January 8, 2012

Encourage Kids to Read Early On

Yesterday, we were all over town running errands and doing some shopping. We actually have no plans of going to Monument Books (they also sell toys) but EJ requested to drop by. Since I was going shopping at Mango (they have a big sale of up to 70% off until 16th of Jan!), it was only fair that we do something that he likes.

But before going in the store, I told him we're not going to buy any more toys for him. Last month, he already bought several toys, not including our gifts and Santa's gift. I said, he could play with the display toys but no shopping for him. However, he could buy one book if he finds something he likes. He said okay. With books, we always stretch our budget.

True to his word, we left the store without any toys but with one book he chose. When we were home, he did read the book right away.

I am so proud of him because at five years old, he can already read. Hubby said, the teachers must be doing a good job of teaching the kids how to read. But I pointed out, not all the kids in his class can read like him. In fact, during our last Parent-Teacher meeting, the teacher was impressed that EJ can read well already. She said, EJ is an early reader compared to his classmates.

I told hubby, we should give credit where credit is due and that's ourselves. We did start reading to EJ when he was about 6 months old only. I can quite remember the exact time but I know I read to him when he was less than a year old.

The older he gets, the more books I read for him. I remember, I was already sleepy and EJ would say "read more, read more". I had no choice but to read more or ask hubby to read for EJ.

Even now that EJ can read on his own, hubby and I still read books for him especially if he requests us to read it for him.

I do love to read books. I used to read a lot. But the older I get, the less books I read. It's a pity really. But I plan to change that.

So, if you want your kids to love books, I suggest you start early. Habits formed early on are hard to forget. Also, let your kids see you reading your own book/s. It will encourage them to read more.

I am happy that EJ is a reader. Now, if only I could instill in him a love for numbers. LOL!