December 7, 2011

In the Land of Mickey Mouse

When we were planning our Paris trip, it was already understood that we will visit Paris Disneyland. I kept on saying that it's for our son. But on hindsight, I guess it's also for both hubby and I. After all, Disneyland is for everyone - kids and kids at heart.

Like the rest of our activities in this particular trip, I have already booked our Disneyland ticket online. I bought the ticket valid for 1 day in both parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The ticket price was 60Euro/adult and 54Euro/child (3-11yo).

Unfortunately, we were not able to even take a peek inside Walt Disney Studios. One whole day is not enough to explore two parks. So if you have more time, I suggest you allot two days - one for each park.

Paris Disneyland
Welcome to Paris Disneyland!

EJ reading Mickey and Duffy story
While waiting for our turn with Mickey and Duffy, EJ read the story behind Mickey and Duffy's friendship.

Big hug
Awww..big hug for Mickey!

With Mickey and Duffy
The mom and the dad need to have a photo with Mickey too. LOL!

Real snow or fake snow
My friend commented in my facebook page, is that real snow? I wish! It was just a fake snow. But it does look real in the photo, doesn't it?

Transpo at Disneyland
One of the transportation inside Disney.

Which way to go
Inside the maze. Which way to go EJ?

For love of cars
Love of cars. EJ and cars are inseparable.

Mickey, Minnie and Donald float
Mickey's float together with Minnie, Donald and Daisy.

Toy Story float
Toy Story float

Santa and his sleigh
Santa and his sleigh

Mickey show
Mickey show

Christmas tree at night
The big Christmas tree inside Disney

We went back to the city tired but happy. If we have more money and time, I would want us to stay there longer, probably three or four days.