February 26, 2009

Separation Anxiety

EJ's first day at preschool yesterday was a semi-success. I like to look at it in a positive way =)

My plan was to stay out of the classroom and hang out at the office. But fifteen minutes into my day dreaming, it was thwarted with a crying baby being carried out of the classroom by one of the aunties.

When he saw me, his eyes immediately lit up and he smiled. I was ready to go home but he wanted to go back inside on one condition. I have to be there. Of course, I obliged. It was his first day at school anyway. I didn't want to scare him.

Back inside, he seemed okay. He answered correctly when the auntie asked him the color of the cup. He even answered the rest of the questions even if it was not directed at him. All correct if I may add =)

He really liked the interaction with other kids. He finds his classmates funny. And he likes to talk to them.

I was also surprised that he sat down for lunch yesterday. And I was even more surprised when he ate on his own and ate more than his usual. He even let an auntie led him to the wash area to wash his hands. Which reminds the bath fixtures inside the classroom are cutie. Perfect for toddlers =)

He was really having a ball yesterday.

I know separation anxiety is normal but I am just a little bit worried. Sigh.

I was planning to stay the whole time at class today to reassure him. Unfortunately we weren't able to go today because EJ wasn't feeling well this morning.

He woke up at around 6AM and he was feverish already. I gave him paracetamol and after a while he went back to sleep. He woke up again at almost 10AM. And even if we coould still make it to school late, EJ was still running a fever.

So we're just home today.

I guess we'll just go to school on Monday. I need to talk to him more and prep him for school.

February 24, 2009

Preschooler in the House

I have been wanting to enroll EJ at a preschool. But for one reason or another, it never materialized.

Last Friday, I called Steps Ahead Learners (a preschool) at Ampang to avail of their trial class for EJ. I set the date last Monday.

So last Monday we all trooped to Ampang. I asked hubby to come with us because I was feeling jittery. I don't know why.

EJ seemed to really enjoy the class. Though later on, he got a little bored and wanted to do things on his own. While the rest of the class were singing, he was running around and shouting "everybody, let's do this" referring to his running in circles. Hahaha!

I believe EJ will greatly benefit from going to this school. First, he can now interact with other kids his age. Second, the class is fast-paced and less structured. He'll have more time to just play. Third, he'll become less dependent on me. Fourth, I am hoping he'll eat properly there together with the other kids.

So today, I called the school again and enrolled EJ. Starting tomorrow, EJ is a preschooler!

Honestly, I have mixed emotions. I am happy and excited for him. It's a new world for him to explore. And I am also happy for myself because that means less EJ behind my back. That means I can work without EJ interrupting me every five seconds. But at the same time I am not too comfortable leaving him in the hands of other people.


I am sure I'll get used to it. And besides, I cannot let him stay at home forever. At some point he needs to go to school. And the time has come.

February 23, 2009

Condo Unit in Pasig for Sale!

When we were in Manila we were very busy with a lot of things. One of those that really took our time was the meeting with agents and preparation of documents.

We've decided to buy another condo unit. This time it's located at Boni, Mandaluyong. It's a bit bigger than our unit in Pasig.

Since we won't be needing two places, we've also decided to sell our condo unit in Pasig. So in the hope that somebody might get interested I am posting adverts here in my blog :)

It's a 50.54 sqm (good for two bedrooms) bare condo unit (but with a toilet and sink already) located at 1006 Building 2A Palmdale Heights Condominium, Brgy. Pinagbuhatan Pasig City.

It's a gated community with 6 midrise buildings inside. The amenities included are: swimming pool, clubhouse, function rooms, gazebos, indoor basketball court, gym and kiddie playground. Each building has a guard, 24/7. The place is well maintained by gardening crews, housekeeping crews (to clean each building's hallway and lobby) and technicians.

The place is near Pasig Wet Market, Pasig Church and City hall. It's a 20-minute ride to Ortigas CBD and about a 30-minute ride to Makati.

Swimming pool...

Kiddie playground....


The buildings....


We're selling the unit as is for P1.7M. The term is negotiable. Or for those who want to "rent-to-own" the condo, we will furnish the unit. It can be rented for as low as P14,000/month for 15 to 20 years.

I am just an email away if you need more details :)

February 20, 2009

My Lovely Valentine

Here's a very late post. But then it's better late than never, right?:)

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a flower on Valentine's day from my two boys. I wasn't expecting it and honestly I could do without it.

I guess I am past the stage where flowers and gifts are a big deal to me. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate flowers and gifts anymore. I do, still do. But I am just more pragmatic now.

