September 30, 2010

Into Signs

EJ loves cars and speed. It has not dimished over time. In fact, when you ask him, what he wants to be when he grows up, he'd still say he wants to be a race car driver and a teacher. The teacher thing, we are still puzzled where he got it.

His other interest lately are signs. It can get a bit annoying.

Whenever he sees a sign or what he thinks is a sign, he'll stop and ask you to read/translate it for him.

He knows a lot of road signs now. No left turn, no right turn, no U turn, no blowing of horn, stop, go, slow down, etc, etc.

In the airplane, he knows the seatbelt sign, the no smoking or stop smoking sign, toilet/lavatory, etc.

I said it can get annoying sometimes because even if we are in hurry, he'd stop you and tell you what the sign is if knows it or if he doesn't, he'd ask you to tell him what it is.

But for the most part, I find it cute. I was like him when I was about his age. Always curious about things. Maybe he takes after me. Shhh, don't tell hubby. Hahahaha!!

September 26, 2010


After a very tiring day at Sentosa, we went back to our hotel and freshened up. Our original plan was to go to Marina Bay Sands and have dinner there. But I was really tired and just wanted to eat somewhere close.

Hubby suggested Chatterbox. I have read several reviews of the place. It's an award winning restaurant and Chatterbox is almost synonymous with Mandarin. Since we were staying at Mandarin, why not?

The hungry diners.

I ordered Chicken Rice, of course. I wanted to try the famous and signature dish of the restaurant. It's so expensive at S$25++!

Hubby ordered Chicken Rice and Lobster Laksa! He's not really hungry. LOL! The Lobster Laksa was, if I am not mistaken, S$32++.

I wanted to order it for myself but I had Laksa overdose this month. Prior to our Singapore trip I had a couple of Laksa's in Manila. One was at Orchard Road in Megamall.

This was very tasty but the spices were a distraction. They should have taken it out before serving. The other Laksa I had was in Resort World in Manila. It was okay. And in Singapore, prior to Chatterbox, I had one Laksa at Food Republic somewhere in Orchard.

Anyway, back to Chatterbox, for EJ we ordered fried rice with chicken. It's the same one we ordered at room service.

I have to say, the Chicken Rice and Lobster Laksa were good but the star that night was the fried rice with chicken. The side chicken were crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

Next time I visit Chatterbox, I will definitely order this one for myself eventhough it's from the children menu. LOL!

Colorful people

Thought I'd share this picture of me with the "colorful people". This is in front of Ion Orchard, a shopping mall in Singapore.

This place always attracts people, including me. Hahaha!!! EJ and hubby has one too. And I saw from my friend's FB who are based or who have visited SG recently that they have a picture with this too. Hahaha.

Now, must go off to check the mattress for sale along Monivong. We need one for our kasambahay who's arriving this week. Hopefully she gets past the immigration. You know how hard it is to go through our immigration officers. It feels like we are not allowed to go out of our country. Just saying.

Back in the Penh

We're back in Phnom Penh.

Thank God Friday was a holiday here. Hubby has been wonderful. He's been such a great help with house chores and with EJ.

We arrived here with no helper. I gave away our old one to my friend. Hahaha. But it's all good. Anyway, our own helper is arriving on Tuesday. I hope and pray there'd be no problem with the immigration in Manila.

I have finished doing the laundry but ironing is a different story. I haven't even started yet. It's two mountainful of clothes to be ironed. Just thinking about it makes me lazy. Hahaha.

But I have cleaned the house already. Cleaning is my favorite house chore. My brother once said that if he were to grade me with cleaning, I'd get the highest mark. LOL!

I have also brought my new collection of jewelries to Oro Rosso. I thank God that someone likes my stuff enough to buy them. Last month I sold about 6 items. And the month before that I sold four. Thank God!

Today we went out to have lunch. I also did some errands. We bought some new cabinets, box cutter for my business, and we checked out IOne store, the authorized seller of Mac. I am planning of buying a new laptop. Hubby suggested I buy the Macbook. But I am not sure. We've had so many expenses these past two months, I don't think it's wise to spend some more. On the other hand, my compaq laptop is almost dying. Sigh.

I am glad we're back in Phnom Penh. I actually miss this place =)

September 22, 2010

Sentosa, 2nd Time Around

Yesterday, after the happy news, we went to Sentosa. We went there three years ago but EJ was only one year old then. He might have not remembered it. And what's nice about Sentosa is that they keep on adding attractions. So it's worth going back there again.

Side note, on the way to Sentosa, I saw this ad from a cab. It was simple and direct. It says: www.CatchCheatingSpouse.Sg. Hahaha! I poked hubby and directed him to the cab. But he was distracted by EJ so he didn't see it.

Two things on my mind. First, I will check this site when I get back to the hotel. LOL! Second, this company must have all the latest equipment necessary to catch a cheating person.

