February 10, 2012

Beach on the Weekend

We're off to the beach tomorrow. Should I bring my new Fedora Hat? LOL! Wishful thinking!

We're going to Sihanoukville, a beach town of Cambodia about 4-5 hours drive from the capital Phnom Penh. We've been there before. We stayed at Independence Hotel and I loved our stay there. I loved it that it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves and I loved their seafood buffet barbeque at night.

Tomorrow, we will again stay at Independence Hotel. We will be there for the weekend only. It's short but I think it's just perfect. Just enough time to rejuvenate tired and weary souls. LOL!

Seriously, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. We have not been away from Phnom Penh since November, during our Europe trip. And it feels like it's been ages since that travel.

Early this week, I was actually toying with the idea of a spontaneous trip either to Bangkok or Singapore. But I think this beach trip is what I need.

Happy weekend guys!