Here's the flowers my boys gave me. I didn't have an inkling they'd buy me a flower. I left hubby and EJ at Megamall to play at Kidz Republic while I went to BPI Shaw and Shangrila.

When I came back they were out of the play area and was hanging out at a coffee shop. So I left them again to pick our tickets at a nearby travel agency.

When I joined them, EJ hugged me. Then hubby gave me the flowers. Hubby asked EJ to give me the flowers but EJ was distracted by the cake display. So we went out and looked for a place to have lunch. I was very happy because EJ behaved during lunch and gave hubby and I an enjoyable Valentine's lunch :)

Later that evening, we met the rest of my family for dinner at Jade Palace in Pasig City.

From L to R: my brother Jed, hubby, EJ, me, my brother Jeff, my sister Jaja, Jurly - Jaja's hubby, their daughter Ice, Ice's yaya, my Nanay - the survivor! and Ate Mai - Kuya Jed's wife

Not able to join us in this dinner were my father and other sister. They're both in the province, looking after the house and taking good care of Nanay's pigs and rice field :) But of course they were on our thoughts.

We have already planned our reunion for this coming December. We will all be in Surigao to celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. I am so looking forward to this event.

Anyway, I had a lovely time catching up with each other's life. It was a perfect way to celebrate the event.

February 19, 2009

The Week in Review

It's Friday already. The week seems to blur away for me.

I feel like I just finished putting away our last luggage last Sunday and it's the weekend already. So fast! Although hubby disagrees. He said the first couple of days at work seemed to be dragging away. Poor man. LOL!

I am so proud of myself this week. I have accomplished so many things. I am right on schedule with my to-do list. Well, except for my ironing schedule :)

In line with our de-cluttering, tomorrow we will be off to Ikea to finally buy a cabinet for EJ's toys. I am sick of seeing his toys all over the place. Hopefully, our place will look like a home instead of a playhouse.

I have arranged a trial class for EJ on Monday at Steps Ahead. Looking forward to it.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

February 18, 2009

Pepper Lunch in Manila (Shangrila Mall)

Someone declared the three of us (hubby, me and EJ) as mall rats because during our two-week vacation (excluding of course our Boracay trip) in Manila we were most of the time inside a mall. It was true. We were either at Shangrila or Megamall because most of the things we needed to do were either in those malls or located nearby.

One of my to-do list included a visit to Pepper Lunch at Shangrila. I wanted to eat there the second day we were in Manila but EJ had other things in mind. He always chose where we want to eat. It was frustrating.

But on our fourth day, I was really determined to eat at Pepper Lunch with or without EJ's approval (siya ang boss! Sigh).

Thankfully he entered the restaurant without any fuss. I guess he was hungry that time. So here's what we ordered:

Combo Hamburger and Pork for me.

Combo Pork and Chicken for hubby.

Molten Milk Chocolate Cake with Ice cream for EJ (my bribe, in case at the middle of our meal he wants to go out).

As usual hubby finished off his plate in a second, hehehe. He said the chicken tasted better compared to PL Bangkok and PL Kuala Lumpur, if that is possible.

Hubby was surprised when he saw my empty plate. We've eaten twice at PL KL and once at PL Bangkok and all those times there's always a left over on my plate. It's either I was hungry that day or I found my order too delicious. I suspect the latter.

I wanted to eat one more time at PL Shangrila before we went back here in KL but we got too busy. Oh well.

EJ's First Haircut

I was happy to find out that there was a newly opened kiddie salon at Megamall. I wanted EJ to have a haircut, professionally.

Eversince, I've been cutting his hair. And however I try my best, the result isn't always the best.

I know EJ has issues about people getting too close on him so I prayed he'd sit still while his hair is being cut.

Fortunately, the movie Cars was on TV, EJ's current favorite movie. So he immediately sat down on the car chair.

After a while, the razor and the scissor must have gotten to him. He cried and wanted to leave. But I guess people inside were prepared for this. One of the staff blew a bubble and that stopped EJ until his haircut was done.

We weren't able to take a before and after photo of him because we didn't bring our camera. Photo below was taken the day after.

He looks cute, doesn't he? :)

I hope I can find a kiddie salon here in KL. Otherwise it's back to mommy being the hair cutter.

February 17, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

Thank you Rachel, for giving me yet another blog award. And it's a Fabulous blog award at that! I truly appreciate it.

This award comes with a request to share five things I'm addicted to ...

~Family time - This means the three of us together. It's the main reason EJ and I cannot stay behind in Manila even if there are important things I need to do.

