November 30, 2009

Christmas Bazaar

We went to a Christmas Bazaar at Hotel Intercon yesterday. It was organized by the Women's International group of Cambodia. I am usually lazy on a Sunday. But I am glad I made effort to go outside.

The fair was fully packed, mostly expats in attendance. And mostly families with small children. You could see the dads all having digital cameras around their necks. Including hubby of course. Hehehe.

EJ saw 4 of his classmates inside. He thought it was part of the school activities. LOL!

At the lobby of Hotel Intercon with their big Christmas Tree.

Inside the fair.

EJ was a little shy and scared too to sit on Santa's lap. Maybe because Santa was smaller. LOL!

There were clowns to entertain the kids while the parents shopped.

EJ with his classmate busy coloring printouts.

A japanese group performing inside the fair.

I bought a set of candle holder, couple of necklaces, EJ's toys and gifts for his friends in school. It was a Sunday morning well spent.

November 28, 2009

Finally Thai

I was happy last night. We finally found a place that serves authentic Thai food. It was heaven for me! Hahaha!

We went to Regent Park Hotel at Sothearos Boulevard. We've passed by this place so many times. I didn't know then that their restaurant serves Thai food.

On the way to pick up hubby from his office yesterday, I was leafing through a magazine and saw an article featuring the place. I told hubby we should try it.

We were not disappointed.

Looking at their varied and extensive menu.

Tom yum seafood. The soup was clear (not the way I was used to) but it was still good.

Green curry. Love, love it!!!

Fried soft-dried fish. I don't know what fish but the meat was very soft.

Prawn balls with mushroom. Surprisingly very yummy!

I know which place to go to if I crave for another hot and spicy food. And the bill didn't hurt our pocket either. We paid $33 only including two beers and iced tea.

Now if only annuity costs only as much as the food bill. Hahaha!

The Cat in the Hat

I so am glad EJ is into books again. There was a time when he doesn't like me to read him bedtime stories or any book for that matter.

Lately he's always eager to "read" books. You'd find him in the corner leafing through his old books. The new ones, he'd ask me to read it over and over again until I give up.

His current favorite book is "The cat in the hat" by Dr. Seuss. I got it at a discounted bookstore for only $2.

I love this book. I love reading it to him. But the story is a little longer than the rest of his usual books.

He always ask me to read it to him 3 times sometimes more if he's really in the mood. I usually indulge him especially during the day. But at night time, I cannot read it more than twice because I get sleepy once I hit the pillows. Once, I fell asleep while reading the book to him and I haven't even put on my best eye cream for wrinkles. LOL!

Maybe I'd buy him a new book with a shorter story today.

Job Offer

I have put up ads in an online Admin Job Search here. So far I haven't received any replies. We'r
e not in hurry but I would love to get a headstart. Maybe I'd put an ad in the local newspaper too.

We're looking for a sales representative and/or account executive. Experience is not necessary but preferred. Must be able to write and converse in English proficiently. Must be computer literate. Excellent interpersonal communication skills. Must be able to work independently and with less supervision.

We offer above average basic salary plus a very attractive commission scheme.

Interested, please leave a message.

And oh, the job offered is in Cambodia.


So I went to our travel agency yesterday. Bad news for us. It is not possible to change our booking. I knew it before going there but I just took my chance.

So I asked instead if we can have our ticket refunded and I will just buy a new one. It is possible. But I have to wait for three months to get our money back. Ngee.

So I guess we're not going to HK after all. Sigh. Or maybe I can find other options...maybe.

For now, I'd find other places to visit. Cebu tops the list. I haven't been there for a long time. And I am planning to eat the famous Cebu lechon. LOL! Next on the list is orlando vacations. Just kidding, of course. LOL!

If not Cebu then maybe we'll go to Batangas.

November 27, 2009

New Year, New Travels

Will drop by our travel agency later. I am crossing my fingers we can still change our booking. We've decided we're swinging by HK for even 3 days only. Excited! But if we cannot change our booking, then no HK it is. An alternative trip will be to Cebu. Maybe.

I've been browsing hotels in HK already and I would love to stay at JIA Boutique Hotel. The photos of the hotel in their website are absolutely drool worthy. It's modern, dreamy and sensuous.

Getting giddy now. Hehehe!!

November 25, 2009

All Plans

We're planning to go to Hongkong this January. EJ would definitely love Disneyland. But we do have limited vacation time so I am not sure if we can swing by HK in our itinerary. Might not even be able to go on a side trip to Cebu city. But we'll see.


We're moving again! Nope, it's not to another country. LOL! We're thinking of moving to another apartment. Somewhere with a 2 or 3-bedroom, an unlimited wifi, and near supermarkets. But I haven't found any yet.


I still don't know how to drive. I have been planning to enroll in a driving class but I keep on postponing it. I really should learn how to drive. I want to. But sometimes I get nervous when I see reckless drivers on the street or cars that breakdown in the middle of almost nowhere (there's always a motorhome towing around but still...)


I guess we're ready for another year. LOL! Let's see what happens. For now, it's all plans. Hahahaha!!!


