November 25, 2011

Self Imposed Travel Ban

I know we just got back from a holiday (I haven't even finished writing about it here) but I can't help it if my mind starts to dream of another holiday. This travel thing is really addicting. No one has warned me.

After our recent travel, I did an accounting and it really did wreak havoc on our budget. So I am implenting a travel ban for our family for at least six months.

I know. Just thinking about it makes me sad. How about another Disyneland we were supposed to visit early next year? And how about the lanzarote holidays we were starting to plan for mid next year. Sob.

Photo Credit: Luc Viatour/

All these travel plans and wishlist will have to be put on the back side for now. We need to prioritize. We have some projects brewing and it is more important than those travels. My mind agrees but my heart is bleeding.

I guess the best thing to do right now is to make myself busy and productive so I won't have think about any furture travels.

I promise to write another post tomorrow regarding our EU travel.