January 31, 2012

Let's Choose to Smile

We cannot have everything but that shouldn't stop us from being happy, right?

I have always admired people who can write so well. Sometimes I envy them. But I realized however I try hard to make my posts so well-composed they still lack the magic the real writers have. So I stopped trying hard. Instead I focus on things that I am good at. Like organizing and planning things. I am really good at that. And to be honest, I am perfectly happier now than ever.

Happiness really is a choice. Challenges and trials are always there. It's all up to us how we face them.

I was talking to a friend over an impromtu coffee date yesterday and she said that it's a little hard to smile lately. I told her, you just have to. Choose to smile than to frown. And don't forget to count your blessings instead of counting your misfortunes.

Today, instead of going gaga over elo touch that I can't have, I am counting my blessings and things that have made me smile lately:

~ EJ discovered that fried garlic is yummy, he eats them like chips!
~ I have lost a total of 12kgs over the past 5 month (or is it 6 months?)
~ Hubby has followed my lead about living healthy, he's lost more than 5kgs
~ EJ loves fruits more than chips
~ Our good health
~ Our love for each other
~ Reduced electric bill (last month)
~ Opportunities to help and share
~ Luck with renting out our condo units in Manila

Let's remember that life is a blessing itself and so is our good health. Let's cherish and take care of it.

Happy Tuesday my dear bloggers all over the world!