December 18, 2011

It's the Week Before Christmas

Friday was the end of EJ's second term in school. Where did the time go? He's halfway through the school year already. One year and a half more and he'll be in grade 1. Wow!!!

Last Wednesday, they had a Christmas party in school. It was a potluck party and they invited the parents to watch their mini presentation.

They sang a couple of school songs and at the end of the program they sang Christmas carols. The kids were so cute.

After this party, EJ is so hyped up about Christmas already. I bought his gifts last Friday and had it wrapped in store. When I brought it home last Wednesday, he wanted to open it right away. LOL!

But the good thing about EJ is he really listens to us. We just told him that he can only open his presents on Christmas day. And if he wait some more, he might have more presents.

For now, he's ignoring the presents under the Christmas tree. But I, myself is so excited for him. I bought something he'd really love.

Are you finished wrapping your presents? Finished with the preparation?

We'll stay at home on Christmas Eve. Hubby wants to prepare Filipino food. On Christmas Day, we'll go to Sofitel for our Christmas Brunch and head on to my friend's house in the afternoon for a potluck Christmas party with friends in Phnom Penh.

Just like EJ, it seems I am so excited about Christmas also!