January 31, 2010

Regency Cafe

Last Friday's dinner date was at Hotel Intercon's Regency Cafe. We were in the mood for another buffet dinner. LOL!

We arrived at 6:30pm and the place was still empty. The waiter came to our table and told us that it was semi-buffet. Uh-oh. Appetizer and main course were to be ordered. Buffet is for the salad bar, noodle station and dessert.

The salad bar was fully stocked. I took advantage of it.

My appetizer - fried dumplings in lemon grass. So filling.

Hubby's appetizer - Deep fried prawn with coconut coating. Hubby said it was delish. I forgot to take a picture of our main dish. Suffice it to say we we're soo full we almost had no room for dessert. Almost! Hahaha!!

I had fruits for dessert. This picture doesn't do justice to the color of the fruits. They were rich in color. The fruits were fresh and super yummy!

This was their ice cream station. There were so many toppings. It looked absolutely tempting.

I was so full I felt sluggish. I didn't even have the energy to turn on my laptop and research about auto insurance quote when we reached home. Bad me.

January 27, 2010

The Brown Shoes

EJ loves his new brown shoes he got from his Tito Jeff last Christmas. I love it too. I was planning to buy a Superga for myself. But we had little time in Manila, let alone for shopping.

Anyway, thank you Tito Jeff for a very nice and sturdy shoes. It will go a long way.

Nagaworld Spa

We finally visited Nagaworld's spa last Monday. We've been hearing nice reviews from hubby's colleagues. We were intrigued.

The place is awesome. I've never been to a massage room that looks like a hotel room. There was a flat screen TV hanging on the wall.

And there was a jacuzzi, a steam bath and a dry sauna inside. It really felt like we were in a hotel room. Check out some of my photos:

The downside? The therapists weren't professional. Or should I say they are not well-trained. The massage itself felt like it was done in a hurry. And when the therapist asked me to turn around, the pillow was still not ready. I had to crunch up while she finds a pillow for me to lie down. She also forgot to ask me if I wanted a tummy and breast massage.

I guess the difference between a great service and a poor service lies in the littlest of things.

But are we coming back? Maybe. And if we do, it's only because of the jacuzzi, steam bath and the dry sauna.

January 25, 2010

Juicin' Up

Hubby and I are trying to be healthy. That's our new year's resolution, if you can call it that.

After a trip to the bookstore, we went to buy a juicer. I was inspired by the book I was reading about juicing up and staying slim and healthy for life.

I of course tried the juicer immediately. I didn't have a recipe so I just combined some fruits: strawberry and grapes; apple, avocado and orange. It was good!

Today I will try to make a carrot juice and maybe mix it up with some fruit. I will also try to google exposed acne treatment review, opps..lol! I mean google some recipe for more exciting flavours.

Hahaha, it's getting me all excited.

January 22, 2010

Friday Madness

Happy Friday!!!

Friday is such a happy day isn't it? I have been productive this week and I think I deserve a treat. A buffet treat. Hahaha. I'll ask hubby to go to Raffles buffet tonight. I am in the mood for sushi and chocolate fountain.

Hubby's trip to Oslo and Barcelona is cancelled. Yay! I am soo happy because I don't have to decide if I should go or not because there is nothing to decide. LOL! We'll just go to Bangkok next weekend (if I don't feel guilty spending on travel so soon).

I weighed myself last night and I wasn't surprised to see I gained weight. I have been stuffing myself nonstop since we arrived back here. But I am not freaking out. Hahaha! I must be in a happy state or maybe I have found an answer from this site http://www.thermogenicfatburner.org/.

We'll be playing tennis on Saturday and Sunday. I hope the weather would be good. It's been raining lately. We're planning to bring EJ to the tennis court. Sort of introduce him to the world of tennis. My dream is for him to be a tennis player someday. So I can go and travel with him wherever he has tennis games. Hahaha!!!

Have a good weekend everyone.

January 21, 2010

Caffeine Fix

It's still raining in Phnom Penh today. And it's cold. I am wearing a cardigan (a first!) and I am here in my favorite coffee shop.

I am about to finish this blueberry muffin.

It is so yummy. I might be tempted to have another one.

I am sipping my current fave drink, cappuccino. Ahhh...life is good.

Before anyone thinks I live a sweet life, I am here in a coffeeshop because our internet at home is acting up and I couldn't access FB and twitter. LOL! No. Really, I need to check something at buyacnesolutions.com and book online pronto.

Now that I am done, I am going to check FB and twitter. LOL!

January 20, 2010

Almost Toilet Trained

I just came back from buying hubby some neckties and blackhead extractor for myself. It was and still is raining now. Oh gosh, is it rainy season here already?

Anyway, I was just gonna report that EJ is on the way to becoming toilet trained.

We seriously started the process last month, five days before our vacation. He learned the wee-wee part fast. But the other part, it was hard for him. He couldn't do it on the toilet.

During our vacation we stopped the training. He was completely back to wearing diapers but there were times when he wanted to pee in the toilet.

Upon arriving back here in PP, we resumed with the training. Last week we had one miss with the wee-wee and one miss with the other thing. LOL!

But this week it seems he's getting the hang of it. Today he did in the toilet. I am so proud of him.

Hopefully no regress.

Anniversary Dinner Date

Hubby and I went out to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at Bistro Romano, an Italian resto at Naga World.

We left EJ at home with Ate Mitos so it was just the two of us. How romantic. LOL! Never mind my *siopao* face. I think it's an effect of increase muscle mass. NOT! I really look bloated that night.

