scared. I didn't know that a country can go bankrupt. So what more with an individual, right?

I am already a tightwad but I think we have to tighten our budgets more now with a looming economic crisis all over the world. These are our plans:

~ Buy a bigger refrigerator. This will allow us to stock on goods. Right now, I do the grocery everyday at Cold Storage (just on the lower ground of our building but a bit more expensive than other grocery stores) because our ref is minuscule. And if EJ is in his tantrumic behavior, I can't go and buy our groceries so this makes us go and eat out.

~ Minimize eating out, maximum is twice a week.

~ No more impulse buying. Shopping can wait until Christmas.

~ Put on hold travel plans. We were contemplating of going to Bangkok next month but I think this can wait.

~ Be serious with potty training EJ. This will save us diaper money.

~ Cut down on Spa visits.

~ Take advantage of the free amenities in the building: gym, sauna, pool, etc..

~ Take advantage of freebies, coupons and membership cards. Last week while we were in Manila, I was surprised when the cashier at SM told me we have accumulated another 500 (equivalent to 500 pesos shopping money) points in our SM advantage card. To think I have already used around 300 points before. I immediately used the points to pay for our loots. I also received a P500 Wacoal gift voucher when I renewed my advantage card. Imagine my joy when I was able to buy a Wacoal bra for P500 less!

I am sure there are more ways to save money. So how about you, do you feel the effect of the crisis yet? How do you deal with it?

October 7, 2008

Terminal 3 and Cebu Pacific

When I booked our Cebu Pacific ticket to Manila, I was excited because we'll be arriving at the newly opened Terminal 3. I heard it was huge and nicer compared to NAIA Terminal 1. I made sure to bring the camera so I can take pictures of the place.

However when we arrived in Manila, it was 5AM and we were very tired and dizzy from lack of sleep. I didn't have the energy to pull out my camera and to look around. I decided to let it go. I have another chance to take pictures when we depart for KL, I thought.

And so I was excited last Sunday when we entered the airport. Wow, there were several rows of check-in counters. It looked like the check-in counters in Singapore although smaller. But definitely much better than compared to NAIA terminal 1.

As I was about to take out our camera, I remembered we needed some cash to pay for the travel tax. So I took my wallet instead. Hubby proceeded to line up for check-in while EJ and I went to look for the ATMs. I found two but both were offline. I asked the guards if there were other ATMs around. He told me, there were two more ATMs in the arrival hall but both were offline too. Okay, so I asked, where is the nearest ATM around. The guard said the nearest ones are in Baclaran! Whaaat?!?!

I started to panic. I know we should have been ready with cash but I thought if terminal 1 has ATMs, surely the new airport must have too. I thought it was just logical. But then, logic doesn't work all the time.

So we had no choice but to go out and look for an ATM. Hubby went outside (he went all the way to Baclaran) while EJ and I stayed behind the check-in queue. I guess I was expecting too much from this new airport. I thought it was at par with the airports in KL and Singapore. It was such a disappointment.

It turned out we were not the only passengers with the same dilemna. Another family (foreigners) didn't have enough cash too. They couldn't withdraw money and the department of tourism (which collects the travel tax) doesn't accept credit card for payment. What a bummer, right? I don't know what happened. The people at Cebu Pacific were scrambling to their feet to help.

I thought it was our only problem.

Hubby arrived just in time for our check-in. While waiting for the boarding pass, I asked the guy at the counter what our seat numbers are. He said, 14 A, B and C. I told him, we have changed our seats to 3 A, B, C online because seat 14 is not allowed for babies. So why would he still give me row 14 when it is not allowed for babies? He said, all the other seats were taken already. How could it be? And even if it was, then was it okay for us to take row 14? We would have taken row 14 anytime because of the extra leg room. Clearly the guy doesn't understand what he was doing. He checked his monitor again and said he can give us 2 seats in row 3 but one of us will have to sit on row 4. It would have been okay if we were not travelling with a baby. But we were, so the three of us couldn't be separated. The reason we booked online and pay extra for the seats was to make sure we all sit in one row together. It would give us some space when EJ sleeps. The guy then said: "I cannot do anything about it. If you want, you can talk to my supervisor over there." Then he gave us our ticket. At this point hubby was more than irritated already. He said, why do we have to go there, can you just ask your supervisor to come here instead? I think he got scared and said, okay sir I'll go and talk to my supervisor.

While waiting for the guy to come back, the passengers on the other check-in counter had problems too. They were told that there were NO more seats available. The passengers (a group of three) were fuming mad. How could it have happened? They booked online too and their tickets were confirmed. But when they checked-in, they were told, there were no more seats available. It seemed that Cebu Pacific was overbooked!

After almost 15 minutes, the guy came back to us and gave us our seats at 3 A, B and C. I thought that was the end of our problems. But wait, there's more.

When we were on our way to the boarding lounge, an announcement boomed over that the flight will be delayed for 35 minutes. I anticipated this already. I asked a Cebu Pacific staff what's the reason behind the delay. He confirmed that the flight to KL was indeed overbooked and they are sorting out the problem.

Anyway, when we finally boarded the plane and settled on our seats, a passenger came over to claim his seat on 3B. By this time, everything seemed funny already. I wasn't pissed anymore. So we called the stewardess. I don't know if the passenger was given a seat considering the flight was overbooked. But there was no way we would give up EJ's seat. He paid full price too.

So that was our first experience with a Cebu Pacific International flight and the newly opened Terminal 3. I mentioned in my previous post that I will still fly Cebu Pacific if I am flying without a toddler. But after this, I am not sure if I would fly with them for International flights.. I guess we'll just save up for our future trip back home.

October 6, 2008

Tagaytay Day Trip

We had a picnic at Tagaytay's Picnic Grove last Saturday. It was fun. I haven't been to a picnic for a long while. We cooked our own food which made it more exciting.

We forgot to bring our camera. So below pics were taken from hubby's Sony Ericsson phone while taking a break on our hike.

Tito Jed is being funny.

In deep conversation with Tito Jed. Never mind my big head.

Did you say I am cute? :)

October 3, 2008

Reunited with My Laptop

We're back here in KL. Actually we just got in. It is 3AM now and instead of hitting the bed, I opened my laptop, check my mails and of course blog. What's wrong with me? I'll probably complain about headache again tomorrow..err later.

The flight back here to KL was smooth. But we had another problem with our seats again! I don't know what is wrong with Cebu Pacific Air. I think their online booking and reservation is messed up. They are even overbooked!

I'll write the full details later. Have to crash now.


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