December 12, 2011

Chilly Monday and Monday Tales

What a great weather we're having here in Phnom Penh today! Well, actually it's been like this for over a week now. The temperature reads 27 degrees at the hottest and 23 degrees at the coldest. But it feels like it's 24 degrees all the time. It's cold. I haven't turned on the AC nor the electric fan at all the whole day. And it's still chilly. Wow! I am sooo loving it.

Anyway, EJ is just home bound today. He has dry cough and we decided not to let him go to school today. He looks fine but he keeps on barking, I mean, coughing the whole time yesterday. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow so he can go to school. It's their Christmas party!

EJ hasn't been sick for a while and I think the reason he is sick now is that he's over fatigued. He's been having play dates left and right last week I joked that his social calendar is busier than mine! LOL!

He had four play dates last week. The last one was in Monkey Business last Friday with Osuke.

EJ and Osuke never fight. I like that about them. They have been friends for almost three years now. So I guess they know each other well already.

This week I am cutting down EJ's social activities. We will go home directly after school and maybe let him entertain his neighbor/friends once this week.

So instead of finishing a lot of tasks today, I took the time also to just let my body rest. It's a great Monday actually. I am grateful.

I plan to finish posting about our recent trip. I still have to write about Brussels and Dubai. I hope I can do that this week.

Hope you're having a great start of the week guys. Let's stay positive and smile all the time!