Being on diet is making me crazy! It's making me crave a lot of food. Ugh!

Last week I had an extreme craving for Thai green curry. I haven't had a decent green curry since we moved here in Phnom Penh. I have been to a couple of restos that serve Thai food here but unfortunately they weren't good enough. I guess it's time to explore more Thai restos around.

Yesterday I was craving for some sushi and sashimi. I could eat it but I am trying to stay away from delicious food so I won't consume big amounts.

Today I wanted to eat char kway teow. I am glad to know there's a Singaporean resto here that serves the dish. Maybe when I am off diet, we could go there.


Maybe I should also have a colon cleanse while I am already on this diet.

Same Same

Booked and secured. We're going home again next month.

It's the same as last year. We were in two countries on Christmas day.

Last year we had our Noche Buena in Malaysia and flew to Thailand on Christmas day. This year we'll have our Noche Buena here in Cambodia and fly to Philippines on Christmas day too.

I can hardly wait.

I'll have to ask Ate Mitos to take off our christmas decors and cardboard displays because we'll be coming back second week of January.

For now, I am planning our itinerary. Maybe we should include a visit to Cebu. Hmmm..

November 22, 2009

Boo Boo

When I picked up EJ this morning from school, I saw him crying in a corner. When I got closer I saw his nose area was covered with something like a paste. An assistant teacher was trying to pacify him.

I asked what happened. The assistant teacher told me a child from another class scratched his nose. EJ was crying and he said: Mommy I have a boo boo. It's ouchy!

I wiped off the paste like thing on his nose. It was still fresh and it was still bleeding.

I know it was an accident and things like these happen. But I was a little pissed off. Obviously the child had long nails. Maybe the teachers could check the children's nails everyday and inform the parents if the child has long nails. This could prevent accidents like what happened to EJ.

This is not the first time EJ went home with a scratch or an accident. One time a child closed the door while EJ was still going inside. His toe was stuck in the door and it was wounded. The skin fell off and the nail had blackened.

Accidents happen but I believe it can also be prevented.

I think I'll have a talk with the teachers tomorrow.

Now I am out here to get air filters for our room.

Cold Weather is Here

I notice that it's getting cold lately. The AC in the living room hasn't been switched on for a couple of days now.

Last night at the rooftop, it was chilly. Ate Mitos hurriedly went back inside the apartment. Hubby was a little cold too. But I love it. Perfect for playing around without getting sweaty.

EJ took this photo of me and hubby. He was really happy with the shot.

November 15, 2009

This Year's Tree

We were so happy to find a Christmas tree and other decors in one of the stores here. I thought we'd have to make one ourselves.

Some say it's a bit early to put up a tree. But we're too excited to wait until December.

Here's our tree this year. It still needs some ornaments but we're pretty happy with our theme: purple and silver.

We will definitely buy more decors this coming weekend.

Teacher's Note

Eric Joseph is clever with good abilities for communication. Because of that, I am sure his friends learn a lot from him. However, he sometimes lacks attention to the classroom rules: to put things away, no running and no screaming in the classroom, concentrate during the circle time!

Teacher X

November 12, 2009

This Week's Conversation

Me: Can I kiss your nose?
EJ: No, don't kiss my nose!
Me: Can I kiss your cheeks?
EJ: No, don't kiss anything on my face!


Me: Let's change your diaper, it's wet.
EJ: I have to start wearing briefs now, because I am a big boy!


He was playing with imaginary characters.
EJ: Mommy, the snakes and ants are naughty. Let's put them in time out!
Me: How many minutes?
EJ: Five minutes.


I really should write down everytime EJ says something cute or funny because when it's time to recall, I can't.

I just need to google what school alert system is and I am off to school to pick him up. And that reminds me I should bring a pad and a pen, EJ always say the darndest thing after school. Hehehe!

November 11, 2009

Potty Training: Saga Continues

EJ is still not potty trained. Sigh.

While I do admit I have been lackadaisical in potty training him, I also have to point out that EJ is a bit stubborn. I am not blaming him. I am just stating a fact.

Last Saturday, we were in a bookstore. A book caught my eye. Toilet training in less than a day. Perfect!

I am still midway through the book and so far everything sounds easy. There is a solution to a stubborn child. Great! I really hope, I'd be able to toilet train EJ before the year ends.

My plan is to start training him after their school second term ends, which is December 18th. The book says I can train my son in less than a day. So that gives me plenty of time to train him and for him to master going to the toilet/potty on his own before we fly to the Philippines.

I really think it is time to cut back on diaper expense.

November 7, 2009

Precious Moments

Though we weren't home for a happy reunion like we planned, our family has had some great bonding moments. And when I think about it now, it makes me sad that my mother wasn't part of it anymore.

Here are some of my favorite moments in Surigao:

EJ and his cousin Ice having a great time at the beach!

Taking a breather at the beach with my brothers and sister in law.

Visiting my sister's training camp in Lipata, Surigao del Norte.

Breakfast at Hayangabon, Surigao del Norte with my siblings and in-laws.

