July 29, 2010

EJ's Ordeal

We are home now. We were discharged from the hospital late afternoon yesterday. The past three days has been really difficult for hubby, EJ and I.

Before we went to his surgeon last Monday, we still had fun times at Megamall.

EJ, playful at Krispy Kreme. We went to Toy Kingdom and bought him another Lighting McQueen race track.

In the afternoon, we went to see the Urologist/Pedia/Surgeon. He confirmed EJ had Hernia. He scheduled an operation the following day and we were advised to be admitted that same day.

We went home, got some of our things and went back to The Medical City. That night, they took some blood (about four tubes), x-ray and attached the dextrose on him. It took superhuman effort on my part not to faint. EJ struggled all the time. It was really difficult on his part to understand everything that's going on. He even said "See, I am not sick!"

At that point, I couldn't help but pray that EJ only had bad breath treatment. It's easier to deal with.

Hubby and I hardly slept Monday night. EJ also barely slept because of all the tests that were done on him. Doctors and nurses kept on checking on him also.

Tuesday morning, he was scheduled to be operated at 9AM. We went down to the operating room at 8AM.

This was at the pre-anesthesia room. EJ doesn't want to stay at the stretcher all by himself. I had to put on scrubs suit and stay with him until at the operation room. And of course he struggled when asked to transfer to the operating table. They had to sedate him first before they put him on the table. Someone escorted me back to the waiting room because they probably thought I will faint on the way seeing I was already crying non-stop.

After 15 minutes, the surgeon went to see us. I thought the operation was finished. It turned out EJ doesn't have Hernia. His left testicle was swollen because there was water inside and the testicle itself has hardened. He asked permission to take it out. We said okay. After about 20 minutes or so, the surgeon appeared again. He said "malakas ba sikmura nyo?" He then showed us what he took out. He said he had to take it out because it could be a tumor. He said he's going to send the testicle to the pathology lab.

The operation was successful. EJ is fine. We stayed in the hospital until yesterday. He really doesn't look sick. The cut which is small and clean is covered with a McQueen sticker. His surgeon put it. EJ has not complained of any pain.

Before we went home yesterday, they took some more blood from EJ for some more tests.

Although everything went okay, we're still waiting for the lab results. The possibilities are: an inflammation or a tumor. We're praying it's just an inflammation.

This is too personal a post for me but I want to share this and I hope you also pray for my son. We really need it. Thank you.

July 25, 2010

Dinner with Family

I mentioned in my previous post that we went to Greenbelt 5 to have dinner with my family. Hubby and I decided to go early so we could check out the place. The last time we were there, it was still under construction.

We went around. We found Collezione. The one that sells the authentic shirts with map. We bought one for each of us. I also saw the LV toys and trunks exhibit and of course LV's temporary store. We had so much time to in our hands that we were able to explore the area. Hubby also bought some bow ties.

Dinner time, we went to the ground floor and met my brother at Lorenzo'z Way resto.

We ordered these:

Crispy Pata

Dilis. This comes with the rice. It's called Dilis Rice.

Hickory Pork


Tinta Calamare

We also had Beef Ninja but I forgot to take a picture of it. The food was good. The service was a little slow though.

I finally met my other niece, Sam. She's so pretty, like me. LOL! But I think "nausog" siya sa akin. I don't believe in it. But this is the second time that a baby cried after I held them. Not just the usual cry, you know. The kind where you don't know what to do anymore. Sigh.

Anyway, it was still a great dinner. Always a great time when I am with my family.

July 24, 2010


We went to see EJ's pedia at The Medical City this morning. She said "it's one hundred percent Hernia." It was the thing I didn't want to hear.

Pedia assured me there's really nothing to be scared. She referred us to a Urologist/Pedia. We'll see the specialist on Monday. And by Tuesday EJ will probably go under the knife.

I have so many things to ask the Urologist. Hopefully everything will be answered by Monday.


We brought EJ to Toy Kingdom at Megamall after the check up. We wanted him to buy whatever he wants. But guess what, he only wanted to buy Thomas. Good boy.


We went to Greenbelt 5 to have dinner with my family. We ate at Lorenzo's Way. Will make a separate post about that.


Tomorrow, hubby and I intend to have a massage. I am so stressed. The day we flew (yesterday), I had the most terrible migraine ever. I vomitted once in the airplane. And twice in the car on the way home (glad I had plastic bags with me!).

I will also have my laptop reformatted and upgraded. It's not in the best shape right now. I could even use a new Acer Aspire.


Hopefully Monday is a better day.

July 20, 2010

Home is..

Chicken in lemon (lime) and honey.

This picture has been sitting in my folder for more than a month now. I always forget to post this.

