March 31, 2009

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

I was looking at the rates of hotels in Ortigas and found that Richmonde Hotel has the second lowest rate, Malayan Plaza being the lowest at $65.

I chose Richmonde because of its location. It was very accesible.

Our stay at the hotel was comfortable but I don't think I'd be coming back again.

The room was a bit small for a Deluxe room. We stayed at Discovery Suites Ortigas last February and their room was bigger.

The coffee and tea making facility was kept hidden at the cupboard under the TV. There was no space or table to put the kettle in. For my daily tea drinks, I had to put the kettle on the floor, unplug my laptop so I can boil the water.

The faucet had minimal leaks. I didn't bother informing them. I know I'm bad. Housekeeping should have told their Engineering about it. But for the whole duration of our stay (8 days), they did not fix it.

The A/C was just too cold. Even if it was set at the warmest temperature, it was still very cold. We had to turn it on and off.

The staff were not very polite nor friendly.
Business table near the bed... By the way, I cut my hair again :)

Bathroom area... This is my longer hair :)

The hotel has some redeeming factors although these are not enough to keep me from coming back.

The breakfast buffet was quite good. They have Filipino and Internatiol selection. And everyday the food changes. The waiters were very attentive. I always get a refill of coffee :)

The location is perfect. Most of my meetings were in Megamall and in Pasig. Both are easily accessible. I only had to walk to go to Shaw Blvd. and ride a jeepney or go to Megamall to ride a FX.

Hopefully next year, we won't need to stay at a hotel. My brother's unit at East of Galleria is set to be turned over early next year. They're planning to rent it out like a hotel. I'd love to stay there for free. LOL

March 30, 2009


Last Thursday night, EJ and I went to Shangrila mall to have dinner. Before going down to the food court we passed by the GAP store. I remembered he had only one more clean shirt left. I decided to buy him two shirts so I wouldn't have to send his dirty shirts to the laundry. Laundry is expensive at the hotel.

We went down to the food court and went straight to Jollibee after I bought the shirts. While paying for our order, I placed the paper bag on the counter. I totally forgot about it when I carried our tray to the table. My attention was divided between balancing the food on the tray and keeping an eye on EJ who was running around.

After eating our second chikenjoy for the day (we had Jollibee for lunch that day!), we were ready to go back to the hotel. And it only hit me that I didn't have the paper bag with me.

I went back to counter confident that it was still there. And if not, I thought, they must have kept it for safety. Only I was wrong.

The paperbag with two shirts was taken by another customer after me. Would you believe that?

I asked the counter staff with their manager present how could it have happened?

The manager said they didn't know who the bag belonged. So they asked the woman customer after me, if it was hers. Without hesitation, the customer said "ay, oo!" and took the bag with her.

I haven't encountered people like that. It was like robbery. Okay it was pure robbery! I was speechless for a moment.

When I had time to compose myself, I gave my number to the Manager and asked him to text me in case the customer who took my bag changed her mind. Of course, I didn't believe she would change her mind.

I was glad I didn't shop for myself as well. I would have been very pissed off.

March 28, 2009

Jobs and Titles

Yesterday I was busy with a lot of banking stuff. I felt so grown up. I never really thought I'd reach the stage where I'll be dealing with mortgages, insurance quotes, time deposit, cash flow, etc. Now that I do, it makes it real. I am officially middle age. LOL

Anyway, I was at three different banks yesterday. The staff on the last bank I visited got my blood boiling a little.

I opened a small TD. After filling out the form, I gave it back to the person attending to me. She asked me what kind of job a SAHM is. I told her it's a stay-at-home-mom. She creased her forehead, gave a smirk and asked me "but do you have a real job?" If you're a SAHM like me, I know you'd feel the same way I did. How dare she insult me? But of course I curbed my temper. So I just told her "it couldn't get any real than that!" She was about to say something but I guess she noticed the tone of my voice and seriousness of my face. She bit her lips but a smirk still escaped her mouth.

I know what she was thinking. I always encounter people like this - always looking down on SAHMs. They think they're better simply because they're holding a "job".

I hope I am still alive when the day comes that SAHMs get the proper treatment and respect they deserve.

March 26, 2009

Mommy and EJ Day

Our two-week trip here in Manila is drawing to a close. We'll be going back to KL on Sunday.

I have been very busy with all the paperworks. But I feel happy and fulfilled because it's a very successful trip. I still have two more meetings though before I leave.