~Internet - My day seems incomplete without getting connected to the internet.

~Coffee - I always crave for Starbucks latte (low fat, because I am on diet..hehe).

~Thai food - I have to eat Thai food at least once a week. I am happy that hubby loves Thai food as well. Sometimes we even eat Thai food 3 times a week.

~Business/Investment books - It's my current obsession du jour. My goal is for us to become financially-free and I am reading books which can help me do just that :)

Have You?

Got a "have you" tag. Thanks Kayni.

Here's my take:

1. Have you ever been on TV? Hmm..I don't think so.

2. Have you ever sung in public? Nope, and that will never happen =)

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond? No and I don't think I will ever do that.

4. Have you ever eaten frog legs? Yes, when I was kid. It was served on our dinner table one time. My mother told me it was chicken wings. Only later did I know it was frog. But I kinda liked the taste.

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated? I don't think so. I always appreciate whatever present I receive.

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post? I am not sure but I think I have when I was kid.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people? Not yet. There's always somebody to lend a hand.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others? Hahaha, yes! I fell on the AS Steps. There were several students who saw me. Embarassing and funny!

9. Have you ever done volunteer work? Yes, at home. Hahaha, kidding aside no, not yet. But I plan to do that one day...

How about you Kaye, have you done any of the above?

I'm Back

We're back in KL last Sunday. EJ slept the whole time which made the flight relaxing for hubby and I. Hubby got to sleep a little and was able to finish an in-flight movie later on. I got to sleep and read a YES! Magazine. All of us were happy when we landed in KL. And thankfully I didn't lose my mobile phone this time around. LOL!

Our two-week vacation in Philippines (Manila and Boracay) was very exhausting. We were very busy from day one until we left for KL. And we are so not used to traffic and the commute. I believe even EJ was stressed.

Since we were most of the time in Ortigas (Megamall to be specific) we decided to stay in Discovery Suites Ortigas for two nights prior to leaving for KL. We anticipated the payday (Friday) and Valentines Day (Saturday) traffic. And we were right. Friday's traffic looked horrendous. We were happy we decided to stay at Ortigas.

Anyway, I am back to my blogging routine and will be bloghopping soon.

Thank you for your visits despite my absence.

February 14, 2009

Of Cars

I think I have mentioned several times in this blog about EJ's love of cars. I don't know what to make of it. It could either be a passing fancy or it could become his passion later on in life. Who knows? After all he is just two years old right now.

Since he knows we don't have a car, he always mentions his Tito Jed's (my brother) car. Whenever he is tired and cranky, I only have to tell him that we would ride in Tito Jed's car and that would make him happy...for a little while or unless we really would ride on my brother's car.

And whenever we are riding on my brother's car, EJ is happiest when he is standing up at the back. If a car seat is imposed in Philippines we would have been apprehended many times because EJ doesn't like to be confined sitting down. Not even a buckle or a seat belt can hold his interest for long.

Tonight we'll be seeing my family for dinner again. I am sure EJ would love the opportunity to ride on a car. Either on Tito Jed or Tito Jeff's car.

February 9, 2009

Adventure up in the Air

I have a morbid fear of heights. And I try to conquer that fear one at a time.

I have tried cable car twice. The first one was in Sentosa, Singapore. I was very scared then but I forced myself to try it out. The second ride was in Genting Highlands in Malaysia. It wasn't as scary as the first ride although I still had butterflies in my stomach.

I wanted to try Parasailing last year when we were in Penang. But fear coupled with a bad schedule prevented me from trying it out.

But yesterday I finally did it!

Although it was a little bit cloudy and dark, I still went ahead with my plan. Nothing could stop me from going up. Not even being nanny-less. Since I wanted hubby to take photos of me and we couldn't leave EJ behind, they both tagged along on the boat with me.

Thankfully EJ did not get seasick. And he did not cry when I was up in the air. He was even excited for me!

Going up...

Two hundred feet above...

Going down...

It was an awesome experience but not totally fear-free. Before the boat crew put the gears on me, I was already thinking of backing out. And it was a good thing I did not let fear rule me out that day. Otherwise, I would have missed this truly exhilarating experience.

Going up was very easy. I didn't feel any fear at all, surprisingly. It was only when the wind got crazy and I was being swung in all different direction did I feel terrified. I wanted to go down. I was imagining the worst that could happen to me. But then I looked down and saw hubby busily clicking his camera away. That calmed me down. So instead, I looked around and just enjoyed the mesmerizing view in front of me.

Then I closed my eyes and just let the wind (or parachute) lift and carry my weight around.

