December 14, 2011

For Sale: Large Format Printing and Signage Business

My brother wants to sell one of his businesses, Large Format Printing and Signage Business, because he wants to concentrate on his main business.

Anyway, I am helping him spread the word. He is selling it for Php3.6M (Negotiable). Included in the price:

Mutoh 1604 Made in Japan;5ft print width
Seiko V-64S, Made in Japan;5ft print width
One(1) seaming machine Made in Germany
Two(2) sets of computers
One(1) printing software
CCTV cameras and recorder
Office furnitures(tables/chairs)
Hot and cold water dispenser
Two(2) 2HP Panasonic split type aircon
Existing supplies
Renovation cost
Permits and licenses
Tools and Equipment(welding machine etc)

More details:

~Monthly average net profit from walk-in sales Php50,000+
~Operational, audit systems & procedures to run the business are documented & in place
~Well-trained, courteous and honest personnel.
~Nice location of printing shop with unlimited growth potential.
~With technical support and credit terms from suppliers.
~Just take over the business and start to earn.

Here are some pictures from their office.

If you are interested, you can see the ads here. Or you can message me.

Thank you!