February 28, 2010

Food and Music

Last Friday, I thought I'd have to give up our Friday buffet dinner in exchange for the musical we were watching. I was fine with it. But guess what, we still ended up in a buffet restaurant. LOL!

I picked up hubby from work at 5:30pm. He said he was famished. So we decided to just go straight to Nagaworld and have an early dinner prior to the 7pm show.

We decided to eat at Korean grill because hubby had not tried it yet. Unknown to us, that evening they were on buffet.

Since we were already inside, we decided to stay put. We were kind of in a hurry too.

This is my plate. Spicy, spicy food, even the rice (Kimchi fried rice). I was happy they had salmon sashimi. Yum!!!

Spicy fried noodles with seafood. Hubby and I shared this.

After dinner we rushed to one of the entertainment centers of the hotel, on the second floor. And I saw people wearing formal clothes, women wearing dresses and men wearing coats. Patay! *dies from embarrassment* Hubby and I were wearing casual attire. LOL! We hurriedly went to find our seats.

The show did not start until 7:30pm. It was opened by Cambodia's famous singer. I didn't catch the name when it was announced though.

She's a doll. My only problem was that her 5 songs were all in Khmer. Then it was followed by several dance numbers and a skit by their famous comedians (all in Khmer!). While the rest of the audienced laughed, we the non-Khmer speaking audience were a bit bored. Thankfully the opening acts lasted for thirty minutes only.

The 12 Girls Band from China. If they weren't good, I would have kicked myself for agreeing with hubby to watch this show.

They played for over an hour. They played Beethoven, Bach, Titanic's famous My heart will go on, and some of their own compositions.

This girl did a solo. I am not musical by any means, but I think it was great. I recorded her performance but for some reason I couldn't upload the video.

I had an awesome time. I am really glad I went to see this show.

February 26, 2010

Unusual Friday Night Out

So tonight's date will be special (or not depending on whose point of view it is, LOL!). Instead of our usual buffet night, hubby and I will be watching a 12-Girl Band live from China at NagaWorld Hotel tonight.

I heard they are good. And I hope they are. Otherwise I'd be very pissed to miss out on our regular seafood buffet ritual. LOL!

I was supposed to finish my research on oximeter tonight after a sumptous dinner but I guess I could pass it up for a wonderful evening of music.

What are you guys doing tonight? Enjoy the weekend.


P.S. Please watch the AI for me. I'd be missing that too. I hope I could still catch it on replay.

February 25, 2010

Thursday's Yoga

After my yoga class, there's this feeling of wanting to be a better person, a healthier person and living a healthy lifestyle. It's good actually.

It's just that the following day I totally forget those feelings. LOL!!

Right now I have that feeling. I am sure I would totally forget this tomorrow when I go to a buffet restaurant. LOL!!

So I am thinking I should attend 2 classes or better yet attend 3 classes of yoga a week to maximize results and to prolong the good thought or vibe. But can I handle it? I am not sure.

What I am sure of is that I am really loving Kundalini Yoga, the tough poses and the meditation.

While I still have that feeling, I am going to take advantage of it and be productive. I promise hubby to look for life insurance online quote today.

Gotta start now.

February 23, 2010

Sore Throat

Aside from shopping and looking for blinds in Bangkok, we did a lot of eating too. And I am guessing the food I ate are the reasons I have sore throat.

I am taking antibiotics and pain reliever now. It's just too painful to swallow food. So here's what we feasted on in Bangkok: sweets and spicy food.

My fave of all time chocolate, Royce Nama. I was in heaven after having 1 bite. LOL!

This is also yummy but I am not really a white chocolate fan.

Green curry. One of my fave spicy food.

Soft shell crab. Not spicy but the sauce is spicy. Delish!

Tom Yum! Very yum yum. Hahaha!

February 20, 2010

In Bangkok, Stay at...

.....Centara Grand @ Central World Hotel.

It's our second stay here in this hotel and I can definitely say that it's one of the best accommodations we've had.

The hotel is great and the location is great. We couldn't ask for more.

I was tempted to call housekeeping and ask for sleep dreams or sleep inns pillow but I am afraid they might really work and I wouldn't want to leave the hotel tomorrow so I stopped myself. LOL! But on second thought, I need to sleep longer tonight because I wasn't able to sleep much the previous night (too much excitement). You know, when we get older we need all the help (not just from arcona) we can to stop or slow down our aging process, right? LOL!!!!

So anyway, if you're visiting Bangkok, you know which hotel to book.