Cliche as it may sound but I really felt humbled by this experience. At 200 feet above, the mountain looked small already. Made me think how small we really are in this vast universe.

I was still enjoying being up in the air when I looked down and sensed EJ was being restless and bordering on being seasick (mother's intuition perhaps). I signalled to be pulled down. What I didn't know was that my fifteen minutes were already finished.

The descent was as smooth as my going up. You can see the big smile on my face. While I would have loved to stay up longer, I felt happy and secured to be with my two boys again where I can hug them both.

February 8, 2009

Moments in Boracay

I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled when I saw Boracay for the first time last Friday. My first impression? Beautiful...but not that spectacular.

I know. Maybe I just had high expectations. Family and friends told me that Boracay is a must visit destination in the Philippines and that it is a paradise.

But when we arrived here last Friday, I didn't feel that way. I wasn't captivated. I felt there was something missing...

But yesterday, everything changed. It's like I woke up to a real paradise. Of course it's still Boracay but somehow it's different. There's magic and I was enthralled.

I told hubby about it and surprisingly he felt the same way. We concluded that maybe we were just too exhausted to fully appreciate the place on our first day. After all we only had three hours of sleep prior to coming here. And EJ was irritable too.

So when we got here, we didn't see the beauty of the place. Instead we saw faults and immediately compared it to Maldives.

I slept feeling a little bit disappointed that night.

It was raining when I woke up yesterday. I thought that would dampen my mood. But it did not.
We went outside and had a good time at the beach. People around us seemed happy too despite the drizzle and the dark clouds. That's when my first impression was erased. There is something magical about the place.

I didn't go parasailing because of the rain but instead took a skim boarding lesson. It was fun! I was a fast learner according to my instructor. But it was too tiring. My legs hurt after an hour.

After lunch EJ and I took a long nap while hubby burned his eyes on his PSP. When we woke up at 7pm we were famished.

It was windy when we went out. But it was perfect for our al fresco setting dinner. It added a certain romance to the evening. Along with the seafood dinner, I fell in love with Boracay last night.

The three of us roamed Station 1 and 2 hand in hand. When hubby took EJ's left hand so we both were holding him, EJ demanded "No, daddy. Hold hands with mommy...on the other side." Not that he didn't want his daddy to hold him but he wants daddy to hold hands with me. Maybe EJ sensed the magic of the moment too?

We had a perfect stroll. When we went back to the hotel, the love between Boracay and me had been sealed. We stayed by the poolside (which is just in front of our room) for a moment before going inside the room.

I slept with a smile on my face last night. I swear!

My boys are still sleeping right now but I couldn't wait to go outside. Another day to be in love again.

And oh, I almost forgot if you need any coilovers for your precious car, follow the link :)

February 7, 2009


Hello all!

I thought I'd let you know guys we are here in Boracay now. We arrived early this morning.

In the last five days I have been so busy in Manila hence the silence on this blog. But today I have time to "chill", read a magazine, think, build a sandcastle and just let time pass by.

I am thankful we have this "idle" time to think about a major decision. We'd love to purchase another condo but we're still undecided if it's a better investment choice than starting a business. I was just reading a business magazine this morning and I saw a lot of small business opportunities. I wondered if we should grab it?

Meanwhile, according to the same magazine based on feng shui for the year of the Ox, real estate is a good investment this year.

Now we're confused.

I'm looking forward to Parasailing tomorrow to take my mind off that major decision-making. Hope the weather will be fine.

In the mean time, here's a couple of photos taken today. Will post more photos next time..

Oh by the way, did I mention that EJ had a haircut last Monday by a professional (meaning not me! LOL)? Full story and photos next time :)

February 1, 2009

Family, Food, and Fun

We're in Manila now. We arrived here yesterday.

Even if we were tired from the trip that didn't stop us from going out and having dinner with the family.

As I was craving for a lechon and sushi (what an odd combination, right?!) we decided to go to Dad's for the crossover buffet.

But even if I was willing to be tormented with pain (read post below), the funny thing was that I got full immediately. So I only had a few bites of lechon and sushi. I felt sad. LOL

EJ is not the baby in the family anymore. We have a new baby (actually 5 months old already) and she is just too cute and adorable.

Meet Baby Ice. She's my sister's daughter. She's sooo cuddly! I want to bring her back to KL. LOL!

EJ thinks all babies want to play cars. Here, he was showing his car collection to Baby Ice. Even the broken Ferrari parts :)

I'll be a little busy while we're here so I won't be able to bloghop as much as I want. But I'll be visiting your blogs soon.