I have seen online how a voice changer and a sim card reader can easily catch your husband or wife if he/she is cheating. The sim card reader can read the deleted messages. Awesome, right? Hahahaha!!!

Not that I may need them one day, but it's cool to find out these latest technology advancement.

So, on to my Sentosa story.

We availed the Sentosa choice package. We paid S$36.90 each for adults and S$26.90 for EJ. For the Sentosa choice package you get to choose 3 + 1 from the attractions. We chose Fort Siloso, Tiger Skytower, 4D Magix and Segway Fun ride.

We didn't go to Fort Siloso because EJ was stuck in the beach playing sands. But that made him happy so what can we do?

We also did the Skytower before but we did it again because we know EJ would love it. The first few minutes though, but after a few minutes he warmed up and enjoyed the experience.

The 4D magix was scary for EJ. It was a Pirate movie and some parts were a little too much for EJ. We adults had fun though even if we got a little wet.

Segway Fun ride was cool. I actually loved it. EJ tried it on for a few minutes but got scared after.

Here are some of our pictures.

This is on the way to The Merlion.

At the Skytower, scared at first..

Enjoying the experience a few minutes later..

View from the tower

This is way too fun! I loved riding this.

While EJ is playing in the sands..

..his mommy and daddy were busy having a photo shot!

This is at the Merlion Walk

September 21, 2010

Thank You, God!

We just came back from the hospital. The final and complete result of EJ's tests are out.

First, EJ has Follicular Lymphoma. It's the same findings from The Medical City. It's a very very rare case, especially for children.

Second, the follicular lymphoma is localised. It has not spread to other parts of his body, according to EJ's PET scan.

Third and the most important thing, EJ does not need chemotherapy or any form of treatment. The orchiectomy or the removal of the mass on his testis which was done in Manila was already enough.

Thank God for this wonderful news!

Before going to the hospital today, I had so many worries. I did not want EJ to undergo chemotherapy. It would have been very very difficult for him. I've personally seen what the side effects of chemotherapy are from my mother. Bless her soul.

Of course, we still have to be watchful and careful. Any lumps in the neck or groin area that we feel uncomfortable, we need to see the doctor right away.

But aside from that, there's no need for any more tests or follow up check up.

Thank you God for hearing our prayers.

And of course, I want to say thank you to all of you for your continuous prayers for us and for EJ. Thank you so much!

We will be going back to Phnom Penh tomorrow a lot poorer. Hehehe. But it doesn't matter. Money can easily be earned, right?

Thanks again for your prayers.

September 20, 2010


For a change, we ate at Mc Donalds tonight. Since we arrived we've eaten nothing but Asian dishes: laksa, fried rice, mee goreng, nasi goreng, thai style pork chop, sweet and sour fish, etc, etc. You get my point right? Hehehe.

Anyway, there was this group of teenager boys. Or probably younger. I couldn't be sure. They were loud and happy kids, exchanging banters and poking each other. When I got near them, I heared one kid say to another "hey man, can i borrow SGD2?" the other one replied "no dude, you don't know how to pay!"

I almost laughed out loud! Hahaha! Kids these days know how to borrow money? Wow!

A few years from now, EJ will be their age. Will he also borrow money from his friends? I'd probably be looking for acne treatments by then if he gives me all those kinds of problems. LOL!


Tomorrow, we go to NUH again to see EJ's doctor. Hubby talked to the doctor already this morning. The final result is not in yet. Although he gave us an idea what to expect.

The results look positive. I mean positive for us.

I will explain everything once we get the confirmation tomorrow. I am so thankful to God for hearing our prayers. He's good and he knows what's best for EJ.

And thank you everyone for including us in your prayers. It really means a lot to us.

Thank you.


I have finally finished sorting out our photos. And I have posted the pictures at facebook.

We went to Merlion Park last Friday. I totally forgot it was a Friday, but thank goodness the traffic was light. I remember three years ago, we were stuck in some malls's taxi stand from 8:00pm-11pm. The traffic was so bad and there were no taxis available.

Anyway, as I have said I posted these pictures in my facebook account. A friend commented on hubby's picture: "Mare, hiyang si kapatid sa alaga mo kase nanaba ng sobra."

I relayed this message to hubby and this prompted him to ask "what are the diet pills that work? I wanna get one now! LOL!

That's the famous Marina Bay Sands at the background. I toyed with the idea of staying there for the remaining of our stay but at the last minute decided to just stay here at Mandarin because I am too lazy to pack our things. Hehe.

Hello Merlion, we see you again!

September 19, 2010

A Day at USS

The filipino doctor we met at the hospital when EJ was having his tests, advised us to have our Universal Studio trip arranged by the concierge at Mandarin Orchard where we are staying. She said, tickets are usually sold out at the venue.

So that's what we did. The concierge arranged it for us. We paid SGD72/adult and SGD50 for EJ. One way transfer was already included.