One day I was craving for something sweet and sour. The first thing that usually comes to my mind, is sweet and sour fish! But that day I wasn't in the mood for fish. So I rummaged the ref and came up with chicken breast, lime, capsicum, onion and honey. Guess what I made? =)

I let the chicken roll on a little flour (with pepper and salt). Fried it and set it aside. I sauteed onion, garlic, capsicum and added the chicken. I drizzled the honey and the lime juice. Yummy! =)

On a different note, we'll be flying to Manila on Friday. It's not really a vacation but I can't help it that I am excited.

Manila is always home to me. Second to where my heart is. Hehehe. Cheesy. Oh, if you know a good Urologist in Manila, please let me know. Thanks!

We will be in Manila for two weeks. We'll probably be back here in Phnom Penh on EJ's 4th birthday. Speaking of, I still haven't made any plans. Bad mommy.

But we'll have an advance birthday celebration for EJ in Manila so the tito's and tita's can give their gifts. LOL!

See you Manila!

July 15, 2010

The Earlier the Better

Next Friday, we're going to Manila to have EJ checked by a Urologist. It's not a real emergency but we want to be safe than sorry.

When EJ was a couple of weeks old, his pedia noticed that EJ's left testicle is a bit bigger compared to the right one. She said it was either a hydrocele or a hernia. If I remember correctly, she told me hydrocele in newborns are common and would usually go away as they grow up. If it doesn't, it would require a minor surgery to drain the fluid in the testis. Hernia, however, requires immediate operation especially if the the intestines of the child has been twisted already. She referred me to a pedia urologist/surgeon.

The Urologist said surgery was not necessary at that point. But he told me to be observant. If EJ would vomit and seems to be in pain all the time, I had to bring him to the hospital right away. It could be hernia. If nothing like that happens, it's just hydrocele and probably it would go away when EJ turns 2 years old.

For a new mom, that was really scary! So I was very observant. Thankfully, the swollen testicle seemed to go away as he grew up.

Until a couple of months ago....

We noticed that his left testicle was unusually bigger again. Since he wasn't in pain, I didn't put it in my priority list. Bad mommy!

But yesterday, I finally brought him to a Filipina doctor here in Phnom Penh.

She said it looks like a hydrocele but she couldn't be sure. She advised me to see a Urologist. When I asked if she could refer me to one, she said there's no Urologist here. We have to go to Bangkok!

Doc said there's no immediate danger. But if we could, it's better to have EJ checked right away. Better safe than sorry.

So hubby and I decided we'll just go to Manila. I am supposed to go to Manila next month for errands anyway. And we (hubby, EJ and I) are supposed to go to Manila on October for a vacation. We will just have an earlier vacation. Sort of.

I am hoping and praying this is nothing serious.

Things I Want my Son to Learn

I love my Friday date with hubby. We talk anything and everything. Last Friday we discussed about the things we've learned from our parents.

Hubby's memory is faulty. Hehehe. He said he doesn't remember any "words of wisdom" from his parents. What stuck with him though was his father stressing the value of family.

As for me, I do remember several points my parents taught us. My Nanay, being the teacher, told me stories with moral lessons:

1) Save for the rainy day. My mother has told me the story of the grasshopper and the ant several times that it has stuck in my mind ever since.

2) Listen to your parents. Remember the moth who disobeyed his/her mom and flew near to the fire? The moth got burned.

From my Tatay, I learned this:

1) Strike while the iron is hot. I didn't understand what it meant then but these words stuck in my mind as well.

2) Never let anyone make you inferior. Rich or poor, we're all the same.

Now that I am a parent myself, I want my son to grow up into the best that he could be. I will guide him and pass along "words of wisdom" I've learned from my parents and from my own experience:

1) There is no better time than NOW. If you want to do something, do it immediately.

2) Never fail to say thank you. "Please" might be the magic word but I believe thank you is even better.

I know parents can only do so much. It's up to the child how he wants to live his life.

July 13, 2010

Diamond Island City

EJ is still on summer break. I enrolled him in a summer art class but after 5 classes he doesn't want to go anymore. He's just home most of the times so I let him tag along with me while I run errands because I don't want him to watch a lot of TV.

Last Saturday, we brought him to Diamond Island City for an afternoon of fun. It's this new place being developed into a lifestyle/commercial center. The whole place is not finished yet. But the park is already done. It is actually nice.

We invited CJ, a son of my friend.

There are several kiddie rides inside. I don't think it's part of the whole development. I think it's temporary only.

Anyway, we rode this train which goes around for about 7 times.

The duck rides which EJ refused to ride.

This one is for the teens and the kids at heart.

EJ rode this small rollercoaster together with Ate Mitos. He said it wasn't fun. LOL!

