January 23, 2012

My Homemade Sushi

My love for Japanese food has already penetrated into our home. Hubby likes Japanese food now. And I am hoping EJ will soon follow the lead.

Last night, I prepared a homemade sushi for dinner. It was my first try. So please don't laugh at my efforts. LOL!

Here it is.

It looks messy, I know. But for a first trial, the taste was okay. Just never mind the presentation. LOL!

I only used chicken, carrots and egg so EJ could eat as well. And he did. He said it was yummy.

I also prepared a french onion soup. Yup, it was an international cuisine for dinner at home last night. LOL!

I had fun preparing these food and I am happy that my boys eat whatever I serve them. I try to cook as much as possible now and avoid delivery and take away because we're trying to eat more of the unprocessed food. We want to eat healthy together as a family.

We eat more veggies and fruits now. Our bread is whole wheat and we're trying to shift to brown rice. For now, hubby and I eat brown rice sometimes. Hopefully, we will all eat brown rice.

This conscious healthy eating has made me lose more than 20lbs now since August of last year. I've been doing exercises too. Hubby just joined me last December and he has lost about 5kgs already.

A healthy us is what we aim for this year and beyond.