January 11, 2012

Leap Frog DVDs

I just said in my last post that I wish I could instill in EJ the love of numbers because he seems like he's not too keen with numbers. But I think I was getting ahead of myself.

Last Saturday, we bought a Leap Frog Math Circus DVD for him along with other educational DVDs.

Leap Frog Math Circus

It turns out EJ loves watching it just as much as he loves watching his Leap Frog Learning to Read and Story Telling DVD. And he's having fun with it.

There's this game in the DVD where they are asked to answer addition and subtraction quiz. Surprisingly, EJ answered them all correctly. He did use his fingers to count. But it doesn't matter. I mean, I only learned addition and subtraction when I was in Grade 2 already. Might I hope EJ is a genius? Hehehe. Just kidding!

For a parent, I have high hopes for my son. But what's important for me right now is that he knows and feels that his parents love him. I think that is a very important thing for a kid to know while he/she is growing up.