January 6, 2012

New Year Plans and Others

I thought by blogging first thing in the morning of 2012, I'd be blogging non-stop or at least I'd be blogging everyday.

Unfortunately, it's not the case here. The first week of January is almost over and I have only blogged once. So this post is about trying to make up or add at least one more post to the first week of January 2012. LOL!

How's the start of your year, so far?

If the last quarter of 2011 was crazy hectic for me, now it's a little bit slow the beginning of the year. I am still busy with the usual stuff - managing the house and some online work.

Hubby told me we should get some help, at least with the cleaning of the house and ironing the clothes. But I think I can still manage. I just have to manage my time well and make sure I don't get too tired, otherwise, it's hello migraine for me.

I am also finalizing our travel plans. There won't be a lot of travels this year as we are trying to save more. Our travels this year will just consist of 2 travels to Philippines and 1 travel to another country. We still haven't decided which new country it will be. But I guess, it's just within Asia.

And also I am trying edit our things. I just realized we have too much gadgets in our house. I am going to sell some like an iPad2 and a couple of my bags. LV Monogram Mini Lin Speedy, anyone?

So yeah, that's what I am busy with lately. I still have to post about our Brussels trip and Dubai trip. I need to be more efficient really with my time management.