September 27, 2009


Manila is under water. Almost all of Metro Manila is flooded. It such a sight and I feel for those affected. I couldn't imagine staying the whole night in the rooftop of my home waiting for the flood to go down or waiting for the rescue team.

I used to live in Cainta for more than a year. And now Cainta is one of the most affected part in Metro Manila. Most of the houses are submerged in water.

I hope the rescue team reaches the people who need the most help.


Yesterday we got to visit one of the malls here in PP. Yes, they do have malls. But it's nothing compared to the malls in Manila or KL.

It's called Sovanna Mall. It's a bit far off the city center but I think it is better than the other mall. There are fastfood chains inside, big supermarket called Lucky, and our best find is a store called City Mart. It's like a clothing store slash shoe store slash toy store and slash sports store in one.

EJ found a Ferrari car, Thomas the train set and some skateboard ramps to be used as slide for his cars. Hubby bought a couple of long sleeves. And I bought an Ipanema flip flops.

We were all happy we found a place we can go back to, if we ever crave for some mall action again.

September 24, 2009

Nothing Much

It's a holiday today. Fortunately, EJ has class. So hubby and I took advantage and had a date. We went to Russian Market and I bought a complete DVD series of Gilmore Girls. I used to watch this before and I love it. I also bought some shirts for EJ. After that we went to Java Cafe along Sihanouk Boulevard. I love their Very Berry smoothie. It was the best!!! Then we were off to pick up EJ from school which made him very happy! And as an added treat we brought him to Lucky Burger for some fries, fried chicken and of course ice cream!!!

On the way home we saw an accident. And as usual it was a motorcycle accident. According to hubby, 70% of the road accidents here in Phnom Penh involves motorcycle. Now if they were somewhere in Oakland, I'm sure they'd need an Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer.

In the afternoon, we were supposed to go to a spa but I had the most terrible migraine. So we just stayed home and I slept most of the afternoon. Now I feel better.

What a boring account. LOL!

What I meant to say is that I had a good day today despite the migraine. Thank God for holidays!!!

Ho Chi Minh City in 4 Days

We're back in Phnom Penh after a 4-day holiday in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We had a great time exploring the city and of course we couldn't resist a little shopping on the side.

Places of Interest:
1. Reunification Palace - This is the first place we visited in the city. The entry fee is 15,000 dong/person. This was the home and work place of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It was built on 1962 but was only completed on 1966. It is no longer used for state affair but it is well preserved.

2. Post Office - I never thought a post office could be a place of interest but in HCMC, it is. And it should be! The post office was built by the French and designed by Gustav Eiffel of the tower fame. It is big inside and it is still operational.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral - This one is located just opposite the Post Office. I've read that this architecture is one of France’s most ambitious projects in the Indochina. The first stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1877 and 3 years later it was opened to the public. The bricks were shipped from Marseilles, and famous French artisans were commissioned to create the stained glass windows.

4. Opera House

5. City Hall - That's the city hall at my back. It is beautifully floodlit at night. It is still being used now so only officials and staff can enter inside.

6. War Remnants Museum - This used to be called the American War Crimes Museum but was later changed to avoid offending American tourists/visitors. Outside are the captured US planes, armors and tanks. And inside are photographs during the war. It's just too graphic that's why I am not posting it here.

7. Busy street - I don't know how many motorbikes there are in HCMC but suffice it to say that crossing the street of HCMC takes a lot of courage, for the newbies at least!


1. Ben Thanh Market - a place to buy everything! From clothes to souvenirs to coffees to food to accesories. Be sure to haggle your way.

2. Malls - thank God there are malls in HCM! LOL! Living in a place with no mall makes me miss it from time to time. The Opera View (photo below) houses luxury brand items like Louis Vuitton, Burberry and other signature brands like Aldo, Lacoste, etc.


We stayed at a mid range hotel called Sanouva Hotel. Rate was $65/night. It's a new hotel with modern design inside. I like it. It has free internet (wifi or LAN cable) and free breakfast. What's beautiful about our hotel was that it was located right in the middle of everything - in District 1. It's walking distance to all of the above places of interest and of course it's also walking distance to the malls. Hahaha!!!

But if you like to stay in 5 star hotels, don't fret. There's Sheraton Hotel, New World Hotel, Rennaissance Hotel and a lot more international 5 star hotels to choose from.


I always believe that if you want to eat local food but is scared to try the food on the street, go to a mall's food court. That's what we always do.

This is a fried spring rolls. It's very rich in flavour and aroma. My husband didn't like it much but I did!

