December 28, 2010

The Feast Continues

Well, it's the season of feast isn't it? LOL!

We decided to go to Raffles Hotel Le Royal for their Christmas Brunch. It was actually for EJ. The hotel promises a fun filled afternoon for the kids with Santa making an appearance, a caroling, a ginger bread decorating activity and some more surprises. Christmas is really for kids. So off we go..

We chose a table outside so we could keep an eye on EJ in case he would go play at the playground set up by the hotel in the garden.

EJ, playing with the cinnamon sticks and showing off his Ben 10 Omnitrix which he got from Santa.

Entrance to the restaurant

All the sweets you can eat

Prawn cocktail

Sushi: tuna and salmon are my fave

Oysters. We weren't in the mood for it though.

Chocolate fountain. I went back twice here. LOL!

Kid's buffet table. It had chicken lollipop, pizza, french fries, some veggies and these sweets. Pretty spoiled, aren't they?

EJ, having fun with decorating the ginger breads

Santa, I have been good this year. Please don't forget to mail my present in a custom address labels I gave you, okay?

And finally the kids sang Christmas carols. It was lovely and heart warming.

It was indeed a fun filled atmosphere for the kids and a relaxed atmosphere for the adults.

In three day's time I gained 1kg. Not so bad. Hahahaha!!!!

Christmas at Home

Christmas Eve was only at home. We've decided we'll just have a simple dinner, photo opps and then open our gifts.

Simple is relative. Here's my simple dinner menu - all filipino dishes: pancit, pork liempo bbq and fried chicken. For desserts, I made fruit salad, bibingka (I found a ready mix at Filmart store) and puto cheese.

EJ, looking grown up and pogi of course. Hihihi.

Time to get cuddly

EJ, opening his presents. You can see how excited he is. Thank you to Tita Zarah, Tita Che and Tita Lui for the gifts. EJ loves it!

As for me, I love my present from hubby. It's very useful. And for him, no, I did not get him blunt cigars. I got him something nicer. I hope he likes it.

On Christmas Day we had a Christmas Brunch at Raffles. Will make a separate post for that.

What did you have for your noche buena?

It's Over

Okay, frantic days are over. I know there's still the New Year celebration but I refuse to get stressed over it. I've had my fair share during Christmas.

Seriously, I love Christmas. The crazy days are part of it. What I didn't like though was my migraines attack! But I survived it.

Here are some pictures from the Peluka's Christmas Party at home.

Picture muna bago dumating ang mga guests.

The lovely ladies

Proud to say I baked all these (except for the kisses for course!). Shhh...all ready mix though.

My beautiful red roses

The guys

The kiddos

The Peluka sisters

The whole group

I will also be posting our family's Christmas Eve celebration at home and the Christmas Brunch at Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

For New Year, I think we will just stay home. We're thinking of buying a karaoke machine so we could sing our hearts out while waiting for the new year. LOL!

Whatever we will be doing, I will just keep it simple.

How was your Christmas blogger friends?

December 25, 2010

From our Family...

Merry Christmas my dear blogger friends!

May we all have a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with our families. Cheers!

December 24, 2010

Tonight is the Night

The Christmas party last night with my close friends here in Phnom Penh went well. I had a great time. And just like any other parties I've hosted, I was so exhausted after. I went to bed straight away after the last guests left.

For tonight's Christmas Eve, we've decided we will just stay home. I will prepare some filipino dishes like pancit, pork liempo bbq, puto cheese, bibingka, and fruit salad.

I've already cooked puto cheese and bibingka. I think they're okay. I haven't tasted it because well, I have been eating like a pig since yesterday and I am feeling guilty. Plus I plan to indulge again tonight so, no test taste for now. LOL! Next on my list to cook is pancit.

Tomorrow, we'll have Christmas brunch at Raffles Le Royal. Santa will be there so I am excited about that. I mean EJ is excited about that. LOL!

I love Christmas!

December 19, 2010


This year, my family and I will be celebrating the holidays here in Phnom Penh. Lucky me, all of my Phnom Penh friends are not going away for the holidays too! So we decided to have a Christmas party on the 23rd. I am so looking forward to this event.

I still have a dilemna though. I think I'd be too tired to prepare food for the Christmas Eve, as I will be hosting the party on the 23rd. Hubby suggested we should just go to Raffles Hotel Le Royal for the Christmas Eve dinner. I don't know. The lazy me, say yes. But the other part of me wants to have a traditional christmas eve dinner at home.

