January 13, 2012

Taekwondo..You Can Take it Slow

EJ has several High 5 DVDs and this blog post title is derived from one of the songs in the series. It's stuck in my mind. LOL!

Anyway, I had EJ try one class of Taekwondo yesterday. It's one of the afterschool program offered by their school.

I thought it's good for him and I'd have another 45 mins of free time. LOL! Seriously, I wanted him to have other forms of fun and exercise.

With the Taekwondo teacher

First day of class

I hang out for a few minutes and made sure he was okay. He kept glancing at me and giving me a thumbs up sign. Wow, good start! So I told him, I'd go out and come back later to pick him up. He said okay.

I actually just went to a nearby cafe and bought a blueberry smoothie for him as I knew he would get thirsty after the class. I went back to the school immediately.

The class was finished after 45 minutes. EJ was smiling when he saw me. I asked him if he enjoyed the class. He said yes. Do you want to go back next week for another class, I asked? No, it wasn't really that fun came the reply. Uh-oh.

I will talk to him again and see if he changed his mind.