November 6, 2009


It is still alive! I thought it only existed in my high school textbooks.

We went to Consuelo beach (Cantilan, Surigao del Sur) to de-stress and to visit my brother's almost finished beach house.

We were enjoying our barbeque lunch and kinilaw na sa-ang when we heard the local women shrieking and giggling alternately.

After lunch, we went to check what was happening. This is what we saw.

Bayanihan! I never knew this is still being practiced today.

One of the women told me that this is the practical way of moving houses. And it is! It is fast and cost-free. If you have to deconstruct and build the house again, it would take days. But this can be done in a matter of hours only. Here's a tip though: don't use tile flooring =)

This whole event was also a source of entertainment for the local women. They cheered their men on. But they were also teasing and challenging them.

The whole afternoon was a delight!