Aside from this small problem, I am all set for the party and Christmas. The house is already nicely (according to my taste) decorated, menu is planned and just waiting to be executed, and gifts wrapped (almost all).

Did I say I am excited about Christmas?

If I don't get to blog before then, let me just say it now: Merry Christmas everyone!!!

December 16, 2010

Christmas Village at Le Duo

The Christmas Village at Le Duo has been successful that they have decided to extend the event. It started last Monday and will run until the 23rd.

What's exciting about this fair is that my friends and I (we like to call ourselves the PELUKA girls hehehe) are part of this extended Christmas Village!

Yup, we have a booth and we're selling our handmade products. Yay!

The Christmas Village opens at 4pm and closes at 8pm. I am having a great time tending our booth and shopping at other booths too. Shhhh...LOL!

We will be there until Saturday only because after that it's going to be crazy busy for us individually. You know it's Christmas, hehe.

I am actually quite busy already as it is. I have EJ's Christmas party later this afternoon to attend. I also have some research work about hgh human growth hormone. I'll face that after the weekend. That is, if it doesn't get crazier.

So, Phnom Penh friends please visit us at our booth. We'll give you discounts of course. Hahaha!!!

December 11, 2010

Baking is Fun

Been busy lately with a lot of things like rv loans, house decorating, wrapping gifts and baking. Yes, I am hooked with baking right now. I never thought it could be this fun!

Meet my little baker. He's been helping me bake cookies and muffins.

Okay, I am actually a cheater. I used ready mix muffin and cookies. LOL! I've just started baking and for practice, I use the ready mix ones from the supermarket.

Egg muffins. One of the food that got me through during my South beach diet phase 1.

Double chocolate chunk cookies. I have been practicing how to make the perfect round cookie. And I still couldn't. I am happy though that I found the yummy mix in the market that even if my cookies are crooked, they taste good. LOL!

A Great Actor Someday

Yesterday was a holiday here. That means we're enjoying a long weekend.

I wanted to go to Bangkok for the weekend. But cancelled it at the last minute. I realized we don't have money even for a short travel. LOL!

Before we went to look for some furniture yesterday, we went to EJ's school to meet his teacher for the second term student's evaluation.

As usual I was nervous.

But Teacher Ros told us what we already know. The good: "EJ is a smart boy. He is very bright. He is good with words and numbers. He is very friendly, he has a lot of friends but he connects well with Osuke (his bestfriend)." The not so good: He cannot control his emotions. He easily melts down."

I was happy with the teacher's evaluation. And hubby and I both know already what we need to work on with EJ. He's really an emotional kid. But I think, he's in that stage now. Over time I think he will change and get better hold of his emotions.

We will get all his works next week during their Christmas party. Speaking of the party, I am so excited to see the kids sing Christmas song and be in the mood for Christmas.

Time does fly so fast. This is EJ's second school Christmas Party here in Phnom Penh.

December 10, 2010

Food Trip 08

Last Friday we were supposed to eat at Himawari buffet again. But we were there the previous Friday and I didn't feel like eating there. So hubby suggested we go to Fish again. We haven't been there in a couple of months.

Fish is one of our favorite restaurant here in Phnom Penh. We like it that's in the Riverside - a touristy side of the town, but it's not crowded like the others. And of course, the food there are delicious. A little expensive, but it's always worth it.

We ordered a Seafood mixed platter good for two.

The top plate has garlic bread, smoked salmon, shrimp salad, green salad and vietnamese rolls.

The second one has grilled salmon, grilled tuna, french fries, tempura, breaded fish fillet and grilled squid.

It doesn't look much but believe me, it was! We were so full, we could hardly breath. To think we didn't have rice.

Sisowath Quay corner Street 108
Phnom Penh

December 9, 2010

Lazy Thursday

What a lazy Thursday for me. I wanted to do so many things today but somehow I ended up doing nothing. I even took a nap in the afternoon together with EJ. Bliss.

I am actually not feeling so great. A little under the weather and a little depressed/melancholic. Maybe because I haven't had any carbs for almost three weeks now. Happy with the result but not tolly ecstatic about the journey. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, aside from Christmas house decorating, I also wanted to revamp my websites today. I have three "pro" sites and I wanted a Christmas-y look.

I could download free themes and layout but I wanted a professional look. I couldn't do it on my own.