Fried vermicilli with veggies. I loved this. Very yummy. At times like this, I could only wish I brought some appetite suppressant with me. LOL!

Unfortunately we didn't find any Jollibee in the city. We visited one of the mentioned location in the internet but there was no Jollibee there.

Anyway on our last night in the city, we wanted to eat something fancy. So we went to New World Hotel's buffet resto. We had oysters and wine and lots of salmon and sushi. What a fitting way to end our holiday there.

September 20, 2009

Another Quick Update

We're still here at Ho Chi Minh City. But we're leaving tomorrow afternoon and going back to Phnom Penh.

We're having a good time exploring the city by foot but we still have not found any Jollibee store. We're planning to visit one tomorrow though.

Anyway, above is a photo of me taken at a place called Reunification Palace.

Okay, okay. I know I have gained weight. And yes I do need a weight loss supplement

I promise I'll be good when I come back to PP. LOL!

September 15, 2009

Ho Chi Minh, Here We Come!

I have a lot of time in my hands now but I can't seem to update my blogs. Farmville and farmtown are taking up most of my time now. I am really hooked. I am comforted to know that these farms games have an end. Now I am concentrating on finishing these games at the soonest possible time. LOL!


It's holiday here in Phnom Penh. It's called Pchum Ben. EJ's school is closed for one week, started yesterday until Friday. But for the working class (at least in hubby's office), holiday is not until Friday. It runs until Monday though.


We're going to Ho Chi Minh on Friday!!!! I am really excited. There are 7 Jollibee stores in Ho Chi Minh!!!! We're all looking forward to eating chickenjoy. And I am also looking forward to some shopping. I hope I could squeeze it in our itineraries. Hehehe!


I have gained weight. It's serious. And I need to be serious about it. I blame farming and the weather here. Rainy days makes me eat a lot! Sigh.

September 12, 2009


Presenting my new hair cut! It deserves a post of its own. Hahahaha!!!

Whatever they say, I love my new haircut! =)

Date Night #4

Friday night means date night with the hubby. I am getting used to this!

Last night we tried Man Han Lou restaurant along Monivong street. It's a fusion restaurant with Chinese, Thai and Vietnam cuisine. But what sets them apart from the other restos in town is that they have their own brewery right inside the resto.

What's funny though is that we didn't try their beer =)

This time I made sure I brought the camera so I have something to show here in my blog. Here's what we ordered:

Green mango salad

Lok Lak - a local food. It's a stir fried beef with egg on top. Hubby loves this.

Man Han Lou Special - a combination of vegetables with crab meat and fish sticks. It was yummy!

Deep fried crab

We paid around $30 including drinks. For that amount, we went home with a very satisfied tummy! Not bad, at all. LOL!

I am looking forward to another restaurant to discover next week....opppps..I almost forgot we'll be in Ho Chi Minh next weekend. Yay!!!

September 4, 2009

In Need of Neighbors

I knew it. I should have pursued Agriculture when I had the chance. But the lure of the hotel industry is too much for me to resist. The glitz and glamour, the sophistication, the drama....but look where I ended up today. I am back to being a farmer.

Yes, a farmer at Farmville and Farmtown. LOL!

I shouldn't have allowed my curiousity to get the better of me but I did. I decided to take a peek at Farmville. Later did I know, I was already farming in Farmville and Farmtown.

I work hard everyday to plow, plant and harvest. This gives me lots of coins which I wish to be real. Imagine if I had $75,000 in bank account? I'd buy 10 tv stands just for the heck of it. LOL!

Yes I am hooked and I am having fun.

So if you guys are still farming in both places add me up as your neighbor, alright?

September 3, 2009

Rain, Rain..

It was supposed to be rainy season when we arrived here last July. But the rain was few and scattered, until now.

It's been raining almost everyday now, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. I am not complaining. The farmers might be needing these rains.

But as usual, I am feeling blue. Rain makes me blue. And it doesn't help that I've heard some bad news. Sigh.

I need to be optimistic. After all, Christmas is just 'round the corner. And there's a family reunion happening at my home province and a High school batch reunion too. Both events, I am looking forward to.

Yesterday, with nothing much to do and rain as background music, I've written some Christmas wish list.

~ for my Family to be complete this Christmas (Jaja, you have to go home!!!!)
~ a happy reunion with my batchmates
~ to lose this stubborn 10lbs
~ walk in tubs for my future houses, lol
~ a healthy family
~ one major travel (US or UK)
~ and a good financial status

Today, there are dark clouds hanging around. I think it's going to rain again. But that's okay. I'll just attend to my farm. Hehehe.