November 29, 2011

Eiffel Tower, Pretty and Romantic at Night

I know some people may not be that much impressed with the Eiffel Tower but for me, a first timer in Paris, a Paris trip won't be complete without visiting Tour Eiffel! I mean, it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "Paris".

Before planning this trip, I did not know that you can go up the tower. Only shows how little I know, right?

So yeah, you can go up to the first floor (accessible by stairs and/or elevator), second floor and third floor (by elevator only). The third floor is at the top most part. Since I have height issues I decided I can only go to the second floor (around the mid part of the tower).

I booked our ticket online to avoid having to queue at their ticket booth. The ticket costs 8Euro/adult and 4Euro/child.

Here are our pictures:

{EJ and hubby at the foot of the famous tower. EJ was so excited!}

{Tour Eiffel}

{As usual, it was all play for EJ. He did not feel the cold wind at all.}

I can hardly smile here. It was cold and windy! I was actually wearing a beanie here (which I purchased at the souvenir shop before going up) but took it out for the pictures because it did not match my outfit. LOL!

{My son knows how to pose!}

{View from the second floor}

{Another one}

{And another one}

When we went down, it was getting dark already. And they have lit up the tower. It's beautiful, right?

{Take one. EJ just couldn't stay put.}

{Take two. But before the shot was completed, he was already running. Sigh.}

My unsolicited advice: Go to the Eiffel tower late in the afternoon. See it up close. Then, stay there until dark so you can see when it's all lit up and blinking. Makes for a pretty and romantic sight!