February 28, 2011

Flowers on a Monday

We just got back from KL yesterday afternoon. The four-day KL trip was nothing but fun and all food trip. LOL!

We met old friends from KL as well. It was a great coincidence that a friend's daughter was celebrating a birthday. So it was instant reunion for us.

I will post more about our KL trip, in the mean time, I want to post pictures of hubby's nature shots.

I was telling a friend in KL, how I love hubby's nature photos compared to his portrait pictures. I always complain whenever he takes my photos, it's either blurred or I am fat. LOL! I want a picture I can post on free online dating sites. NOT!

Seriously, hubby really do take beautiful pictures of nature. Portraits? Well, he needs more practice.

Here are the photos he took when we were in Les Lacs Fleuris. I love all these.

Happy Monday everyone!

February 20, 2011

Les Lacs Fleuris

We went to Les Lacs Fleuris Resort last Friday (it was a holiday here). It was hubby's idea. At first, I was hesitant. Hubby has been there once with his collegues and from the pictures I saw, I didn't quite like it.

But hubby was persistent and I realized I also needed to unwind. So I said okay, let's go there for a day trip.

Les Lacs Fleuris is just 7-8kms away from the city. And I am glad we went. It's near yet it feels like you're miles away from the city.

You can go fishing for $2 per person. Equipment are provided by them. You can go fishing as long as you want for the price mentioned. Hubby and EJ tried but they got nothing. Hahaha!!!

They also have a swimming pool. You pay $3 for adults and $2 for kids. The pool is not that big but it was clean.

They have a nice grill station and it's free. You only have to pay $1 per person for the food you bring in (corkage fee). We did bring our own food. We had crabs, prawns, tuna, squid, lean pork meat and veggies. We grilled it all (except for crabs which I cooked with butter and garlic). If you don't want to cook, you can order from the resort.

The whole gang, ready to eat.

They also have rooms if you want to stay overnight. This room is $25/night for two people. Free breakfast and use of swimming pool.

This room is $30/night for two people. Free breakfast and swimming pool too. I think it's a great price. I am definitely coming back here.

The place is also surrounded with beautiful flowers!

EJ had a whale of time running around, swimming and riding in this cow. LOL!

It was a fun afternoon with my family and friends. Will be coming back here again. For sure.

Les Lacs Fleuris
#628, O Ampeul street, Prey Eang Commune
Kieng Svay District, Kandal Province
Tel : (855) 11 333 688

February 19, 2011

Please Keep Safety by Your Self

Whenever I go on my many crazy diets, I notice I always have dark circles around my eyes. And I always get frantic and look for a cream that get rid of dark circles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But right after I gain weight, the dark circles just disappear on its own. I don't know what the relationship is between the two but I always notice it.

Anyway, here's something to take the frown off our face. Hubby saw this sign yesterday and showed it to me last night. It made me giggle. Hihihihi.

Have a great Saturday you guys. Let's all have a relaxing weekend!

February is Eating Month

It's the second month of the year and we still haven't stopped feasting. My gosh, hubby and I are ballooning out of proportions. It's really scary and unhealthy. We're now seriously thinking of trying the diets that work we saw on an ad a week ago.

Food from my friend's party one week ago. They invited us for a barbeque party. But they prepared food good enough for one whole baranggay. Hehehe. Thanks Z and R for a wonderful afternoon of food and fun.

Yesterday was a holiday here and we went to Phnom Penh's outskirts and had a "picnic". We had crabs, shrimps, fish, sausages, pork, veggies and noodles. It was another "food trip". My! Look at that siopao face of mine. LOL! The place we went to Les Lacs Fleuris, is a great hide away. Quite and cool. I will post more pics and stories later.

Now off to do groceries. No more beers for hubby and no more chips for me.

February 16, 2011


Hey guys, welcome to My Travel Folio!

I will be writing about my family's sporadic travels, travel experiences, accommodation, and dream travels/destinations.

Let's all travel the world together!!!

Lots of love.

Sarpino's Pizzeria Phnom Penh

Sorry another food post...

There's a new pizza house in the Penh! And the food are halal. The new place is called Sarpino's Pizzeria.

When EJ first saw the store, he said it looked like Luigi's Pizza store from Garfield show. Hahaha!! I made a mental note to check the store out as soon as possible.

Three weeks ago, we were craving for pizza and I suggested to hubby we try the new pizza house. So off we go to Sarpino's.

It's quite big inside. We ordered cheesy breadsticks..

DIY pizza with lots of cheese, pepperoni, beef bacon and mushroom.

Baked lasagna for EJ. So he knows what garfield is talking about. Hahaha!!!

And baked spaghetti.

I like it. Hubby said it's a little off for his taste, just because he wants a pork bacon and not a beef bacon. LOL!

