December 15, 2011

Another One in the 'Hood

Phnom Penh may not have the fancy big malls of the big cities but what we do have here is the abundant choices of coffeeshops.

The city maybe small but I think every corner has one coffeeshop at least. We are really spoiled for choice. We do have local and international brands.

One of the international brands that has arrived in Phnom Penh is The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

I am not sure when it opened but I am pretty sure it's just recently.

Last Saturday, we stopped by The Coffee Bean. It's in Phnom Penh Tower along Monivong Road.

I ordered a mocha latte, hubby had ice blended white chocolate and EJ ordered orange juice and brownie.

I liked the place because it's not crowded yet like my favorites - Brown (local chain) and Gloria Jeans (international chain).

I just hope they add more pastries. Last Saturday, their display cabinet was also bare.

I can see myself going back there for their ice blended fare.