After the rides, we played darts. Sort of. You hit and make the balloon pop and every popped balloon, you get a prize. We went home with a lot of goodies. LOL! It was super fun.

We stayed for a couple of hours and went home when the place got crowded. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We'll go there again sometime.

July 12, 2010

Rain and Flood

I guess it's the rainy season now in Cambodia. We've been having heavy downpour lately. I am not a fan of rainy season but I am loving the cool weather.

Today it rained again. In just about 30 minutes, some of the streets were already flooded. I know because I was on the street on the way home from the grocery store. I wasn't able to take a picture. But last week I did.

Even the major roads (Norodom and Monivong) looked like this. Sigh. Everywhere now, even the first world countries are not immune to flood.

Trade Fair

Last Friday I went to Hotel Intercon to check out the first Philippine Trade Exhibit Fair here in Cambodia. I was secretly hoping they would have some of the best weight loss pills on display. For what? You know what. LOL!

Anyway, the exhibitors included San Miguel, RFM and Splash, among others.

I wanted to buy this purple yam and vinegar with chili but unfortunately they were only on display.

The toiletries on display...

The Swift mascot was there.

I was hoping the exibitors had some items for retail. I was eyeing the 7D Dried Mango in display in one of the booths but when I asked them if they were selling it, they said it was only for display. Arggg...

We didn't go home empty handed though. There was one booth selling kids tshirt with a Philippine map print. I bought one for EJ and Ate Mitos received Alaxan and Biogesic samples.

July 9, 2010


Since moving out of my parent's house 16 years ago, I have been used to staying in small but adequate space.

College was a dorm type apartment. After graduation it was a two bedroom house shared with my siblings. In Male, KL, and here in Phnom Penh, it has always been a one bedroom apartment. There was no need to get a bigger one because it was only the three of us. Until our kasambahay arrived late last year.

We've been searching for bigger but price friendly apartments since late last because the one bedroom apartment was becoming too small for the four of us. We only got lucky now and found this bigger place that fits our budget too. My friends joked that since this place has 4 bedrooms, we could have one room for each of us. One for me, one for hubby, one for EJ and one for Ate. LOL!

Honestly, I am loving and disliking the space. I love that I have my own beading room which could double as my office. EJ has his own playroom. And the master's bedroom is huge we have two beds inside. One for hubby and I. And one for EJ. We're going to train him to sleep on his own bed now!

But I feel disoriented. I am so used to everything within my reach. LOL! And bigger space means more space to clean. Hahaha! Nakakapagod!

I've been helping Ate in cleaning all the rooms. But we're not even halfway done. Sure, the place looks clean already but I am really OC. I want everything to shine. LOL!

Today, I am taking it easy though. This morning, I am going to attend the Philippine Trade Fair at Intercon Hotel and hope there are adult acne treatments available in one of their booths. Just because. LOL!

And later tonight I will drag hubby to a nice restaurant and have a nice dinner.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

July 8, 2010

A Wish

I have been seeing quite a few number of baby arrivals in my FB friends. In fact, a dear friend posted pictures of his baby number two yesterday. I am happy for him. He's got a girl and a boy already. The perfect pair and the ideal number of kids in today's modern world (at least in my opinion).

I would love to have a baby girl.....one day....someday.....

I have to admit, everytime I see a baby girl, I feel a tug in my heart.

But I know we couldn't have another baby....yet. Hubby and I agreed that we'll talk about having baby number two when we are finally settled in one place. Right now, we move a lot. And having two kids will be difficult.

Our current plan is to move back to Manila after three years. So in three years time, I'll be taking prenatal vitamins again. Maybe.

Plans change. Life happens.

We'll see.

July 7, 2010

Types of Parents

To save on gas, I decided to wait for hubby yesterday to come out of his office at 5:30pm so we could go home together. Since it was still 5pm, and I hate, okay, dislike waiting, I went to Monument bookstore first.

I guess it was a bad decision. While we saved on gas, I spent more by buying two books. LOL!

Anyway, I bought Seven Secrets of Successful Parenting and Eat Pray Love.

I have skimmed the book above and on the first pages it's about the 7 Parent Types. Here they are:

1) The Pause Parent - They don't overreact in a crisis. They know they can reduce emotional temperature much faster if they keep their cool and give themselves time to think things through.

2) The Cheerleader Parent - They know that it's more effective and a lot more fun to motivate children with praise rather than criticism.

3) The Tuned-In Parent - They know that the way thier child feel affects the way she behaves, and that feelings are often the root cause of bad behaviour.

4) The Physical Parent - They know that if their child has enough exercise, good food and sleep, life is more pleasant.

5) The Sorted Parent - They know that when they stay one step ahead of their children, everything is much easier.

6) The Commando Parent - They are good at being in charge and everyone knows where they stand with them.