Today my schedule is clear. I am planning to spend it according to EJ's way. Probably stay at Toy Kingdom the whole day if he so likes.

You see, I feel guilty whenever I leave him at my brother's house or in the hotel. I know he is safe but I always feel guilty leaving him behind. I am not so used to it.

Yesterday, I felt really terrible. I left him at the hotel the whole day. We're staying at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas for 8 days (review of the hotel to follow). Of course he was not alone. My brother's helper was there and my mother volunteered to look after EJ as well. Nevertheless I still feel bad. I was out the whole day, processing papers and having an eye check up.

When EJ woke up, he asked "where's mommy, where's daddy?" They told him, I was out. He just shrugged and said, "okay, bye mommy!" My mother said she almost cried at the way EJ handled it. He's a big boy now! :)

So today, it's mommy and EJ day. We'll go to Jollibee and order his favorite Chicken joy. Have I mentioned that he loves Jollibee? Hehehe. And then, we'll probably spend the rest of the day at the mall (hopefully I can squeeze in shopping for myself) and come back to the hotel for a swim at the pool.

It's gonna be a fun day!

March 24, 2009

Island Cove

I expected to be busy when I flew to Manila last week. But I didn't expect it to be this busy. But of course, that didn't stop me from staying overnight at Island Cove together with my family.

It turned out to be a good decision. We had a good time. In fact it was very good that we forgot to take pictures. Okay, I took some pictures but not enough to make my external hard drive full. Actually I only took a handful of pictures. Here are some:

We stayed at the Duplex room. It's a four-bedroom with a settee. There were ten of us, so it wasn't so bad.

They have a zoo inside the resort. This picture above was taken at their Ostrich farm. That's my mother, taking a breather from her chemotherapy session.

Their Giant Chess, near the pool.

At the Butterfly garden with my brother, sis-in-law, my cousin and the yayas :)

Island Cove is a very big place. It's not the best place I've seen but it's not the worst either. I believe it wouldn't hurt them if they open more restaurants or invite concessionaires in.

I guess the reason I had a good time was not because of the place but because of the company I had :)

March 19, 2009

Campaign in the Middle of Life

I am totally overwhelmed to be here in Manila all alone with EJ. Technically, I am not alone with EJ. But it's quite difficult to be away from hubby, eventhough EJ doesn't mind much. I think he thinks his daddy is only somewhere near.

Today his other shoe was lost. He cried and wanted to tell his daddy right away. Thank goodness for mobile phones! :)


If you're from the US and you're a gym buff, you've probably heard of Mr. Howie Mandel. Since I am not from the US nor a gym buff, I haven't heard of him until I saw his commercial for an online company. It was interesting!

The subtle hint at something sexy was there but it was fun to watch. I guess because Mr. Mandel is fun to watch.

So if you're looking for an equipment to help you trim down, get sexy, and become healthy, I heard they have an ongoing Sale at Wouldn't miss it if I were in US :-)


My entire body is screaming for a massage! I need to have it soon, otherwise I might just internally combust from fatigue. Hahaha!!


I am so sorry if I will not be able to visit your blogs for another week or so. I am very busy and always tired at the end of the day. Thank you for understanding :)

March 17, 2009


EJ and I are here in Manila for a two-week "business" trip. But I hope to be able to squeeze in some vacation time before we head back to KL.

~ My fear about flying alone with EJ was unfounded. He was a perfect companion. He slept most of the flight and when he woke up he was still on his best behavior.

~ But the flight was very shaky. At one time I was very scared. The rest of the flight I was dizzy.

~ I am very busy with a lot of things but I was able to buy a couple of straps for my watch at Megamall. There's this new shop where they sell different straps for a watch. I think it's near the Christian videos store, if I am not mistaken.

~ We're planning to go to Island Cove this weekend for an overnight trip. It sounds promising.

~ And of course, I am looking forward to a spa session soon :)

March 11, 2009

Last and First

Today is EJ's last day at school for this term. He won't be able to finish this term because he and I are going to Manila. Hopefully, he'd still want to go back to school for the second term.

It's also the first time that I didn't linger inside his school. After I made sure he finished eating the crackers I gave him as breakfast, I left immediately. I told him I'd pick him up after his lunch at school.

Yesterday was successful. I hope today will be too.

I am in Starbucks right now, surfing about gift cards, checking on Facebook and window shopping online.

But as usual, I can't help looking at my phone every five minutes.