Bangkok Shopping

My foot hurts. I wasn't thinking when I went shopping today wearing heels. We were on a marathon shopping for 5 hours. And I was in heels. It was insane! I was insane.

Oh well, the vain does not complain or something like that. LOL!

We're in Bangkok and we're shopping like crazy. When EJ entered Toys R' Us, he was smiling from ear to ear and he kept on murmuring "wow, this is a nice place!" Hahaha!!!

Me? Eating the yummiest fried chicken wing and Royce Nama chocolate was enough.

Although I couldn't resist buying some things here and there like peppermint intensive foot rescue and the best night cream ever at The Body Shop.

We're flying back to PP tomorrow night but we're still not done with our shopping list. It's gonna be a busy day at the mall again tomorrow.

February 17, 2010

Friends are the Best

If I didn't have friends here in PP, I think I would have gone nuts long time ago. That's why I am so ever thankful that I have found a great set of friends. And I hope they are happy they met me too. LOL!

This morning, I was a little pissed off. I was late meeting my friends because our driver took the liberty of using the car for his personal use. He went back to our apartment only after I called his cell several times! Lately he's been pulling a disappearing act and it's kind of annoying already.

My problem is that I couldn't tell him right off his face. I am too kind sometimes. I told this dilemna to my friends over coffee.

And they told me to set ground rules for our driver. I should have done this at the start!

My friends hitched a ride with me to the grocery store. Our driver's fone rang, and when he answered it, Ate Elms told him right away to put the fone down and to tell whoever the caller is to call him later. Wow! I couldn't do it. Hehehe.

I am glad Ate Elms did it. It set the mood for me to talk to our driver and to set the ground rules. I talked to the driver today and explained the dont's and do's for him. He said he understood. I hope so.

If I didn't have friends like them, who would have I turned to for advices like this? When I need to learn about seo tools, I can easily ask one of the tech savvy friends I have. When I want to go shopping in the tiangges, I can easily call them.

Thank God for friends. They make life easier and happier!

February 16, 2010

Weekend Travel

We're being spontaneous. We're going to Bangkok for the weekend.

Okay it's not really like a spur-of-the-moment-let's-go-to-bangkok-NOW kind of decision. We've been contemplating about going to Bangkok for a couple of days now. But I always back out because I am kuripot. I mean a trip to Bangkok on a weekend doesn't come cheap, especially if three people are travelling. And besides we've already made plans to go shopping in Singapore on April.

But what the heck, we can use some spontaneity in our lives once in a while right? And besides we didn't spend anything on Valentine's Day. So, that's one off the guilt list. Hahahaha!!!

We're flying Friday night and coming back Sunday evening. And our itinerary goes something like this: shopping, eating, sleep and repeat the following day. LOL!

Seriously though, hubby needs an update on his office attire. EJ needs bigger clothes. And I? Nothing. Oh, maybe I'd buy some neutrogena skin id if it's available there. LOL!

February 14, 2010

Happy Vday!!!

So lovebirds, where are you off to this Valentines day?

We don't have any plans of going out today. First, because I am too lazy to make plans and reservations. Second, hubby cannot be depended on to make such reservations. It's just not his thing. Third, the dinner in the hotels or restaurants are ridiculously priced. Fourth and most importantly, we don't have a budget. LOL!!!!

But we did go out last Friday, our usual Friday date at Raffles Le Royal. It was enough. I usually don't wear dress but I made an effort to dress up because I knew it would be our pre-valentines/valentines date already. Hahahaha!

I think my "diet" and exercises have worked. My arms aren't that BIG anymore. Wishful thinking. LOL!!!!

Since we're not going out today, I might as well ask hubby to buy me an elliptical as a Vday gift. We could both use it as he is also trying (operative word) to lose some weight.

Anyway, happy hearts day everyone!!!

Year of the Tiger

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! It's the year of the Tiger. What does the Chinese New Year hold for you?

If you're like me, then you may have already checked what's in store for you this year of the Tiger. Have you?

I checked mine in FB. This is what I got:

For those born in the Year of the Horse, 2010 means good news for you! It very well may turn out to be one of the smoothest years for you yet. You will see many bonds between friends and family being created easily and where once their was stress and doubt in your career, 2010 will take those struggles away and replace them with a feeling of security. Be aware of the decisions you are making, keep a clear head, and be sure to not neglect your health as you may eat more this year than you do typically. Your love life will improve, whether you are single or in a relationship, rocky times are behind you for the time being so enjoy it! Try new things, step outside your comfort zone, and exhale; for Horses can sleep easier in 2010! Horses best relationships are with Tigers or Dogs. Their worst enemies are Rats.

