November 29, 2011

What's the Plan?

Are you counting down days until Christmas? Or crossing off your gifts for christmas list?

I am not counting down. There is no need for that. My friends at FB are doing it for me. LOL! But seriously, I can feel that Christmas is near. We are still getting abundant sunshine but the wind is a little colder now. Grocery stores are filled with candy canes and chocolates of all sorts. And almost every establishment here have put up a tree or a Christmas decor. Christmas is really just around the corner!

I haven't started yet with my Christmas shopping list. It's a very short one anyway and I think I can do it in just a day's time. I hope. But my Christmas wishlist this year are mostly non material anyway. On top of my list is a wish for me and my family to be in very good health.

I am still undecided about our Christmas Eve. We might just go to a hotel and come home around midnight for EJ to open his gifts. Or I could cook. Let's see. I am waiting for the hotels around here to publish their dinner rates so I could make up my mind.

What's your plan for Christmas?