February 28, 2012

Doctor Visit

We went to the doctor early this morning because hubby and EJ are both sick. Last night EJ had a terrible non-stop coughing episode. He probably only slept for a total of one hour. And hubby and I couldn't sleep as well. You just couldn't with a sick boy around.

If only I could take EJ's place! My heart really broke into pieces last night. I saw how he struggled and how badly he wanted to sleep but he never complained. Not even once and he never whined. I am so proud of him.

So this morning, we went to a Filipino doctor's clinic here.

Waiting for the doctor to arrive

The secretary said the appointment book was full and I needed to call first. But I guess she took pity on EJ who was still coughing that time. She put us in the first appointment of the day.

Hubby is a little better now. He said he can probably go back to work tomorrow. He still has cold but he said he could manage.

EJ was able to take a short nap this afternoon. He's still coughing and is still feverish so I am hoping he can sleep peacefully tonight. He needs his rest and energy back. God bless him.

I need my sleep tonight too. I survived today without sleep and I was expecting a migraine. But thank God, I was spared.

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.