January 11, 2012

Where to go in 2012?

I got this link from my cousin's tweet the other day. It's an article from New York Times. Of course I clicked the link. I am such a travel junkie. Let me share with you the places they mentioned. Here it is....

45 PLACES TO GO IN 2012:
1. Panama
2. Helsinki, Finland
3. Myanmar
4. London
5. Oakland, California
6. Tokyo - Hopefully we will be able to visit Tokyo this year. It's in the plans.
7. Tanzania
8. Chilean Patagonia
9. Lhasa, Tibet
10. Havana, Cuba
11. Moscow
12. Glasgow
13. Puebla, Mexico
14. San Diego
15. Halong Bay, Vietnam - Been to Halong Bay. It's mesmerizing!
16. Florence, Italy
17. St. Vincent
18. Moganshan, China
19. Birmingham, England
20. Space - Hmmmm... I am not sure I'd like to go to space. LOL!
21. Kerala, India
22. Paraty, Brazil
23. Koh Rong, Cambodia - I wanna go here!
24. Vienna
25. Chattanooga, Tenn.
26. Dakhla, Morocco
27. Maldives - Lived in Maldives for three years.
28. Malacca, Malaysia
29. The Algarve
30. Tahoe, California
31. Wales
32. Antarctica
33. Uganda
34. Ukraine
35. Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic
36. Dubrovnik, Croatia
37. Chiloe Island, Chile
38. Jordan
39. Crans-Montana, Switzerland
40. Montpellier, France
41. Nosara, Costa Rice
42. South Korea
43. Lodz, Polanda
44. Dalarna, Sweden
45. Portovenere, Italy

I am a little sad that Philippines is not included in the list. There are so many beautiful places in Philippines that are just waiting to be discovered.

Of the places mentioned, we have been to two places only - Maldives and Halong Bay. Those that are in bold letters are the places I want to visit this year, IF I have the money. LOL!

What about you, which places mentioned above are your priorities to visit? For the complete article, click here.