October 19, 2009

Obsession: Cars

If there's one thing I can say about EJ, its his affinity towards cars. Most especially Ferrari toy cars!

When my brother was here, he bought this Ferrari for EJ. My son was of course ecstatic!

Thank you Tito Jed (first from left) and Tita Maila for the wonderful present! See you again soon.


It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me this past week. I was happy, sad, depressed, and hopeful. Then happy, sad, and depressed again.

I think my wrinkles which were subtle before are now in obvious display in my face and in dire need of a wrinkle cream.

Kidding aside, I am okay now. I know some things are not within our control. I just have to accept these things as they are. It's difficult. But there's nothing else to do.

I couldn't help it if I feel sad though. I guess it's just being human and alive.

October 16, 2009

Blue Boys

I have seen them around. But lately there seems to be a lot of them. Mostly in groups of three or four hanging about in the road intersections.

I asked our driver why there are so many of them now. He said they were implenting the traffic rules. And of course, those who do not follow the rules will be apprehended.

I didn't think we'd be apprehended. Our driver is a very cautious driver. He follows the traffic rules most of the time even if the blue boys are not around

But yesterday he decided to ignore the No U turn sign. I asked him if it was okay. He said it's fine. But the minute he said that, we heard a hard tap on our car. It was one of the blue boys!

But our driver ignored him and drove away! I was a bit scared. I asked him again if it was okay (of course it wasn't). He just said, never mind miss.

What we didn't know was that the blue boy was driving a bike and had followed us. When we stopped at a travel agency, the blue boy went to the driver's side. They conversed in Khmer. My brother and I just listened. After a while, our driver opened his wallet. He took 1000 Riel and gave it to the blue boy. The blue boy hesitated at first. But after a while he took it and drove away in his bike!

I paid my driver the 1000 Riel. And I told him to be careful next time. What a scary and funny experience!

I just remembered, I saw a great ad for long distance movers yesterday. I need to keep a mental note of it. Who knows when we might need it again? Hopefully not soon.

October 15, 2009

I am Not a Tiger, I'm a Cat

October 12, 2009

First Visitor

It's going to be a busy day today.

My brother is arriving here in PP this morning! Our first visitor! I asked him to bring some of EJ's vitamins but I forgot to ask him to bring me some fat burner pills. I need some to be honest. Oh well.

I am excited and anxious. My brother is here for a business trip. Our business, that is. I have been really looking forward to this.

Now that it's happening, I am getting a little scared.

But no, I am not going to back out. I am moving on!

Time Out

Father and son playing blocks. Father did something and the blocks collapsed and fell down on the floor.

Son: Daddy, that's bad! I am going to put you in a time out.

Son pulled his father up and brought him to the time out corner.

Father: What did I do?

Son: You were bad! You have to stay in the corner, okay? Do not move, okay?

The mother was shocked, amused, and amazed. She chimed in: You have to say sorry, honey.

Son: You have to stay sorry, Daddy!

Father: Okay, I am sorry.

Son: But you have to stay in the corner, okay?

Father: Okaaayyyyy.


Making Friends!

My social calendar is suddenly busy. And I am loving it. LOL!

Last Friday, together with some friends we met another Filipina who's based here in PP.

Lui, it was nice meeting you. What a lovely and interesting afternoon it was! After the meet up, we went to a cocktail Sales party. We all went home with something in our hands. I bought a black formal bag. I thought it was time to buy something like it. I only have big bags at home.

Hubby picked me up afterwards and we went to Raffles Le Royal Hotel. Had dinner at their buffet restaurant. I would say I have found a place where I'd like to go back again and again. It was a seafood night so we had our fill of lobster, grilled stingray and prawns. I also had some sushi and sashimi. The salmon was great! And the chocolate fountain was absolutely divine. I am sure EJ would love it! A bit pricey though but totally worth it. I have to add, the service was impeccable!

Yesterday we had another BBQ session at the rooftop. Hubby's officemate came with her daughter. It threathened to rain but thank goodness it went away. The kids had a lovely time. I had a lovely time. It was a great afternoon. So great that EJ didn't want his new "bestfriend" to go home just yet. He bawled when it was time for the guests to leave. The promise of another date didn't soothe him. Poor baby.

What a busy weekend. Busy but great.

I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

October 11, 2009


The clock says it is 1:06AM. But sleep is evasive. I tried farming but I got bored. That's weird.

So many things running through my mind. But I know one thing for sure.

Death is inevitable.

A fact, but hard to accept.

October 5, 2009

Bad Blogger No More

While I was running in the treadmill this morning, I realized I haven't been a good blogger lately. So I said I'd rectify it today.


Straight from EJ's mouth:

"Go away Mister Daddy!!!" We don't know where he got the word Mister. Probably from school. But it sure sounds cute when he says it.

"I want a baby sister so we can play cars together."

"I am smart, just like you mommy." I loooovvvee this. LOL!


Last Friday, I had a little scare. On my way to pick up hubby from his office, there was a heavy downpour and it was really dark for a 5PM. A part of my brain immediately went into panic mode. What if its going to flood, just like in Manila? What should I do, what should I do?

I cannot just go back home because I need to pick up hubby. So I texted Z, who's been here a lot longer than we are and asked her if it was a normal heavy rain. So assured me it was and that I shouldn't worry.

I felt a little bit better reading her message. We were on the second floor anyway. And I didn't think the water would rise that much in 1 hour.

When I arrived in hubby's office, the rain had subsided. I called Ate at home to check if it was still raining hard. She said no, just a drizzle. EJ was perfectly happy watching Barney and playing with his cars.

So hubby and I just decided to go on our usual Friday date. But I kept checking on Ate if the rain had stopped.


My brother's coming here next week. We're going to start our business soon! There are still a couple or more things we need to do before we can apply our permit though.

I'm thinking, we should also check out some good term life insurance companies around here. But that's for my brother to decide.

Anyhow, I can hardly wait.