April 28, 2009


It's not final yet. I might even be getting ahead of myself. But there's a possibility that we might be moving to a new country soon.

Unlike the NZ offer, this one sounds good. I am really hoping and praying this will push thru.

I am glad that we are staying in a fully furnished apartment here in KL. We didn't have to invest in appliances nor furnitures. So what we've bought so far are things we can easily left behind. They're small things like rice cooker, toaster and vacuum cleaner. And they've served their purpose.

Imagine if we bought something expensive like an lcd monitor TV? I don't think I can leave it behind. Hehehe.

A friend asked me if we're off to a snowy place. I said no, I probably can't survive in a very cold country.

Cross fingers everything turns out okay. But if not, then it's probably not meant for us.

April 27, 2009

Long Queue

The first (I believe) Krispy Kreme store in Malaysia has opened this morning at Berjaya Times Square.

When EJ and I went out of our building to get a taxi, I noticed a long queue. I wondered what the queue was. The mall opens at 10AM. And then I remembered that it was Krispy Kreme's opening day!

And I thought there won't be a line. We were planning to buy a doughnut today. Oh well.

I am not really big fan of doughnuts anyway. I just wanted to see if there's a difference between the taste in Manila and here. Hahaha!!!

We'll probably wait until the line becomes thinner. I wonder when?

April 25, 2009

Godiva Chocolates

I declared last night as a night for food indulgence. Having said that, we went to buy some chocolates at Godiva after dinner.

Assorted chocolates for RM56/100g. I chose light and white chocolates for EJ's sake.

And I bought this milk chocolate pearls for myself. I had to try it after reading it from one of my favorite bloggers - Chuvaness. I have to say though that it tastes just like any other chocolates out there.

I am still a Royce Nama chocolate fan! =)

Making a Difference

As I was craving for beef ribs, we decided to have dinner at Tony Romas Pavilion last night.

The hungry but happy diners.

Our waiter was also a Filipino. He said they have a "making a difference" promo. It's a charity program for autism. If you pay RM10 (which they give to the charity), you get a free kid's meal and half onion loaf. So we said yes.

This is EJ's meal - fish and chips.

It comes with a dessert - ice cream sprinkled with chocolate.

The free half onion loaf. It was good!

Hubby's order - Shrimp Scampi Pasta. I warned him that the serving would be huge (we ordered this before). But he said he was HUNGRY. When the order arrived, it was really HUGE. He wasn't able to finish it.

And my beef ribs with rice and tomato pesto salad. Sooo yummy!

We went home with a happy tummy. I hope our RM10 will make a difference. I believe the promo runs only this month of April. So if you want to "make a difference" by eating, head over to Tony Romas =)

April 23, 2009

All Set

Tickets to Bali? Booked. Hotel? Booked. Sunglasses? Check. Bikini? Check. Sexy bod? Uh-oh. Hahaha!!

Except for the last checklist, we're all set to go. Bali. Here. We. Come!!!

We've decided to join my friends who are vacationing to Bali next month. It's perfect because EJ has been bugging us to go to the beach.

Originally we planned to go to the beach this coming holiday (May 1). But I couldn't find a cheap flight within Malaysia. So we dropped the plan.

Fortunately, a good deal came through. I found a cheap flight to Bali and a very affordable accommodation.

I am really excited. I couldn't do anything else. Oh wait, I need to look up an insurance rates. I have this already - Florida car insurance rates. So I need one more for comparison sake.

Oh and I need to exercise...hard.

April 19, 2009

Into the Why's

EJ was trying to "feed" the fish at the mall with a dry weed....

EJ: Why don't you like to eat, fish? Why?!?
EJ was talking to his daddy about something...

EJ: Why, daddy, why? You're bad!

Uh-oh. I better get prepared before he barrage me with his why's.

I'm a Pop Star

My new USB modem, that is.

I've switched to Maxis broadband for my internet connection at home. I've been with Izzi for almost one year now (only 4 more days before it expires) and decided that I want to try the other internet provider hoping to have a faster connection.

Oh I know. We've had a not so pleasant experience with Maxis before. But it's all water under the bridge now. I guess it was the case of "ignorance of the law excuses no one".

And anyway, I wanted to have a cute modem for my laptop. Hehe.

My laptop got a chicer company than before. Hopefully they work well together.

I am currently using the Maxis connection and so far, so good. I've been disconnected only twice. Haha! I hope it's because of the rain and the thunderstorm.

Hopefully it's gonna be a speedier connection. Otherwise, it's sayonara for my laptop and modem.


I returned the Maxis modem. The connection was crazy and I was getting crazier by the end of third day. It gets disconnected every hour or so. I had no choice but to return it eventhough I have to wait for 45-90 days before we get our refund. Sigh.

On the bright side, I got myself a new internet provider. I switched to Celcom. It's not faster but at least it is stable.

Look how small my modem is! It's smaller than the smallest of the light bulbs, I've ever seen. I like it!

April 18, 2009

Newest Favorite Resto

So it seems, Thai food is taking a breather from being our favorite food at the moment. We are currently in love with the food at Penang Village.

