January 17, 2012

Batch '95 Reunion in Dubai

After our Paris trip last November, we dropped by Dubai for two days and two nights. If only I knew there were so many things to do and see, I would have booked our stay one or two days more.

What made our Dubai stopover more fun is that I got to reconnect with my highschool friends who are now based in UAE. Some are based in Abu Dhabi and some in Dubai. It was a reunion of sorts!

We all met at Dubai Mall for a dinner at Thai restaurant.

With batch '95 - Elvie, AN, Peter (cousin and a classmate), Hadz and Cathy.

Thank you so much guys for the dinner. We love Thai food! And the location of the place you chose was perfect.

EJ enjoyed the water fountain and light show!

Burj Khalifa at the background

After dinner, I went with my classmates to their hotel room while hubby and EJ went back to our hotel. The hotel they booked was near ours. Perfect thinking!

The night just whizzed by! Words continue to flow and laughter reverberated from one corner to the other.

It was a really great night! We would have continued our exchange of stories but it was getting late or should I say it was already early morning and they still had plans of touring my family around that day. So we ended the fun at 3AM.

Later that day, they brought us to Souk Madinat. I love this place! I wished we had more time to explore this place.

We also went to Atlantis...

...and inside The Lost Chambers Aquarium (will make a separate post for this in my travel blog). Atlantis photos courtesy of my cousin/classmate Peter.

And we ended our day with a dinner at Chowking in Jumeirah Walk.

It was so great catching up with you guys! Thank you so much for your hospitality. I wish we could have another of this again soon. I am all game for another mini-reunion this coming May. I hope it happens. I can't wait.


Whew! I finally finished disposing some of the items at home which we haven't been using anymore. Thank God for the yahoo group here in Cambodia. I sold our iPad2, computer cabinet, Canon digicam and some other knick knacks in a flash! What's funny is that people still email me if the items I posted for sale are still available. Hello, I sold them on the day it was posted. Yup, that's how fast it was. Now, I am thinking of selling my designer bags. If only I could convince hubby I don't need those bags anymore.