January 16, 2012

My Son and His Future Cravings

Please meet my current favorite snacks...

Sugar coated cassava with coconut.

Ever since I "discovered" this in Lucky, our local grocery here, I haven't stopped buying this. Sometimes, I feel guilty because it is loaded with sugar. And I mean, lots of sugar!!! By the way, they call this "sugar coated yam".

This has really become my guilty pleasure almost every afternoon. I buy one small pack which costs 50 cents and eat half only so I won't feel too much guilt. LOL! And then I eat the other half the next day. So that's 25 cents per day for my afternoon snacks. Not bad. LOL!

While growing up, we always have lots of rootcrops in our home. There's always cassava and sweet potato. But when I was young, I would rather eat chippy or cheese curls than this organic rootcrops.

But now, a bite of a cassava feels like heaven! I am now always craving for food which I ignored when I was young. Actually the craving now is more intense because cassava is not really so common here. I actually haven't found any cassava in the produce section. Only this cooked one.

Sweet potatoes don't come in truckloads either. There was one time, I was really dying to eat a kamote cue and when I went to the grocery, I could not find a single kamote. I even went to the local market but could not find any!

Last Saturday, while savoring my last bite of the sugar coated cassava, it got me thinking..What food will EJ miss the most from his childhood when is grown up already? What food will he crave like the way I crave now?

EJ is not a picky eater. He eats lots of fruits and veggies. He just sometimes doesn't like eating meat because it gets stuck in his teeth. LOL! But other than that, I can almost make him eat anything. But just like any kid, he loves ice cream. I always have an ice cream in our ref. Don't get me wrong, he eats ice cream maybe once or twice a week only.

Hmmm...so will he miss or crave for a certain flavor of ice cream when his grown up?

If I have my choice, I want him to miss or crave for my home cooked meal. Hahaha!!! Sounds selfish of me, right?

Well, I am just saying that when I am gone, I hope he remembers me for all the right reasons.