January 18, 2012

My Japanese Snack

EJ had a playdate with his classmate, Osuke in Osuke's house yesterday. On his playdates, I sometimes stay with him and have a chat with the mom. Sometimes, I also just leave EJ. He's at the stage where he doesn't need me to be with him 24/7.

Yesterday, I stayed in Osuke's house and I had a lovely time with Yuki, Osuke's mom. She served me sencha tea and red bean cake.

I love sencha or japanese green tea. I always drink it everyday. But nothing beats an authentic sencha served with an authentic red bean cake from a Japanese herself.

Oh, I was in tea heaven! And the red cake was so yummy! I love japanese food. And I hope I am going to experience japanese culture and authentic japanese food in Japan this year.