7) The Laid-Back Parent - They let their children do a lot for themselves. They trust their children's judgment and encourage them to develop their independence.

I can't decide which type of parent I am. LOL! I guess each parent type has its pros and cons. But the laid-back parent type sounds cool.

To parents, what type of parent do you think you are according to the above? =)

And to single, still planning to be a parent, what type of parent do you think you'll be? =)

July 4, 2010

New Abode

We bid goodbye to our one-bedroom apartment and said hello to a 4-bedroom apartment yesterday.

We did not hire any moving services because we thought we didn't have a lot of stuff to move. After all when we moved here in Cambodia last year, we only had 3 big luggages and 1 big DHL box we used to ship EJ's toys from Malaysia to here. One year later, it turns out we had accumulated a lot of stuff without really noticing it.

Anyway, we were really drained yesterday. We cleaned the apartment and arranged our things from 10am to 5pm. I think I burned about 5,000 calories. LOL! If only I burn this much calories everyday then I don't have to think about using Lipofuze.

This morning, hubby and I had the much needed massage at Bamboo Spa (Street 282, Phnom Penh). As usual it was great!

Now, we are enjoying camote que while watching Tricky TV on Carton Network.

It seems we've settled in quite easily in this place.

July 3, 2010

I Won!

Do you regularly check your junk/spam folder? I do. And for good reason. I've had many important mails being directed to my junk folder.

Yesterday's junk emails include this:

"Dear Ms. Josiet,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners of a Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-It in the Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) Raffle Promo. With the eSOA facility, you now get to enjoy easy access to your BDO Credit Card Statement of Account just by logging-in to www.bdo.com.ph. Delivery of the item will be within 15 working days to your billing address..........."

Yayyyy!!! This is special and a cause for celebration, even if it's just a Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-It. Why? Because I have never won anything from a raffle draw ever!

I am ecstatic. LOL!

By the way, this is Banco de Oro's promo. By enrolling your statement of account online, you are entitled to one raffle coupon.

What about you guys? Have you won anything from a raffle draw?

July 2, 2010

The Many Faces of EJ

We were aboard the junk (boat) and cruising Halong Bay in Vietnam when EJ asked us to take a picture of him.

"Mom, Dad, take a picture of me." And he suddenly posed for us. We did not coach him. It's all his doing.

Hubby and I had a whale of a time taking his pictures. Hubby used his Nikon SLR and I used my Canon digicam.

And EJ seemed to love the camera and attention he got from the other passengers on board that he kept on posing for several minutes more. LOL!

They say having a kid makes you age faster. But I disagree. I've had more laughter and happy moments when I had EJ. He's like my wrinkle creams that really work. And that's the truth.

My favorite picture of the bunch is the first photo and..oh the last one. He's just too cute for words. Hehehe!

Paintings on our Wall

They may not be Picasso's but I treasure these "paintings" that currently adorn our wall.

EJ loves to draw and color. I've lost count of the number of papers and drawing books he's finished.

The Never Ending Promise

A friend has started her 'diet' one week ago and she's already lost considerable weight. I am happy for her and at the same time I am also jealous. Hehehehe. I need to lose weight too!

With the way I eat lately, it is no surprise that my clothes doesn't fit me anymore. Truth be told, I wear my dresses more often now, not because I want to feel and look girly but because my jeans are too tight and they make my unwanted bulges look very pronounced. Ugh!

Last year, I was happy with my weight. I was not skinny (and will never be) but I had no complains about bulges in the tummy and I could easily find my size in the shops. But now? I don't think so.

Have you heard about alli weight loss? I heard they've had amazing results but I am not sure if it is available here.

But no, I think I'll do it my friend's way. No carb for two weeks. For two weeks? Yes, for two weeks!!!

Could I last that long without carbs? I could foresee some major migraines already. LOL!

If my friend can do it, I sure can.

However, I am busy this week with the moving and all so I will just start my diet next week. LOL!

Grateful Friday #5

Let's all end the week with appreciation and thanks. Here's mine.

I am constantly grateful I can stay at home with my son and still do my work.

We're moving to a 4-bedroom apartment tomorrow, it's completely furnished, with all the furnace filters replaced with new ones. The rent is the same with our current 1-bedroom apartment.

I may whine about our helper and driver occasionaly but I also know they make our life easy. And I am constantly grateful we have them. I promise myself I would be more patient and understanding.

I am lucky to have a husband who listens patiently to my daily rant. I know it can get annoying most of the time but hubby has never ever complained. Thanks hon!

I am thankful and repeatedly so for our mini travels. It's always an enriching experience.

Lastly, the weather has been nice lately. It makes for a nice coffee experience at home or at a coffeeshop.

Happy weekend everyone!