January 24, 2012

Please Hurry, April

Yesterday, hubby and I were discussing our planned holidays this year. One that I am looking forward to is the one this coming April. We are going to Philippines!

We will be there for three weeks only. That is so short a time when you're talking about a vacation at home!

So I asked hubby if EJ and I can go home earlier than him so we'll have more time in the Philippines. I assured him, we'll do video teleconferencing everyday until the day he joins us. LOL!

I can hardly wait to go home. I am planning our itineraries now and I would like to squeeze in a short stay at Davao. I have a couple of friends who have been inviting me to visit them. And I loved Davao! I want to see what's new in there.

Hubby on the other hand wants to go to Baguio. I'd like to go there too but I am not sure we have enough time because we are still going home to Surigao. I am excited to attend our town's fiesta again. Plus, there's going to be another mini-reunion with my highschool classmates. Well, I hope.

I wish it's April already.