March 8, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I was tagged by Mimi with a meme that requires 4 things:
~List down what you want for your birthday…
~The list should be 10 numbers
~Post the image of this award in your posting
~Give it to 10 friends of yours.

Without further ado here's my list. The number 1 is my most fervent wish. The rest are in no particular order.

1) Just like Mimi's wish, I wish for my Nanay to be totally cancer-free. She has had three cancers in a span of 20 years. She's undergoing a chemotherapy right now which ends this May. I really wish this will be the last one.

2) A quick escape to the beach, somewhere near. I heard Pangkor Laut is very beautiful.

3) To lose the extra 10lbs that's stubbornly hanging on my "bilbil" =)

4) A red Sony Vaio P. The one which is pocket size so I can easily carry it around.

5) Trip to Europe. I can wish, right? =)

6) An online business of my own. Hopefully I'll be able to start this soon.

7) A "yaya" or a nanny. Who doesn't want an extra hand in the house?

8) More assignments (paid posts) so I'll have more extra money to buy..

9) A nice handbag and...

10) A nice watch.

Now I am tagging you guys:

Kaye, Edregin, Yvonne, Vanny, Kayni, Beyond Lights.

If you've done this before, just post your link here so I can read it. Thank you for playing along =)

March 6, 2009


I am in a cafe logged on to the internet, drinking green tea and waiting for EJ to finish his class in three hour's time. It seems perfect.

Except it is not. I am anxious. I feel like any minute I'd get a call from the head teacher telling me EJ has not stopped crying. I can't help checking my phone every two minutes.

Today is the day that I leave him alone in school. Since Monday, I always stay inside the room for a few minutes. If he's settled, I'd go out and wait at the office. He knows that. He sneaks out of the room once in a while to check on me =)

But today I told him that I'd pick him after his class. He said okay. I hope he really meant it.

This school thing is harder than I thought. I know I said I'm over the separation anxiety but I can't help but feel worried.


March 3, 2009

Still on EJ's Separation Anxiety

EJ still has issues with separation anxiety. I got over mine. I never thought he's this attached to me.

This morning was our third day at his pre school. At first he was okay that I left him inside the room. He knew I was just in the office waiting for him. But after 45 minutes, he went to see me and wanted me to join him inside the classroom.

When I told him that I cannot join him inside, he wanted to go home. Of course I didn't want us to go home so I went inside with him.

When he settled down, I went outside again.

After only 20 minutes he went to see me again. Same request, that I join him inside the classroom. When I refused, he cried and said he wanted to go home. This time he was serious.

Just like yesterday, we went home early. He didn't even had lunch today. Sigh.

Maybe I should go cold turkey on him tomorrow. Maybe.

I never thought it would be this hard for him. He's usually an eager student, always wanting to learn. So I thought he'd have a good time at school. But apparently, the separation anxiety is too much for him.

I hope we'll have an easier time tomorrow. I don't want to hang around the school the rest of his school term.

March 1, 2009

Where Happiness Is

Yesterday was one of those days that you want to replicate or hope that it happens again soon. Nothing really spectacular happened. But everything was perfect, even if I was nursing a cold.

My boys woke up late but it was okay. I was able to finish some house chores, work on my assignments, ie franchises, and get ready for a party.

Our day started at Leila's birthday party. Leila is my friend's pretty and adorable one year old.

EJ was in a good mood which made it a very relaxing time for hubby and I.

He looks like he's singing one of the videoke's song. But he's not. He was just singing his favorite "Twinkle, twinkle". LOL

After the party, we went to a mall. We knew EJ was about to sleep. So we just walked around the mall. When he finally closed his eyes, hubby and I went to a coffeeshop inside a bookstore, found a very comfy chair and settled down.

I had a great time chatting with hubby. We talked about everything under the sun! Honestly we don't get to talk like that as often as we like lately. EJ's always around and he always want to be the center of attention (talk about being a Leo!).

We had a great conversation and a great laugh. It felt like we were still on the dating stage, LOL!

EJ slept for almost two hours. When he woke up, we headed to the KLCC park.

He played only for a little while. After that, he just wanted to sit on his stroller.

But it was perfect. We had a leisurely stroll around the park before the rain poured. By then we were back at the mall already.

We had dinner at a Thai resto and EJ was still in a good mood. He was behaved all throughout our dinner. We did have an enjoyable dinner.

It was really a perfect Saturday. We even had coffee first before going home. I hope we'll have another day like that again.