Are you a Rat? Stay away from me. LOL!!!!

I was so happy to read this. Horoscope does not rule my life but it feels good to read good things. I am sooo looking forward to a good year.

I just have to watch what I eat as I tend to overeat this year! Even the horoscope can tell. Sooo funny. Hahahaha!!!

It didn't say about prenatal vitamins. Maybe it's not yet time. LOL!!!!

If you haven't checked yours yet, go find it out in your FB. It's fun!

February 11, 2010

EJ is Toilet Trained

At 3 years and 5 months old, EJ is finally toilet trained. Whew.

I know it is a little bit late but we didn't want to pressure him. We wanted him to be ready before we seriously trained him.

It's been almost three weeks now that EJ has been going to the toilet to do his thing. He still needs assistance to lower down his brief and shorts but the rest he can do it on his own. LOL!

I am really happy and proud of this new milestone for him. For one, there's no more diaper expense. Second, I wouldn't have to carry big bags (with diapers and wipes) whenever we go outside or travel. And third, no more diaper rash worries.

Training EJ was a bit hard at the start. He's quite stubborn. He didn't want to wear his brief. And he didn't want to go to the toilet. We praised him a lot and sometimes used bribes (ice cream, cakes) just to make him go to the toilet.

I guess the success on toilet training depends on consistency and patience.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

My exercise routine has become, well, a routine. There's nothing wrong with routine except that I get bored and sometimes I wouldn't exercise at all.

I did yoga before. So I thought I'd join a yoga class again here to break the monotony of my exercise routine.

Yesterday I visited Kundalini Yoga Cambodia and signed up myself for 1 session. I wanted to see how it goes first before I sign up for a longer duration if ever.

The price per session is $9. For a 10-class pass valid for 3 months, it's only $70.

This morning I had my first Kundalini Yoga experience. We had the class on a rooftop. It was breezy and cool. There were 6 of us girls and a lone man.

The poses we did were familiar to me, Sun salutation, child pose, cobra, etc. But I noticed that we did a lot of breathing exercises.

According to their leaflet, Kundalini Yoga exercises do not depend on physical strength and fitness, but emphasize fluent and repetitive movement, synchronised with breath and concentration.


To be honest, at first I thought I wouldn't like it. I wanted extreme poses that I have to work hard. But deeper into the session, I felt my muscles relax and the tension around my neck slowly vanish. I was loving it.

The poses were not so hard but the repetitions were longer making me work hard to keep my balance. Before I knew it, I was sweating profusely.

After the class, I immediately signed up for a 10-class pass. I am hooked!

February 7, 2010


We kept on postponing a trip to Kidzcool but last Saturday we finally went there. EJ had fun and was tired after almost three hours inside.

Fun slide with water splash at the bottom

EJ tried wall climbing but he got scared after a few steps

He was scared at first but stayed here the longest.

Couldn't resist a ride.

He had so much fun playing soccer.

Who says only kids have fun? I did! LOL! While hubby had team building, EJ and I bonded over at Kidzcool. We had lunch at KFC right after. It was a great Saturday morning.

Good Food and Great View

If you have been following my blog, you'd know by now that hubby and I are big fans of buffets. And it shows in our body. LOL!

Last week, we tried the buffet at Oyster Bar in Himawari Hotel. We were actually not so keen to try it because their Christmas buffet wasn't good.

But to our surprise, it was way better than their Christmas buffet and cheaper too.

We love the buffet at Raffles but if I would consider the view and the price, I think I'd be coming here more often.

Yummy oyster! I am not an oyster eater but this was one was so fresh it tasted..fresh. LOL!

My favorite, salmon sashimi! Yumminess to the max. I don't think I shared this with hubby. I ate it all for myself.

Boats with colorful lights! Made the view more romantic somehow.

I know I should avoid the buffet like the plague if I want to lose weight. But how can I give up this? Oh no!

February 3, 2010

Girlfriends and Food

My friends just left the house. I am tired but happy. I invited my girl friends for lunch here at home. Nothing special, I just wanted to cook and let them sample my cooking.

Being the host, I didn't have time to take photos of the food. I was busy making sure my guests had enough food and drinks.

EJ took my camera and started shooting. But too bad there was no SD card inside.

My friends came at 12nn and they left at 4pm. We had non stop "kwentuhan" and laughter.

I am so happy I have found great friends here in Phnom Penh. Thank God!

Thank you Z, Che, Mel, Janet, Lui and Ate Elma for coming. I really had a wonderful time with you guys. And thank for making me feel you liked the food I prepared. LOL!