November 27, 2011

Ice Cream and Boat-spotting at Seine River

Boat Cruise along the famous Seine River comes highly recommended by any travel expert for a Paris trip, especially to first timers in Paris.

It was tempting to do that. I actually almost booked a tour for us, just like I almost booked a New York flight ticket yesterday after I found cheap Deals on New York Flights online. But at the last minute decided against it because my son would probably: get bored, be asleep already (we're thinking of an evening cruise to appreciate the City of Lights that way), or if worse he might be scared to get on the boat.

So we did not go on a boat tour. Instead we went to buy a Berthillon Ice Cream and had it while boat-spotting at the Seine River until it got dark. In my opinion this was the best alternative to the boat cruise itself.

Seine River
Seine River. Still with some daylight.

Eating Berthillon Ice Cream
Eating ice cream while boat-spotting

Yummy Berthillon Ice Cream
You gotta sit down to enjoy the ice cream better

Seine River at night
Seine River at night. Mesmerizing.

Seine River at night
Seine River at night. Beautiful.

So, if you find yourself unable for some reasons to do the boat cruise, don't despair. There are other ways to enjoy Seine River without doing the cruise =)