February 6, 2012

Did You Know That...

..Elephants have finger at the bottom of their trunks?

I don't know that but that's what my 5-year old son told me last Friday while waiting in the car for hubby to come out from his office. I have yet to validate this claim so please don't take his words for it. LOL!

Here's the video of our conversation last Friday. We actually had a long conversation which I caught on video but it's going to take forever to upload it here. So this is a condensed version of our talk.

EJ loves or is fascinated with trivia right now. He always goes like this, "mommy, did you know that...?" It goes on and on and on! But I don't mind. I love listening to this boy and our conversation is always fun, insightful and intelligent. I LOVE MY SON! I just love him.

He's the best gift we ever have.