October 29, 2010

Puto Cheese Na Nga!

I've mentioned that I am currently a tad obsessed about making puto cheese. I am like this. I couldn't stop until I get it right.

In my humble opinion, I think I got my puto cheese right on my fourth trial. Here's how it looked like.

It's not yellow anymore but white-ish.

Moist and a bit fluffy.

There are so many recipes on the internet. Google it and you'd get an overwhelming result. I've tried the one with a lot of egg whites. But since I don't have an electric mixer, my poor hands were sore even before the egg whites reached its stiff peak. Until I have an electric mixer I will stay away from that recipe. For the mean time, this one is already okay with me.

Here's the recipe. This is a modified version from what I got in the internet.

1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup fresh milk
½ cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 egg
3 tbsps melted butter

1. Sift the flour. Add the other dry ingredients except the cheese and mix well.
2. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Gradually add milk until homogeneous.
3. Add the melted butter and mix well.
4. Place enough amount of batter in a puto moulder and steam for about 10 minutes. You know it's cooked when you stick a toothpick and it comes out clean.
5. Sprinkle grated or thinly sliced cheese on top and steam for 1 minute or until cheese melts.


I will make one batch again this weekend. Baka kase tsamba lang. LOL!

Happy Friday!

It's nine thirty Friday morning and I am here at one of my favorite coffee shop, Brown Coffee, sipping my Iced Mocha. Hubby is having a massage at Bamboo Spa and EJ is in school.

What a beautiful day! And it's a holiday too.

We had an early start today. Woke up at 6am, after breakfast we dropped EJ at school. Then hubby and I went directly to Russian Market to have some retail therapy. And what a therapy it was! We were in an export over run store and we got crazy when we saw GAP, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, etc at super low prices! I think we bought about more than 10 pieces and our bill only run up to a little over 100 bucks. Great deal. Even hubby agrees.

This day is really shaping up to be a great one. And the weather is great too. It's sunny but it's cool outside.

After hubby's massage, we're going to look for an additional cabinet for EJ's toys and I am going to look for a Grohe faucet.

We'll pick up EJ from school and then have lunch. Later on, we'll look for EJ's Halloween costume for tomorrow's event in their school.

And a little later, we'll go to a bookstore. I am sure EJ would love that.

I wish it's like this every Friday. Unfortunately it's not holiday every Friday so we'll just take advantage of today.

Happy Friday everyone!

October 28, 2010

Food Trip Friday 02

Hubby and I have Friday night dates. And last Friday, I was particularly craving for french fries and a pasta. At the last minute I followed my pasta cravings. We went to an Italian restaurant which was highly recommended by my two Peluka sisters, Pop Cafe.

It's small restaurant by the riverside and it has a homey feel to it. When we went inside we were the first customers. We felt like we were intruding in someone's family kitchen. Hahahaha!!!

But after a while more customers came in. Before we went out, the place was full. Anyway, this is what we ordered.

A thin crust pizza with ham and mushroom

Riggatoni Meatballs for hubby and Spaghetti Carbonara for me (I don't have a picture of it because my battery died down).

The pizza was good but the pasta were so-so. I remember, when I was pregnant I used to eat a lot of pizza and of course best prenatal vitamins. Ohh, those were the days when I could eat almost anything without worrying about getting fat. Because I was already fat! LOL!

October 27, 2010

Puto Cheese, Puto Cheese

I am currently obssesed about making the perfect puto cheese. I've done about 3 jobs of it already. I've made one that prompted hubby to say, "pwede na ibenta". It was this:

But for me, it was still mediocre. I wanted it fluffy. And I also couldn't make it white-ish. It always turns yellow. Ugh!

I've tried a couple of recipes now. One with whole egg, and the other with only egg white. But still, they're not good enough. One was so flat, it almost looked like kuchinta. Hahaha! The other one had a very prominent bitter taste. I guess I put in more baking powder than necessary.

Maybe the problem is with my steamer. I think I need to buy a cheese cloth to cover the pan so the steam won't go to the puto mix.

I will try again this afternoon. I am hoping I will get this perfect. Practice cooking can be expensive, I cannot afford to waste so much flour.

October 24, 2010

Coffee and Saturdays

A trip to a coffee shop is always more fun if EJ is with us. It's not just coffee and sandwich anymore. It becomes a riot inside the coffeeshop. Hehehe.

We were out running errands yesterday and EJ as always is with us. At 3pm, we got hungry and decided to go have a snack. Since I have a free coffee to claim from Gloria Jeans, (for every 10 coffees, you get 1 free on your next visit) we went there. Aside from great tasting lattes and frapps, I love it that I have a freebie after I complete the card.

