December 13, 2011

Brussels Was Cold

I promised to write about our Brussels trip. But I am running late as it is already. So I will just make a short post, a teaser of sort.

I can carry the Atomium with one hand! Yeah, right! LOL!

Had to rest after all those walks!

As you can see in the pictures, I was already wearing gloves and brogues for my shoes. But I still felt the coldness pierce through my skin and bones. Yes, it was that cold! I should have followed my friend and bought minnetonka moccasins shoes she told me to buy but I was stubborn.

The temperature at that time was 9 degrees I believe. Too cold for me. I even cut short my visit to Mini Europe and stayed in a coffeechop because I couldn't take the cold anymore while EJ and hubby continued to explore the place.

For every mistake you make, you learn a lesson. And I did learn a lesson that trip. I should bring thick coats next time. LOL!