February 19, 2012

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day!

We started our day by going to the guitar stores along Monivong Street to look for a new guitar for hubby. He wants to buy a second guitar, sort of a back-up. He said he can never have enough guitars.


After that, we went to Street 143 for my turn of a little shoe shopping. Well, I was actually there to pick up sandals. Two weeks ago, I brought my old Charles & Keith and Steve Madden sandals to Beautiful Shoes and had it copied. Beautiful Shoes makes custom-made shoes, belts and bags and they can replicate your old shoes.

They charged me $17 for copying my Charles & Keith. And $10 for my Steve Madden (I asked them to use the sole because it was still in good shape). You get to choose the kind of leather you want to use and two weeks after, voila! You get your new pair!

My favorite Charles & Keith is new again!

Excited to wear it!

I am pretty pleased with their service. Hubby was jealous. He said he'll also have a pair of sandals and office shoes made. LOL!

I am planning to go there with a picture of a bag I want copied. I already have one in mind. Exciting!

Beautiful Shoes
#138 Street 143
Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang 3
Phnom Penh

Telephone Numbers


Lunch was at Orchidee - a new Khmer restaurant we found in Street 51 corner Street 208.

I like the ambience and their free wifi was fast. The food was okay but they are pricier than the other Khmer restaurants we've been too.


After lunch, we went to buy my new Macbook Air. Yup, I have a new toy. I sold my iPad2 because I hardly use it and then used the money to buy for my new baby. I am so happy I did that. I need a new laptop anyway as my old Compaq is near dying. But I am hoping I can still sell it so I won't feel too guilty about buying this new Macbook Air. LOL!

Then it was grocery afterwards. We also dropped by Filmart for our dose of Filipino products. I was so happy to find Shamrock Otap from Cebu. Hubby bought turones de kasoy and piaya.

It was an errand day alright but it did not feel like it. It's always fun to do everything together as a family. Indeed, it was a beautiful day yesterday!