When we arrived at around 10am, the entrance line was very long. And there was no line at the ticket station. True enough, the ticket for that day was sold out. Good thing we listened to the doctor. Hehehe.

The line moved fast but if you don't want to queue, I suggest you go there with your ticket around 11am. There was no more queue.

And by the way, before proceeding with the tour, don't forget to get your food voucher worth SGD$5/person and retail voucher worth SGD5. Sayang din!

Don't worry about getting lost, you won't. And if you do, just look up directory submission services somewhere in there =)

If you forgot to bring the stroller for your toddler, don't worry there's a stroller/ride for rent. We rented this single for SGD10, valid for one whole day.

With the Streetboys after their performance.

Theme parks like this bring out the kid in us, don't they? I had fun. Hubby did. And most especially, EJ had a great time.

The monorail at Sentosa going to Vivo City was free! So we rode the monorail and from Vivo City we just took a cab going back to the hotel.

It was a beautiful day spent well with my boys.

Water and Fun

It was really hot yesterday at the Universal Studio. About 10 meters inside, EJ complained already. He said he was tired already. So we rented a stroller inside. It was SGD$10. We gave him a cold iced peach tea and he was pacified while we strolled around.

And then we saw this fountain. He went down the stroller and was content watching it.

Little by little though, he moved closer to the water, tentatively checking it...

Then, he tried taking off his shoes....

Played with with shoes for a while....

Not content anymore and because kids were also getting wet, he joined in the fun!

We let him get wet. As mentioned in the previous post, it made him happy. We just bought a towel, new shirt and new shorts for him.

Seeing him having this fun and playing with other kids = priceless.

Just a side note, I saw a lot of people fully covered or fully protected from the sun. I can't blame them. It was really hot. But sometimes a little bit of sunshine on our body won't hurt us. It might even be the best acne treatments that work. Yeah, it's true. A little sunshine might help with acne. I have read that somewhere.

Anyway, here is EJ a few minutes after.

September 18, 2010

Bright Saturday in Singapore

God answered our prayers today. The sun was out the whole day. We were able to go to Universal Studio Singapore.

It was hot, hot, hot. We were sweating like pigs. LOL!And if I walk as much as this everyday I won't be needing any fat burner pill. Hahaha.

I am still sorting out our photos. Here's what I got so far.

On the upper right most part of the collage, you can see EJ having a blast at the water fountain. We let him play and allowed him to get wet because he really seemed to have a great time. There were other kids who played there too and got wet. I just bought a towel and a new shirt and shorts for him. What's a few bucks to your son's happiness, right?

I have so many photos to post later. Thank God, we have free internet here in the hotel.

September 17, 2010

A Forest Within a City

The last weekend before EJ and I flew here to Singapore, my siblings and I went to La Mesa Eco Park. I've heard about this ecopark and I was curious to see it for myself. My brother and sis in law have been there before.

So at 6AM on a Sunday, we drove to Quezon City. We brought along food and drinks with us. But for breakfast we stopped at Jollibee.

Road trips even a short one like this is always fun. I do love going out with my family. Hopefully we can travel out of the country together soon. That would be super fun!

The entrance fee at the park was Php50. Kids below 3ft were free. The cottage was Php500. There were many activities there like wall climbing, zipline, boating, swimming (in the pool), etc. But we were there to relax. And besides we had kids with us.

What's the best appetite suppressant for women? It's fairly obvious that I have gained a lot of weight. I just couldn't control my appetite when I am in Manila. Sigh. Anyways, this was the steps going to the La Mesa Dam. But of course it was gated so you can't get too close.

The kids had a grand time also! It was fun to see them had a good time.

The inside of the park was very relaxing. I even had a nap in the cottage!

I am happy they are preserving this park. It's a nice to know we have this park and not just gigantic malls around the city.

Resort World Cinema

Last Tuesday before going to the airport for our flight to Singapore, we watched Despicable Me at Resort World's new cinema.

For Php450, it was an awesome movie experience!

The seats were huge and can be fully reclined. We had unlimited softdrinks (cokelight is available in case you were wondering), and unlimited popcorn (plain, cheese and baconflavors to choose from). And the best thing of all, we had the cinema all to ourselves! It's new so probably people haven't heard of it yet. And even if it's only the four of us inside the cinema, the temperature was just right. They probably have something like home heaters if ever it get's too cold.

Here are the pictures.

That's my brother, EJ and my sister in law. Look how huge and comfortable the seats are!

The attendant taking our orders. Free popcorn and softdrinks! And unlimited!

At first, EJ covered his ears. He said it was loud. By the way, this is EJ's second cinema experience. The first one was in Bangkok.

When the popcorn arrived, he forgot how loud it was inside. Hahaha!!!

I also had to take a picture of their toilet. It was very nice. The soap dispenser was also equipped with motion sensor. For me, that was amazing. LOL! I am used to seeing an automatic faucet but not the soap dispenser. Hahaha!!!

By the way, Resort World is the one in front of Terminal 3.