This is actually my 5th free coffee! My friend pointed out that it means, I've had 50 coffees already. Oo nga noh? Hehehe.

The coffee shop was actually noisy inside with kids from the school in front of it having a mini conference inside the coffee shop. Or maybe a dating conference? Hehehe. But we had a world of our own. Or more like EJ had a world of his own. Ayaw patalo sa mga big kids. Ang gulo din. Hehehe!!!

Sino kamukha ni EJ?

I tried their Voltage. It wasn't as good as their cookies and cream frapp. The bacon, egg and cheese sandwich though was yummy! Now, I am craving for one.

How's your weekend?

Red, White and Yellow

I never knew gardening could bring this much happiness in my heart. Really!

This morning, we had several flowers in bloom. I cut it out not because I wanted to display it in my vase but I wanted to trim the plant itself. Since the flowers don't have long stems, I put it in a clear bowl and put it in our center table.

What do you think? Hubby said, he feels like he is in a spa. I think that's good. Hahaha.

Today we bought two more flowers. More pretty flowers in the coming days. That's gonna be exciting!

October 22, 2010

Food Trip Friday 01

This is my first time to join Food Trip Friday. And I am posting an old picture. I hope this is alright.

The healthy buffet from Sonya's Garden: unlimited greens, mango, melon, corn, cheese, wheat bread, dips, nuts, and other side dishes.

Right there is the complete and healthy food. But for those wanting to build muscles, I think you'd still need some bodybuilding supplements.

Not in the picture is the spaghetti with your choice of sauce and salmon. I love salmon. It's my favorite fish.


This post takes too long to get published because my internet is acting up. I will visit the other links later. Thanks! Happy Friday!

October 21, 2010


I really married the right guy. I am stating a fact. It's not a reassurance, okay? Haha, defensive!

You ask why? Well, we do have the same likes. Ayun pala! Hahahaha!!! Seriously though, having the same likes makes our lives easy and fun. We even obsess together about this diet pills for women. Shhhh....LOL!

Speaking of the same likes, currently we both like to tweak our little garden. Okay, it's really not a garden. It's mostly pots with flowers and plants only. But we do like to spend a little time here.

Last Saturday we bought some more flowers and planted it on the pots. It's looking nice, if I may say so. Hubby is planning to buy orchids. We just don't have a place for it yet.

Inside the house, we do have some live plants as well.

The cactus with the orange flower is really pretty. I love seeing this every morning.

This Saturday, we're going to another nursery to buy some more plants and pots. It's going to be a happy gardening for us.

Versatile Blogger

Thank you so much to Pinay Mum for sharing this award to me. I am not versatile but with this award I will try to be versatile from now on. Hihihi.

The Rules:

1) Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2) Share 7 things about yourself.
3) Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.
4) Be sure to let the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.

And now, the difficul part, seven things about myself. Hmmmmm...

1) Currently obsessed about Smallville Season 10. Lois and Clark make me sooo kilig =)
2) I love to exercise. Wow, that's surprising! Hehehe. Seriously, I am lazy most of the time but I love a great workout. I am back to regular exercising again.
3) Been a SAHM for almost 5 years now, which simply means I cannot avail of any payday loans anymore. LOL!
4) I love to eat. It's fairly obvious in my body. Hahaha! I am a pretty adventurous eater I'd say. No insects or any weird looking creature though in my plate.
5) I try to be creative in most things like, cooking, budgeting, decorating the house, etc, etc.
6) I love fashion. But fashion does not love me. LOL!
7) I like going to the bookstore, it makes me feel smart. Hahaha!!!

Now, I am passing this award to my Peluka Sisters: Lui and ZJ.

Ate Elms, if you aren't too secretive about your blog, I would have passed this award to you as well. Hehehe. Common, give us the url of your blog already!!!


That was the date yesterday. I also never noticed it until a lot of my FB friends posted it as their status. One was hoping it would bring her luck, and it did! She just confirmed it today. Oh how lucky is she.

Mine was a blah day yesterday. Depression crept up on me. But I got over it the minute hubby arrived home from work. Actually I texted him to come home earlier than 6pm, his usual arrival time from work. And he did! He was home by 5:54pm. LOL!

I don't know what happened. I had a good workout in the morning. But by lunch time, I was feeling down.

Maybe it's the effect of my dieting. Sigh. Or maybe it's the weather. It's been dark and gloomy lately. I like it because it means it's not hot. But my mood's affected. Sigh.

But everything is sunny once again today. The sun is out. It's hot but I am not complaining.

Here's hoping I will be productive today.

Happy Thursday everyone.