Sarpino's Pizzeria
Norodom Blvd. (near KFC Norodom)

February 11, 2011

On My Mind Today

I love my life. But sometimes, I wish we're back in the Philippines for good. Expat life is exciting and fun. However, there are moments when you get tired of living "temporarily" and you want something solid and concrete. Hubby and I always play this game. Sometimes we give ourselves 2 years more of expat living. And then there are times when we think we'd do it for 10 years more. I don't know...One thing is for sure, it will all boil down to what we want for our future.


I should get something like a NC health insurance for EJ. After his accident last week, he has cough again. When will it ever end? I am getting tired and frustrated. Sigh.


Hubby was reading my forecast for this year. I am a Horse, by the way. Based on the forecast, I should have a great year. I would be jumping up and down if I haven't read another forecast last week. It says, I'd have more unfavorable month this year. So which is which? LOL!


I am so tired today. I need a massage, like a two-hour massage. I should have gone to a spa today. But I am too tired to move. LOL!


Wish your Friday is not as tiring and boring as mine. Enjoy!

February 8, 2011


EJ is home bound. I don't think he's liking it.

Last Sunday, we bought a second hand bike. We got it for $32. Pretty good deal, right? When EJ saw it, he wanted to ride on it with his dad.

Hubby obliged. They went for a quick spin while I went to get something from the bedroom. I meant to tell them to be careful and to remind EJ to put open his legs wide so it won't touch the wheel.

When I went down, they were back. Hubby was carrying EJ and said, EJ got a scratch. When I saw it, I panicked. It wasn't a small one and EJ looked like he was really in pain.

What happened was, his foot got inside the wheel. I don't know how, really.

We thought it was just a wound. By night time, he still couldn't stand on his left foot. When I checked, his ankle is swollen. And he was still in pain. We gave him paracetamol and I cleaned the whole mess with soap and water, put betadine and covered it. All the while, EJ and I were both crying. Hehehe. Poor, poor baby.

Last night, he took a bath sitting on a chair. Then we washed it again with soap and water. After I put betadine and gauze pad I wrapped it with a bandage. I've been diligent with "icing" his swollen ankle as well. Ang hirap pala maging nurse =)

Hopefully EJ can walk tomorrow already.

While cleaning EJ's wound last night, I told hubby how lucky EJ is. My mom is not here anymore and this is in no way in disrespect for her, because I loved her. But my mom was never the showy type. She's tough. When I got into accidents, she'd tell me "good for you" and left me to mend my own mess. Hubby said his mom is like that too.

So EJ is really lucky to have both his parent's attention, care and love. But guess what, I am also lucky to have him as my son.

To The Men Out There

Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't know. We just don't. But for those who do get into the groove of Valentine's Day, please don't forget to buy something for your girlfriend, partner or wife.

Here's my suggestion. A Turquoise and Pearl Earring from my collection. LOL!

It's a cultured freshwater pearl and a genuine turquoise with 14k gold filled earwire. You like it? Thank you =)

For those who have a lot of moolah, here's something very very nice. Valentine's day Diamonds for your girls.

Drool! Green is so captivating, isn't it? I'm planning to get one and convince myself it is an investment piece. Hahaha! It is, isn't it? If green isn't your favorite, you can choose from this different Eco color diamonds.

Aren't they pretty and gorgeous? I'd buy all of them if I could only afford. What to do? I am just a poor girl. LOL!

Advance happy valentine's day to all!

February 6, 2011

It's Almost Heart's Day

Really a lazy Sunday right now. So, as I was browsing FB, snooping on people's photos and conversation, hahahaha, I realized, it's almost VDay because people are already saying something about it on their status.

So being a good wifey that I am, LOL, I went to "look" what I could give hubby on Valentine's Day. Problem is, we don't really celebrate it. Hahaha!!! But just the same, I window shop for possible gifts. Here's what I found from red envelope valentines day gifts for husband.

A leather case for watches. This is perfect for the hubs. He's got several watches and he just put his watches wherever he feels like.

Another perfect gift for him. A two-layered compartment for all his litters. Hahaha!!! I don't like it when he puts his keys, loose change, and phones just everywhere.

BBQ Set. I think he'd love this one. He likes to grill and bbq food.

So do you celebrate Valentine's Day? And what do you usually give your loved ones?

From Sunday to Sunday

It's Sunday again. My week just flew by. And my last post was about what I saw in Sorya mall the previous Sunday.

Where did my week go? Hmm...let me see.

I can't remember! Hahahaha!!!

Kidding aside, I was really busy with my Personal Creations, I meant my jewelries. I have pulled out my jewelries in the other store. But thank God, another store - Subtyl is willing to display my items in their store. Now, my jewelries are on display in three different locations.

And since I work alone, I have to work double time to keep up.

I have orders from my friends as well. Thank God for friends. Hehehe.


It's a lazy Sunday here today at home. Hubby went to the spa in the morning while EJ and I did the groceries. After that, we all went to Sorya (again!) to have lunch at Korean BBQ. After lunch, we just went home.

EJ and hubby are both sleeping now. I am still too full to sleep so I thought of blogging a little.


Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend guys.