Anyway, here's what we had for dinner.

My order was spaghetti carbonara. I wasn't feeling adventurous food wise that night. Hubby ordered lamb. Sorry about the dessert. We ate already before I realized I need to take a picture of it. LOL!

As if a bottle of sparkling wine wasn't enough (yes we finished off the whole bottle) we headed to the hotel's bar/club lounge after our dinner.

Since it was a Monday, the place was empty, save for us and another couple. They have a nice background, the fountain with lights outside.

I had a singapore sling and hubby had a beer. I wanted to dance but hubby was killjoy. So I just danced in my seat. LOL!

We went home at 9PM. It was our first time to go home that late (yes it's already late for me). It was a great night!

January 18, 2010

Our Day

Time does fly so fast. It's our 4th wedding anniversary today. Wow! I still remember our "dating" days and the days leading to the marriage.

Four years - it doesn't seem so long ago. But look what 4 years did to me. Four years ago I was only 27. Four years ago I wasn't my weight now. LOL! I know I keep on mentioning about my weight. But the truth is I just want to be the healthiest weight I can be. I am happy with my weight right now but if I can still shed some more, it's a bonus. So I would not stop my quest in finding a safe weight loss pills.

Going back, yes it's been four years now. Hubby and I usually agree on most things. There are times when we had our disagreements but at the end of the day we always make up. We didn't have a fight that lasted more than a day. In fact I don't remember the fights anymore. My memory is just filled with our happy days and travels.

Hon, happy anniversary. I know we'll have more anniversaries to celebrate together. I just know it. I love you.

Feed Me

On the way to NagaWorld's Bistro Romano yesterday, EJ said:

"Mommy, I am hungry. My tummy is saying FEED ME, FEED ME."

Hubby and I couldn't stop laughing. What a funny, clever baby!

January 17, 2010

Hongkong: Ocean Park

We went to Ocean Park on our third in HK. It wasn't that cold anymore or maybe my body has adjusted to the weather already.

From Marriott Hotel (the one in Airport) we took their shuttle to Tung Chung Station. From there we took a train to Central Station. And from Central we took a taxi to Ocean Park. It was fast.

Ocean Park doesn't have the great landscape like Disneyland. They were also doing some renovation and adding some more attractions making the park look like a little messy.

But it doesn't mean Ocean Park doesn't have its charms. I actually love so many things. We rode a cable car going up to their thrilling rides. We saw sealions. We had a great time watching their rides. We were too scared to ride in one though. We rode the Ocean Express going back down. I love the train and its sci-fi, romantic feel to it. We saw the Pandas, An-An and Jia-Jia. The Aviator show was fun.

Here are some of our pictures inside Ocean Park.

I love my red jacket even though I look big in it. Or I really am big now, LOL. Must check alli weight loss site to inspire me. I need to be slim healthy.

January 15, 2010

Hongkong: Disneyland

The main reason we went to Hongkong was Disneyland. We thought EJ would love it. And he did!

EJ was so excited that when we rode our shuttle from Marriott Hotel he wouldn't stop saying "we're going to disneyland, you know?"

But when we saw Mickey and Minnie, EJ suddenly got either shy or scared. He wouldn't look at them. And he wouldn't let them touch him. LOL!

Glad he looked at the photographer in this one.

Coming out of the souvenir shop

Hubby is also excited to be in Disneyland. Hahaha!

When we saw Donald, EJ was already sleeping in his stroller.

Hey Goofy, where are you headed to?

The weather was so cold I had to have hot drinks in my hand all the time.

We didn't take any rides because EJ slept right after lunch. It also rained so we had to take shelter most of the time.

The is the only parade we saw. Apparently the Mickey and other parade were not available that week. We were disappointed.

Before we called it a day in Disneyland, we made sure to watch the Mickey Golden Show. EJ loved it.

We didn't wait for the fireworks because we were so tired and cold. We were not dressed appropriately.

We'll definitely go back to Disneyland next year. And you bet we will be dressed to the nines! LOL!

January 14, 2010

Travel Again?

Hubby is travelling to Oslo and Barcelona on business next month. I want to join him. Europe! To be honest I imagined my winter outfits already. LOL!

But when I found out that it's an 11-hour flight from Bangkok, I hesitated. I don't think I am up to another travel and this long! We just got back from a very hectic vacation as well.

The airfare is another thing that discouraged me. It's very expensive. EJ and I have to pay our fare. Only hubby is free.

But.....it's Europe! Our accommodation is free. Part of me really wants to go. But the practical side of me says no.

Maybe if we'll forego our miami vacations, then it's alright to join hubby.

Think. Think. Think.

Hongkong: The Peak

The first destination we visited when we reached Hongkong was Victoria's Peak or The Peak. I've read that night time is the best time to go up there because the view is spectacular at night.

The Peak is 396 meters above sea level and it offers a 360 degrees view of HK. We rode a Peak Tram going up.

We were disappointed when we reached there. It was foggy and offered no views whatsoever. It was soo chilly and windy too!

Hubby spotted a souvenir shop. It sells photoshopped photos with the perfect HK background at night. Voila! We couldn't resist. LOL!

After we got our photo, we went inside Madame Tussauds. I lost count of all the famous people inside. Here are some of them.

It's nice that The Peak offers a great variety of dining, specialty shops and interactive entertainment. Otherwise, our visit would have been a waste of time and money.