October 17, 2010

BBQ Chicken PP

There's a new "fast food" in town. It says it's Korea's No. 1 Chicken Restaurant. And we just had to try it. LOL!

We were in Sorya Mall this morning to have my Canon camera fixed. After we had my camera repaired, we went straight to BBQ Chicken for lunch.

My friend Lui, blogged about this already and it only registered in my mind when we were ordering already because we had the same order as her's, the promo set called Pchum Ben 1.

I was expecting small portions. But I was completely wrong.

Ceasar's Salad was yummy!

Olive Luxury Chicken. Big and crunchy and healthy too. It is deep fried in 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Korean BBQ. I love this one. Spicy!

Chicken cutlets. We were not able to eat this because we were already full. We had it packed for take away.

BBQ Chicken is not just another fast food chicken store. At least that's what they claim. They say they cook their food with olive oil, which has a lot of health benefits.

Anyway, I will definitely come back here again. Oh, and their Iced Tea was also delicious.

October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Ramblings

It's Saturday night. I am alone downstairs. Hubby and EJ are in EJ's playroom. I am tired but I couldn't go to bed yet. I am still downloading the latest Smallville's episode entitled "Homecoming". I told hubby and EJ that I am still working. Shhhhh...

It's 9:30PM, and dinner was three and a half hours ago. Yes, we eat early for dinner. It's almost always at 6pm!

I am now getting hungry and I am eyeing the chips we bought from the grocery today. Arrrrgggg!!! If only I have fat burning supplements in my cabinet, I would eat all the chips even if it's not mine. It's actually EJ's emergency/treat food. No, I don't let him eat junk all the time. I am not that bad. Hehehe. I let him enjoy some junk food once in a while. And besides he'd rather eat apple, mango or banana than chips. He's that good =)

I guess I should just boil some water and drink my green tea or maybe coffee. Hmmm...

We did a lot of errands today. We were actually all over town. But we made sure to stop by Gloria Jean's for a little coffee and cookie for EJ.

I am tired but I feel good knowing we've accomplished a lot today. Tomorrow, it's playtime! I am going to make sure of that.

I am almost done downloading now. I guess I should just skip coffee or tea or chips and head straight to bed.


Mini Garden at Home

Coming back to Phnom Penh, I was preoccupied with home decorating. I don't know what's up with that. I've rearranged the whole house and bought some more furnitures and home decors. And I've even planted flowers on our pots.

Please welcome my beautiful plants =)

We bought this rose with no flowers yet. After 4 days, we were surprised to see this beautiful yellow rose. It has no scent though. But it's a beautiful sight every morning.

Our chili plant. we bought it with fruits already and we've used some. A double purpose plant, hehehe.

We've assigned this anthurium to EJ. He is to water this everyday and take care of it.

I guess I have green hands after all. No plant has died on me yet. Hehehe. I am planning to plant herbs on the remaining pots. And I'd like a couple more of roses, a pink and a red. That would be nice.

October 15, 2010

Friday Night Ramblings

So tonight hubby and I went out again on a dinner date. A first after almost three months. Not complaining here. I just want to say it's nice to be able to go out again and have dinner together. I missed this.

We went to a Chinese restaurant tonight. I am happy to report that I was not tempted to eat rice. I only ate the steamed fish, soft shell crab and sweet and sour pork. Hahaha! Oh yes, I have been on a "no rice" every dinner diet for 5 days now.

While it's too early to say I have lost weight, I can however comfortably say that I "feel" lighter.

I am asking, no, begging hubby to do the same. But he says he never gets full if he doesn't eat rice.

Oh well. At least, I feel full even without the rice.

Aside from the no rice diet at night, I have been taking multivitamin supplements because I have also been eating less than the usual during the day.

If I could, I want to try the no carb diet for two weeks. My friend has done it. I think I could do it too.


Happy weekend everyone!

The Next...

...top model, male version...hehehe!

I asked EJ yesterday to pose for me. Look what I got. He really does know how to project for the camera.

I posted this in my facebook account and I got a lot of nice comments. More than anything though, I want EJ to grow up as a God-fearing, nice, well-grounded, smart individual. And of course healthy. Health is wealth after all.

There are moments when I am overwhelmed by his being. I mean, did he really come from hubby and me? How did we manage to raise him? Wasn't it only yesterday when we were kids ourselves? And now, we are raising our own kid? We really must be getting old. Hahaha!

October 12, 2010

Shabu-Shabu Phnom Penh

It's the first time today, after a long time, that I went out with all my friends here in Phnom Penh. We didn't have any itinerary as usual.