Hubby has captured so many precious photos. I think I'd get a secure online backup because I don't want to lose any of these photos.

November 6, 2009


It is still alive! I thought it only existed in my high school textbooks.

We went to Consuelo beach (Cantilan, Surigao del Sur) to de-stress and to visit my brother's almost finished beach house.

We were enjoying our barbeque lunch and kinilaw na sa-ang when we heard the local women shrieking and giggling alternately.

After lunch, we went to check what was happening. This is what we saw.

Bayanihan! I never knew this is still being practiced today.

One of the women told me that this is the practical way of moving houses. And it is! It is fast and cost-free. If you have to deconstruct and build the house again, it would take days. But this can be done in a matter of hours only. Here's a tip though: don't use tile flooring =)

This whole event was also a source of entertainment for the local women. They cheered their men on. But they were also teasing and challenging them.

The whole afternoon was a delight!

Never Ready

How prepared are we in life? Are we ever prepared for anything?

Death, for example.

My mother had survived two cancers. The first one was an ovary cancer 21 years ago. After an operation, cobalt and radiotherapy she was told by the doctors that she was cancer-free. We were elated.

But after 10 years or so, we were surprised to find out she had another cancer. This time a colon cancer. She had an operation, an extensive 6-month chemotherapy and a monthly check-up for a year. She survived it. But the doctors warned us my mother wouldn't live long. Probably 5-7 years. We took it.

Nine years after (last year), she complained that her cough wouldn't go away. We took her to the doctors in Manila again and found out she had a lung cancer. At this point we were all heartbroken. We knew in our hearts that she can only take in so much pain.

But we still urged her to go on another extensive 6-month chemotherapy. After the chemotherapy, the doctors still advised her to go under the knife. She refused. We had to beg her to go on another operation. At last minute, she agreed.

After the operation, she again went on another 6-month chemotherapy. It was hard on her. But she took it all. This was early this year. We were already planning their 40th wedding anniversary. Everybody was excited!

The chemotherapy, however, didn't do much to kill the cancerous cells in her body. The doctors said it was terminal. But to keep the hopes up they advised my mother to go on cobalt treatment.

The family then decided that my mother should just go home and rest from further treatments. She was already frail. We knew what was coming. But we never lost hope.

My brothers sent her some herbal medicines hoping and praying it would do the job. And my mother drank it even if she didn't like the taste. She too knew that her time was limited. She just wanted to be present during her 40th wedding anniversary this December.

We have accepted the fact that anytime she would be gone. We have prepared ourselves. But were we ready?

No. I was not ready.

When my brother called to tell me the sad news, I broke down. I am glad and thankful that I have a loving and supportive husband who was by my side right away.

I was not ready for my mother's death, however prepared I was. And that goes for anything in life including travel emergency.

We may be prepared but we will never be totally ready.

November 5, 2009

Back to Routine

We're back in Phnom Penh. The flight was smooth and fast. We left Manila at 2:30pm and arrived PP at 8pm. Glad that the stop over in Bangkok was short. Otherwise, we'd arrive in PP late.

EJ had a great time in Surigao. He didn't really know what was happening there. In a child's mind everything is play and fun. Or maybe he did. I am not sure. At one point, he saw me crying. He looked sad and said "mommy, don't cry."

We were planning to celebrate my parent's 40th wedding anniversary this December in a big way. We were all excited about it. Even my mother was looking forward to it. I guess it was the reason she was holding on despite the pain.

We will still go home this December. We have decided to go on with the celebration even without her. I am sure she would have loved that.

It's back to normal here. Back to writing rv financing, and other stuff.

It doesn't mean nothing happened. It means there is life after death. Life must go on.

Goodbye Teacher

I went home
to pay tribute
to my teacher.

She was a fighter
and a survivor.

She taught me
about life.

She taught me
to be strong,
for she was strong.

She was my
first teacher.

She taught me
my ABCs
and 123s.

She was my teacher.

And she was my mother.

Goodbye Nay!

November 2, 2009

Flight Delays

Last week so many domestic flights in the Philippines were delayed. It was not about the typhoon.

My brother's flight from Surigao to Manila was delayed because of some engine trouble. They were already on board. A couple of minutes before they flew, they were asked to go down. Apparently, the plane had engine trouble!

My other brother's flight from Butuan to Manila was also delayed due to some technical matters. Our flight from Butuan to Manila (the following day after my brother's flight) was also delayed for 4 hours. I didn't bother to check what the reason was.

Usually when I travel domestic I don't buy travel insurance. I thought I have no use for them. But now I am rethinking this practice. With so many engine and technical troubles, I want/need to be safe and secured.

November 1, 2009

Trekking in Subic

So many things happened while I was gone. I have no time to elaborate now. I promise to do that when I come back.

Meanwhile, I am in Subic with my family.

We had a very adventurous morning today. And it was so much fun. We did Canopy walk and Jungle trekking at Treetop Adventure. We weren't ready for the trek. But it turned out so well.

Here's a single photo for now.

Now, I am off to check some truck accessories for my brother. Later, we'll be off to Bataan for another adventure.