I should just get a professional website builder instead of trying to do it myself. I tried to understand codes and htmls before but my mind just couldn't absorb anything. LOL! I am tech-challenged like that. But I don't mind much. I understand I can't do everything And I don't have to.

That's why there are pros out there who I can hire. I am sure, they'd make my life easier. I just have to find the one with an affordable rate.

December 5, 2010

EJ's Big Boy Haircut

The minute I finished my accessories, we went to a barber shop for EJ's first hair cut here in Cambodia.

EJ has always been fussy about haircuts. His haircuts had either been done by me or in Manila, especifically in Cuts for Tots in Megamall.

I was a bit apprehensive about going to a barber shop here. However, he needs a haircut and I am not good enough for him now.

I asked my friend if we could have our son's hair cut done in the same shop and at the same time so EJ doesn't feel scared. She said yes, so off we went to the shop yesterday.

Luckily they did not use a razor. EJ is scared of the razor's sound. What they had instead was a scissor that looked like a razor. Cool. Even EJ said, "mommy, it's a razor scissor!" LOL!

I don't have a picture of him after the haircut because he didn't stay still enough for me to capture a photo of him.

Suffice it to say, it went well and the haircut was nice. And for only $1, it was a steal!

Dreaming and Wishing

I know how I have been saying that I don't want to travel for now? Well, the time has come that I want to travel again.

Travel to me means, going to somewhere away from my home. It doesn't have to be long distance. It could be just an hour ride away.

But what I am dreaming and wishing is a travel to somewhere far away from here. Where? I don't know exactly. LOL!

I am thinking maybe Bangkok or KL. But then again, we are going to KL on February next year. We have tickets already. So I don't think it's wise to go there now. Bangkok? Hmmm..maybe.

But you know why I want to travel? Shallow I know, but I just want to go shopping. I want to buy a dress I could wear on Christmas and some accessory to go with it. Well, the jewelry I could easily solve. I could make one. But the dress, that I have to buy.

If only duties and taxes are not expensive here, then I would just go shopping online.

I don't know if we could travel before the year ends but if we couldn't I will just dream about our future travels for 2011.

December 4, 2010

Christmas Village in Phnom Penh

Last Sunday we went to a Christmas Bazaar organized by WIG Cambodia. Yesterday, we went to another Christmas Bazaar organized by Le Dou, an Italian restaurant here in Phnom Penh. I must say, this Christmas Bazaars are in a way bringing me closer to home. Why?

Well, Cambodia is not a Catholic country and they don't celebrate Christmas. These bazaars, however commercialized or noble in WIGs case, they are in purpose, they do bring the Christmas spirit here in Phnom Penh and that's almost like being home in the Philippines.

The Christmas Village in Le Dou is very nicely organized by the owner. I love the setup and the decors. It's really pretty inside with pretty things on sale. It's a little too small though but it doesn't matter much.

The sign, according to my friend, are all handpainted by one of the owner's daughter. Very nice and very creative. I like it.

Cookies, gingerbreads, and more cookies. I am sucker for this. Although I don't eat it, because I am on a diet, I still bought one for EJ. A pack is $3 to $4. A bit expensive but did I say I am sucker for this? LOL!

A really nice decor inside

Nemo, anyone?

These beautiful necklaces were from exploded land mines metals. I love that the NGO's are tapping the creative sides of locals to earn a living. There are a lot of NGOs here in Phnom Penh and I wonder if they are also creating jobs in health care.

Stockings in different sizes

Table runners for Christmas

Flowers bloom even on a tin can

Another decor inside the "village"

Black pepper popcorn

Italian meats and delicatessen

I am going there again tomorrow to bring EJ. There will be Santa and Christmas carols. That would be fun!

Le Dou Restaurant
Street 228, Phnom Penh

Food Trip Friday 07

My girl friends and I went out yesterday. We went to a "christmas village", a different post on that, and afterwards we had lunch at Champs Elysees restaurant.

This restaurant is one of my favorite here in Phnom Penh. They serve Chinese food and I love it here because they have big servings, the prices are reasonable and most especially the food are delicious.

We ordered four dishes. But I forgot to take a picture of the veggie and dimsum.

Soft shell crab in garlic. My favorite! Once you tasted this, you will be hooked =)

Steamed grouper fish. So yummy!!!!

We'll be going back there for their noodles and pork dishes.

Champs Elysees
Street 63, Phnom Penh