For lunch, we have a default restaurant. But today I suggested a new place to eat. Last Sunday hubby brought me to Shabu-Shabu and Sushi Buffet and I liked it. I wanted my friends to try it too so off we went there.

The reception area

The conveyor with a lot of stuff: green leafy veggies, tofu, thinly sliced meat, more veggies, noodles, etc. They just turned on the conveyor when we arrived.

Also included in the buffet are: fried rice, some fried stuff, fried noodles, bbq, kimchi, fruits for dessert, ice cream and of course sushi.

It's too bad the owner didn't want us taking pictures of the food. He didn't know we're actually promoting his place. The photos above are the only pictures I took before he stopped us. Oh well.

For only $7.80, with unlimited softdrinks as well, it's worth the trip. Oh, if you stay more than 1 hour and 20 minutes, you have to pay $1 for every extra hour.

Shabu-Shabu and Sushi Buffet Phnom
Blvd Samdach Sothearos, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Phone:+855 23 215 453

October 11, 2010

Back in School

"Mommy, I can't wait to go to school!" I was surprised when EJ said this. I was so used to hearing "Mom, I am still sleepy, I don't want to go to school."

Today, EJ went back to school and his enthusiasm cannot be contained. I was elated to see his reaction. I thought he'd make excuses again not to go to school.

We're hoping he will feel this way everyday and not just today.

I brought him to school and he was excited to see one of his bestfriend again. His other friend though is still in Owl 1. Both EJ and Osuke are in Owl 2 class. Osuke was also happy to see EJ. I was actually surprised he remembers EJ. They haven't seen each other for about 4 months or so.

It's actually the last week of Term 1 but I am glad Giving Tree took EJ in. EJ would have been disappointed.

So since EJ is back to school I have more free time in the morning. I should get back to working out or going to a yoga class at least one a week. The past couple of months has been spent worrying. Now I can get on with my life. Now I can be healthy again. I hope.


It's a dark and gloomy Monday morning today. I always say I don't like rain. But lately, I am loving it. With Phnom Penh's heat, a rain is always a welcome relief. I hope it won't rain hard or the whole day though, because, PP easily gets flooded. And when that happens, it's hard to get around the city.

Oh, that reminds me I have to go out again. Ate's unlocked phone is not working and I need to have it checked.

The rain is heavy now. I hope it's not flooded yet outside. Which reminds me of something again. I do need to buy rainboots.


Got to go. Happy Monday everyone. May this week brings us happiness and productivity!

October 10, 2010

East of Galleria Condo for Rent

My brother's condominium unit at East of Galleria is available for rent, preferably long term rent.

Some information about East of Galleria:

East of Galleria, a 45-storey tower, is located along Topaz Street, Ortigas Center. It is a walk away from major establishments like Robinsons Galleria Mall, The Podium, Shangri-La Mall, SM Megamall, MetroWalk, Home Depot, Cardinal Santos Hospital, Medical City, University of Asia and the Pacific, Poveda, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, EDSA Shrine,PSE, ADB, etc.

Building Facilties and Services
- Entrance lobby with reception/ security counter
- Three (4) passenger elevators
- CCTV monitoring of selected common areas
- Automatic heat/ smoke detection and fire sprinkler system
- Annunciator panel with emergency speaker at all floors
- Elevated water tank and underground cistern
- Standby power generator for common areas and selected outlet in each unit
- Individual mail boxes
- Central garbage room
- Building Administration Office
- Fire Exits
- Intercom per unit connected to the Security/Reception counter

My brother's condo is a 1-bedroom loft type unit. Price: Php24,000/month. For more details please leave a comment or email my brother directly at jedinktoner at yahoo dot com.

Here are some pictures.

Comes in Small Package

The long weekend is about to end. But it was a holiday well spent even at home. We were able to go out today because our driver is back.

I wanted to drive during the holiday but guess what, I forgot to get the key. Or maybe I purposely did it so I won't have to drive. Shhhh...Hahaha.

Seriously, driving here is a little insane. Just this morning, we saw an accident. A motorcycle and a car collision. I didn't look but hubby said it was bad. Before I drive here, I'd make sure I have even the cheap auto insurance.

Anyway, my post is actually about this little creature but has a lot of yummy goodness inside.

Just before the long weekend started, we went to Boeung Keng Kang market hoping to buy some seafood. Some stalls were closed and we weren't able to buy fish, but we bought crablets.

We sauteed it in butter and lots of garlic. It was oozing with cholesterol goodness. Hahaha!

Look what's inside....

Yum! Yum! Small but terrible. LOL!

A kilo of these small but yummy creature was 3,500 Riels (about $0.85). Cheap and totally satisfying.

