January 24, 2012

Playdate at Home

I am having visitors later today. EJ has a playdate with his classmates and I have invited the moms to come over as well.

I am going to serve my guests (Korean and Japanese) some Filipino snacks. I bought halayang ube at a Filipino store yesterday and I have some Cebu dried mango as well. I just wish I have a keurig b60 coffee maker so I could serve them fresh coffee. Since I don't have a coffee maker, either I will serve them instant coffee (LOL) or I could offer them my green tea.

I hope they'll like the halayang ube and dried mango. Both are my favorites.


Life is much interesting with little uncertainties on the side, isn't it? Well, that's just me looking at things on the positive side.

It's a busy day today so this is a quick post. Have a great Tuesday everyone!