January 1, 2012

Good Morning, 2012!

How was your New Year's Eve celebration?

We slept through the new year's eve! LOL! But we had an early start. We knew that EJ could not last long through the night. And quite frankly, I also couldn't wait that long until the clock strikes 1 minute past 12 midnight of 2012. I am usually in dreamland at 8:30pm!

So we had an early dinner at home. In fact, it was only 5:30pm. But we were all very hungry at that time because we purposely did not have a full lunch. Hubby and I spent the afternoon preparing some dishes. Hubby did fried lumpia and pork barbeque while I made puto cheese and Pinoy style spaghetti.

Our very early NYE dinner at home! After dinner, we just watched movies, ate chocolates and chips and played EJ's new angry bird game.

EJ and I watching movie

Praying for a much stronger love and bond between hubby and I.

Caught in the act! Busy checking social networking sites. LOL!

Angry birds game in real time. LOL! EJ just can't get enough of it in iPad that he's also playing it in real time. But it sure is a fun game for the family!

At around 9pm, we were all sleepy and called it a night. But not before we threw some coins all over the house for goodluck!

I heard fireworks at midnight but I was too tired to wake up. I just slept right back.

Hubby and I woke up at 6am. We had coffee and afterwards I got started with the laundry and with this blogging. I want to be busy all year round.


I hope you all have a great time welcoming the new year. Here's wishing all my blogging friends a very Happy New Year and a year filled with laughter, magic and love. May God always guide and bless us.