Have you had crablets before?

October 9, 2010

Long Holiday

It's the third of the 4-day holiday here in Cambodia. It's the Pchum Benh Festival or the so called "feeding of the spirits of the ancestors". Locals go to the temple to offer food to their ancestors.

For the Pchum Benh Festival last year, we went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. But this year, we're staying home. The city is not really empty, there are a few who are left behind, including us. I expected it to be a dead town. But it's not. Hubby wanted to go to Sihanoukville but I am too tired to travel. We've had our fair share of travelling this year and it can get taxing at some point. Besides Sihanoukville is about 4-5 hour drive and I am not in the mood for that. All I wanted is to stay home and be a little lazy.

Well, I can tell you that I have accomplished both. We're just home and we did nothing but play Wii all day everday. Except today, we've run out of water and we had to go out. Hahaha!

I had plans of planting herbs and roses. Unfortunately the locals shops were closed since Thursday so I wasn't able to buy seeds.

Tomorrow, I plan to be productive. I am planning to have a garage sale sort of. Nothing major. Just some toys of EJ like his slide, a PSP and other knick knacks we've accumulated over the years but haven't been using. So tomorrow, I will segregate things and label those which are going to be sold and those which are going back to the storage area.

Happy weekend to everyone. Hope you're having a great one!

Entertainment for the Family

Okay, we're a tad late. But you know what they say about being late? Better late than never right? Hehehe.

So we bought a Wii last Wednesday, just right before the long weekend we're having now. We bought it in a shop in Sovanna Mall. We got a little discount because she said they were having like a pre holiday sale. If we bought security cameras, she would have given us more more. But what will we do with it? Hahaha.

When we were in KL, hubby bought a PS2 instead of the Wii. And guess what, we left it in the apartment in KL because we were already way over the baggage limit. Lucky landlord! If hubby bought the Wii then, I don't think I'd let him leave the toy just like that. Because I am loving Wii. Big time.

We might go buy the Wii fit. It would totally spice up the way we play plus we'd get "fit". Hahaha, I wish.

But really, I am totally in awe of the person who made this tiny tool box and made gaming highly entertaining and interactive.

I am already a pro at bowling (Wii),hubby and EJ are catching up though.

Now let me go back to Wii and practice more. I don't want the boys to beat me. Hahaha!

October 2, 2010


Christmas is less than three month's away. Have you done your shopping? Don't ask me! I always cram and I think I will always be that way.

But before christmas, it's hubby's birthday first. He has two birthdays, long story. His real birthday is on June but his birthdate on the papers is on November. So he's been celebrating his birthday every November. But ever since we've been together, we celebrate it every June. This year however, he wanted to celebrate it this November. How cool is that you get to choose when to celebrate your birthday? Hahaha.

So his birthday is less than a month away but I haven't got a clue what to give him.

I have been checking online sites and instead, I found some wedding anniversary gifts. I would love to give hubby this on our anniversary. Hahaha!!! I might receive the same from him. LOL!

We do like to celebrate our anniversary. Our first one was memorable. We went to the mall together. Went our separate ways to get dressed and buy pressies. Meet up for coffee and then dinner. Stayed overnight in a hotel =) I got a rose and a phone from hubby. I don't remember what I gave hubby though. I may have not given him anything. Hahaha. But definitely, I will buy him 10th wedding anniversary gifts. Yes gifts. By then, I will be able to afford more than one gift. LOL!

So back to his birthday, I still have no clue what to give. Hahaha!!!

No Rice

We just came back from a party hosted by hubby's Filipino colleague. And it was cholesterol overload! We had crabs, prawns, pork knuckles, sisig, kare-kare, etc. I had more than I usually have. And hubby, well, he ate way too much crabs. He even admitted it. He's actually trying to lose weight and I suggested he try some weight loss pills to jumpstart the weight loss process. But he always say he'll do it the right way.

He's planning to go on "no rice or no carb" diet soon. And I say, goodluck! Hehe.

Seriously, I think I will join him. I am not really a big eater of rice. So it must be a breeze to skip rice. Or is it?

We could start on Monday. That way we could prepare ourselves mentally. Hahaha!!!

I think I should document this thing and see how far we could go without rice. Hmmm..

October 1, 2010

Blue Collection

The new batch of jewelries I delivered to Oro Rosso were almost called a blue collection. Well, because they were mostly blue, Turquoise. Here's a couple of necklaces and one earring on display now in the shop.

I am loving the blue on gold effect together with the white freshwater pearl. Don't you? Hehehe.

I have a lot of pictures to post on Josiet Accessories soon. I am still busy with life at the moment. But will update it soon.