It's a little bit pricey there but it's totally worth it. This was our dinner last Thursday.

{Prawn with salted egg}

{Fish fillet}

{And our favorite - Soft Shell crab. This is heavenly!}

Everytime we are there we cannot help but order a lot. Diet is always put on hold everytime we decide to eat at this restaurant.

April 13, 2009

The Bike

When EJ and I were in Manila, he wanted to have a bicycle. He has never wanted any toy that badly.

I didn't buy him one. It's not that I didn't want to but because it would be hard for me to bring it back to KL. I was travelling alone with him. So I promised to buy him the bike when we get back to KL.

I thought he had forgotten about the bike already. But for whatever reason, the bike has stuck in his mind.

Since I promised him one, we went to Midvalley Megamall last Saturday. When he saw the bike on display he was so excited to try it on.

We went home with this new addition to his toys.

This bike is a bit expensive compared to the bikes I saw in Manila. This is the cheapest one we found and it costs RM 249 (roughly P3,200) at Toys R' Us. The cheapest bike in Manila was P1,700 only.

Making sure the tires are in good condition. Hehe.

Now, look at the smile on his face.

Hubby and EJ road tested the bike last Sunday. The funny thing is that EJ doesn't know how to make the bike move. Hubby ended up pushing him so they can "bike" around. Hahaha!!

April 10, 2009

More and More Babies

EJ completed the whole week of school without any major fuss. The first couple of days he wasn't too happy when I wake him up for school. But the last couple of days, he wakes up without any complaint.

I always ask him what they do in school. But he's always distracted and cannot give me a concrete answer. Sometimes he'd say they did painting, coloring, singing, dancing, running and playing. I guess it's true. This afternoon I asked him what he did in school. He said he played with babies, more babies and more babies and more babies!" Hahaha!

This morning I found these two papers in his locker. I am convinced EJ did the first activity. His hand coordination still needs a lot of improvement. I don't know why he used color red for his sheep. Hehehe.

This paper box owl certainly was not done by EJ alone. It looks perfect.

When he came home this afternoon, he was holding this one. It says "Happy Easter".

EJ seems to be really enjoying going to the class now. He seems less irritable as well.

I think we made the right decision in putting him to a school. It's really worth it.

April 7, 2009


I really thought I'd have time to take care of me when EJ started school. But it's not happening. Instead, I am more busy than ever.

Yesterday was EJ's first day back at school for the second term. I was able to leave the school after 15 minutes inside. I quickly went home and started the chores. I thought I'd be able to exercise more but I found myself having to rush everything from ironing, making up the bed, cleaning the house, cooking, etc. I had to go back to school and pick up EJ before 1PM.

I went to bed last night feeling very tired.

This morning a bright idea flew out of my head. If I don't have to go and pick EJ up, I'd have more time in my hands. I don't need to rush. I can exercise, clean the house, iron clothes, cook lunch and still have time to take a leisurely shower.

But who would pick up EJ? My dear husband, of course.

I told hubby that I had stomach cramps and cannot pick up EJ. He'd have to do it. At first he was hesitant but of course he didn't have any choice. Besides, picking up EJ won't take much of his lunch time. The travel time would only take him 30 minutes maximum.

When hubby arrived home with EJ, I asked him if he was tired or stressed. He said, it was okay. I smiled.

Everything's shaping up great!

April 3, 2009

For Sale or Rent-to-Own

Which picture do you like better?

They're exactly the same unit although with minor additions.

The second picture definitely appeals to me better. It is sort of dreamy and romantic. I have to remember that lighting does affect the mood of anything or anybody for that matter.

And by the way, this is my brother's condo unit at Palmdale Heights Condominium in Pasig City. It is for sale/rent-to-own, whatever suits the buyer's needs. It is fully furnished and is ready for move in.

If you need more details, please click the ads on the right side.

*first picture taken by my brother
*second picture taken by A* =)

April 2, 2009

Food Temptation

How do you resist food temptation? How do you curb your appetite?

I thought I can.

For a two week stay at Manila, I know I gained weight. I don't need to check my weighing scale (it's broken anyway). My clothes can tell.

I was planning to buy some appetite suppressant before I left KL. But I am not sure if it is doctor prescribed only. I couldn't be bothered. Besides I had hoped that my will power will save me. Only to ditch me when I was surrounded by a Filipino buffet.

Now I need to go back to jumping rope, portion control and lots of green tea.

April 1, 2009


I think I may have mentioned it several times already that my two-week trip to Manila was successful. I was not only able to finish what I came to do but I closed a deal on our condo unit at Pasig.

Yes, we sold our unit! Aren't we lucky? I only posted about it here in my blog last month and somebody answered my post.

Luck seems to be really on our side. Our buyer is the friendliest person I've met. She is so easy to talk to. And that goes to A in Singapore, even if I haven't met her yet.

With a successful first attempt at real estate, I wonder if we should push our luck. We do have a newly acquired condo unit at Mandaluyong. It is much bigger and comes with a car park.

We're planning to rent it out. Will we be lucky again?