December 13, 2011

Christmas Village at Le Duo 2011

Christmas is really upon us. For a non Christian country like Cambodia, it's surprising to see that every establishment has a Christmas decor. But maybe, I really shouldn't be surprised. Christmas has become so commercialized.

Anyway, a week ago there was a Christmas Bazaar at Le Duo. They have also done this last year which my friends and I joined.

This year, I signed up early thinking I would have time to prepare all my jewelries. Unfortunately, I got so busy and never had much time prepare. I was ready to give up on my booth when my friend took over.

She sold some of her items and asked me to sell some of my jewelries I have made already. It was a last minute effort but I am thankful my friend, Ate Elms took over.

She did a good job with the booth presentation. Thanks Ate Elms. You're a saviour!

This was our booth. My friend's items were some Christmas decors and wardrobe hanger (is this the correct name, Ate Elms?) We borrowed a chair for her helper who manned the booth for two days because I did forget to bring my metal step stools. It would have been useful at that time. Oh well.

Of course, I need to have a picture. LOL!

I only had a handful of jewelries on display. Sigh.

It was a successful event but I heard it wasn't as popular as last year. If we are still here next December, I would surely join the bazaar again and make sure I am well prepared.

This year it was a case of "do what you can with what you have". I am sure I can do better than that next time.